Bongs And Pipes

Bongs and pipes deliver optimal cannabis consumption. Bongs and pipes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, material, and perc functionality. These smoking devices have also been in use for centuries.


Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
by Medicali
$12399 $125.00
Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller
by Marley Natural
$5200 $60.00
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Eyce Spoon
by Eyce Molds
$1799 $19.99
GRAV® 3.75" Dugout Pipe
by Grav
$3200 $50.00
The Private Stash Powerhitter
by The PowerHitter
$2500 $39.99
by Solopipe
$5299 $70.00
Freeze Pipe
by Freeze Pipe
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Flux Hookah
by Flux
Scorpion Hand Pipe from Wolf Grinders
by Wolf Grinders
$3799 $43.00
Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe
by Marley Natural
$4999 $60.00

Why Buy Bongs And Pipes Online?

You can shop through a large selection of bongs and pipes online. This makes buying the right bong and/or pipe online a great choice. This is even more useful if you don’t have a whole lot of options in-store where you live.

Buying bongs and pipes online also serve up a great value. There are always deals and promotions online for a variety of bongs and pipes. You can find a pipe style that speaks to you, or you can get an acrylic bong that is for at-home get-togethers.

The options online for cannabis enthusiasts are endless. Find the best bongs and pipes online at the most affordable prices.

Why Are Bongs And Pipes Popular?

There are a number of reasons why these smoking devices are so popular. One reason is that bongs and pipes have been around for centuries. For example, bongs were in use during the ancient Ming Dynasty in China around the 16th century.

The history of bongs and pipes goes even further. Archaeologists found these smoking apparatuses in Ethiopia, Africa. They are dated to the 1300s. Pipes were also used by Native Americans, passed around tribal gatherings.

The history is pretty awesome. And it may indeed be why these smoking devices are so popular. They have simply been around forever. Throughout time, bongs and pipes have become pretty innovative too, keeping them relevant among the cannabis consumers of today.

What Is The Best Bong Or Pipe For Me?

Knowing what bong or pipe is right for you simply depends on your personal smoking preference. If you want the biggest, smoothest hits, a glass bong with perc functionality may be best.

But if you want to smoke on the go and be stylish when you’re doing it, a bubbler may be a great option. There is also smoking concentrate (oils and waxes) too. There’s a large variety of dab rigs available these days.

Try out a few different setups and you will find what you like the best. Many will have a setup for home, as well as a portable setup for when they are on-the-go.

Why Buy Bongs And Pipes From Slyng Online?

Slyng has the experience and expertise, giving you the best selection of bongs and pipes for sale online. By carefully selecting the best products, cannabis consumers can get value, as well as the best smoking experience possible.

Our selection of products also extends past the traditional smoking experience. Our selection has dab rigs, water pipes, chillums, bubblers, spoon pipes, and a lot more. Our customer support is also knowledgeable, helping our cannabis customers choose the best product based on their unique preferences.

Best Selection Of Bongs And Pipes To Buy Online

If you’re looking for the best bongs and pipes at the best price, we have the best selection online just for you. Do you have more questions about buying bongs and pipes? Contact us or check out our blog for the latest news and reviews. We have the best prices, best selection, and best customer satisfaction.