Hookahs and glass hookah pipes have been in use since ancient times. Hookahs are works of art and discussion pieces that deliver smooth, aromatic, and powerful smoking experiences among friends. From the


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What Is A Hookah?

A Hookah is a popular smoking device that allows several people to enjoy a dry herb or tobacco smoking session. Hookahs are similar to bongs in that the herb or tobacco is cooled and filtered through water. 

One major difference between a hookah and other water pipes is that hookah bowls are on the top of the stem, with hoses and mouthpieces at the bottom of the stem. Hookahs can have one, two, three, four, or more hoses. Generally, most hookahs will have one or two hoses passed between friends.

Hookah chambers are filled with water, and often ice too, cooling the hit even more. Expert Hookah smokers will also add fruits to the water to add more flavor. Each hit is very flavorful, smooth, aromatic, and powerful.

Why Are Hookahs Popular?

Hookahs and glass hookah pipes are popular because of their ancient origins and ability to have a large group enjoying the same bowl at the same time. These water pipes are often made of thick, stylish glass. They also come in a variety of sizes, from tabletop hookahs to large stand-up rigs with several hoses.pl;

The styles hookahs come in also makes them very popular. There are Acrylic styles, Bohemian styles, Ancient styles, and modern. The most famous brands include Khalil Mamoon, Mya, and Vapor Hookahs. If you’re looking for a traditional, exotic way to smoke your favorite flowers or tobacco, a glass hookah pipe is a must-have.

What Is The Right Hookah For Me?

Deciding on the right hookah for you depends on a few factors. If you don’t have much space to keep your hookah, you may be in the market for a small, single-hose glass hookah pipe. If you want a standup piece for sessions with friends, a larger hookah with two to three hoses may be best.

When choosing the right hookah for you, it is also important to think about your style preference. If an ancient, exotic style fits your room’s style, then that would be a great choice. But there are a number of styles to choose from, so do a bit of shopping on Slyng to find the one that fits your unique style.

What Are The Different Hookah Styles?

When it comes to hookahs, it is all about style. Sure, you are getting a pretty powerful smoking device, but you are also buying a discussion piece that may be pretty close to the artwork. Many people enjoy the style of the hookah as much as the smoking experience itself.

There are a ton of styles to consider. The traditional hookah is made in the Middle East, and these pieces are among the most popular. Mainly because of the style, but also the actual craftsmanship that goes into them.

There are also Egyptian style hookahs, made in Egypt. The most famous among Egyptian hookahs is Khalil Mamoon. Vapor Hookah is also pretty popular when it comes to style, serving up a clean smoke every time. Glass is the best, but you can also choose other materials as well.

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