Gandalf Pipes

Gandalf pipes were inspired by Gandalf, the ancient and wise grey-one himself. Blazing up with the orcs, or simply going into deep thought, the Gandalf pipe is a must. You may be a Lord of the Rings fan,


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What’s The Difference Between Gandalf Pipes And Sherlock Pipes?

This is a pretty common question. Before Lord of the Rings and Gandalf the Great was popularized, Sherlock Holmes, the British detective had the market on long stem herb pipes.

But as time marches on, so do product icons. Gandalf pipes are now way more popular than Sherlock pipes. The difference between the two hand pipes is probably stem. The stem of the Gandolf is much longer. The size of the bowl may also be different on some pipes as well. 

If you are ready to get down like Gandalf and blaze some middle-Earth herb, this is definitely the pipe for you.

Why Buy A Gandalf Pipe?

Gandalf pipes have actually been around far longer than Lord of the Rings. And this style of hand pipe has also been made with so many different materials. The first Gandalf pipe could have possibly come from Asia in the 15th century.

But despite the movie fame the Gandalf pipe received, you should buy this pipe simply to add to your collection. It is a discussion piece, as well as a fun pipe to pass around with friends on a sunny afternoon.

If you’re looking to buy a Gandolf pipe, you should definitely consider the glass material over the wood. It may be a bit more expensive, but the smoke and style are worth it.

Should I Buy A Glass Gandalf Pipe?

Smoking your favorite flower from glass is definitely recommended. Glass simply delivers a smoother and more flavorful hit. If you are looking to buy a glass Gandalf, here’s what you should know:

  • Bent pipe neck is cool and functional. The bent neck of this pipe style is definitely the unique style inspired by Gandalf the Great. But functionality-wise, you can keep water from the pipe chamber from splashing up if you have a bubbler pipe.
  • Consider clear glass. A clear glass Gandalf pipe lets you watch the smoke rise up through the long bent neck. It is pretty cool.
  • Colored glass is all about style. These types of pipes will come in a very wide range of colors. You can pretty much find any color to match your unique style when busting out the Gandalf for a session.
  • Get a deep bowl. You will want a deep bowl for this pipe because chances are, you will be passing this around among friends. You definitely don’t want to stop mid-circle to pack the bowl again. 

Buy Gandalf Pipes Online

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