Hand Pipes

Hand pipes serve up classic smoking with versatile shapes, colors, patterns, and material. Hand pipes and “smoking a bowl” literally go hand-in-hand. All types of tokers enjoy the powerful, smooth, aromatic


Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Scorpion Hand Pipe from Wolf Grinders
by Wolf Grinders
$3799 $43.00
The Sun Token
by Sun Token
$9999 $110.00
Summerland The Caretaker
by Summerland
Heir Handpipe
by Heir Waterpipe
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Hand Pipe
by North County Glass House Vape & Smoke Shop
Eyce Spoon
by Eyce Molds
$1799 $19.99
GRAV® 3.75" Dugout Pipe
by Grav
$3200 $50.00
The Private Stash Powerhitter
by The PowerHitter
$2500 $39.99
by Solopipe
$5299 $70.00
Freeze Pipe
by Freeze Pipe

Why Are Hand Pipes Popular?

One of the main reasons hand pipes are popular is that they are old school ways of consuming cannabis. The phrase “smoke a bowl” became popular because of handheld pipes. Even grandparents are “smoking a bowl” using pipes.

Hand pipes are also popular because of the variety they come. There is pretty much a product that meets every smoker's unique style. There is no water needed, like in the case of bubblers, and hits are powerful.

You can also take your favorite hand pipe anywhere. They are discreet, compact, and have features, like carbs, that clear smoke and adjust airflow when toking. It would not be uncommon for a cannabis enthusiast to have a few handheld pipes in his or her arsenal.

Why Use Hand Pipes For Smoking Herb?

Hand pipes can be used to smoke tobacco, but smoking herb is what they are most used for. The pipe is as ancient as many cultures. These smoking devices have been around for centuries, used across the globe.

Today, pipes are innovative and very stylish. But the main principle behind the pipe remains. This ancient smoking technology is easy to use, take on-the-go, and can serve as a discussion piece among fellow smokers.

The tradition of smoking a handheld pipe is why it remains popular today, and why it is used for smoking herb. Pipes are simply embedded in the smoking culture.

What Are The Different Types Of Hand Pipes?

The best thing about hand pipes is that there are different types. The type of pipe you choose to buy depends on your smoking preference and unique style as a toker. For the most part, there are six main types.

Different types of hand pipes:

  • Spoon pipes. The OG of pipes that came to popularity in the 1970s, normally made of glass. They have a spoon look, deep bowl, and thick glass. They can be hand blown or manufactured.
  • Sherlock pipes. This type of pipe has a deep bowl but is characterized by the pipe English detective Sherlock Holmes smoked. Sherlock pipes are made of glass or wood.
  • Chillums. These are small pipes with smaller bowls, great for discreet smoking. There is no carb, you simply pack, burn, and enjoy.
  • One-hitters. The one-hitter is the most discreet way to toke. They are made of glass, wood, and metal. Some one-hitters even look like cigarettes for maximum covert herb smoking. One-hitters are also great for microdosing due to the very small “one-hit” bowl.
  • Steamrollers. These are long tube pipes, measuring around an inch in diameter. It is kind of like a straight tube bong but in pipe form. Steamrollers deliver a very high impact hit.
  • Bubblers. This is a pipe and bong mashup. Bubblers have a water chamber, just like a bong, but the shape and hitting power of a pipe. This type of pipe delivers the smoothest, most flavorful toke.

Best Hand Pipes For Sale Online

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