Chillums are designed with portability, style, and affordability in mind. This type of hand pipe is often called a one-hitter pipe, delivering a quick hit for smokers on-the-go. The chillum pipe does generally


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Why Are Chillums So Popular?

Chillums have been in use for centuries. These hand pipes were first used during spiritual meditation in Asia. In fact, Hindu monks used chillum-like pipes. In the 20th century, chillums and one-hitters hit the smoking scene.

They grew in popularity because they deliver strong, direct hits. It can be said that these pipes are far more powerful than the traditional handheld pipe. What became popular many years ago, has now become a trend. Most herb smokers have a chillum in their arsenal of smoking products.

You can find chillums at any headshop today. However, if you want to find an affordable, wide variety of chillum one-hitters, you should check out what is offered online. Since they are small, provide a strong hit, and great for on-the-go use, these pipes will surely remain popular.

What Is A Chillum Pipe Exactly?

Chillums, or one-hitters, have been around for a long time. Hindu monks and India holy men have used them. Some say these spiritual people were using these pipes even before tobacco was around.

Today, chillum pipes are pretty mainstream. These pipes are often used for one or two quick hits of herb. They are also small and portable. You load the bowl end of the chillum pipe with your favorite dry herb, light it, inhale through the mouthpiece end, and get a strong, quick hit.

What Are The Key Features?

Chillums are pretty simple in design. But don’t be fooled, because these handheld pipes have a few key features cannabis enthusiasts love. These handy herb pipes have many features you would find with bongs or bubblers.

  • Size: The chillum is a very small pipe that fits in any pocket. You can take this pipe anywhere, from a weekend day hike, or even work.
  • Design: Chillum one-hitters come in a variety of designs and patterns. You can get multi-color styles that are blown into the glass, or metal pipes that look like cigarettes.
  • Durable: These small handheld pipes are actually pretty durable. Glass chillums serve up very thick glass, letting you keep the pipe in your pocket without worrying too much about damage. The metal and wood chillums are also pretty durable.
  • Larger Bowls: Most chillum pipes have a decent bowl size. This allows you to get one r two powerful hits. A more traditional one-hitter may have a smaller bowl, so check out bowl size before buying a chillum.

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