Steamrollers are pipes for smoking dry herb and concentrates like oils and waxes. A steamroller pipe lets you hit your favorite flower with little effort. These hand pipes are great for quick hits, or


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What Is A Steamroller?

A steamroller is a type of hand pipe that has an iconic long cylinder shape. On one end of the pipe stem is the mouthpiece, and on the other end is the top-loaded bowl. The bowl is in place, often blown into the steamroller design.

Some of the most popular steamrollers are made of glass. These glass handheld pipes serve up strong, powerful hits with ease. This is why many expert herb smokers love hitting steamrollers. If you don’t have a steamroller in your collection, it may be time to buy one today.

What Types Of Steamroller Pipes Are There?

Steamroller pipes are certainly unique, and there are two major types you can choose from. There are steamroller pipes for smoking dry herbs and pipes for smoking concentrates (oils and waxes).

Unfortunately, the two types are only for one form of smoking or the other. There are no real hybrids when it comes to steamrollers just yet. Nothing worth noting anyway.

Dry Herb Steamroller Pipe

The dry herb pipe has two open ends, one for your mouth, and one for loading your favorite flowers. There is also a carb cap on the bowl end, which is what delivers that straight, fast hit. The bowls can be very small looking but don’t be fooled, you will get a powerful hit from these small handheld pipes.

Concentrate Steamroller Pipe

If smoking concentrates is your preference, you can enjoy a great smoking experience with the concentrate steamrollers. This type has a dabbing nail where the bowl would normally be. It normally sits above the piece.

One of the biggest advantages of using a concentrate steamroller pipe is that if the nail is damaged or breaks, you can easily replace it. At Slyng, we have a great selection of quartz bangers and nails, as well as ceramic and titanium nails.

Should I Buy A Small Or Large Steamroller?

When it comes to steamrollers, a smaller pipe is easier to hold and smoke with. The larger steamrollers are a two-handed affair. You may need to actually use your palm to cover the carb cap on some large steamroller pipes. But if you want a massive hit, the larger pipes may be optimal for you.

It is important to note that there is a definite learning curve when smoking with a steamroller. If you are a beginner smoker, it may be best to have a few sessions with an expert steamroller smoker in order to learn the ropes. Or opt for the small pipe to get your skills up before moving to the larger pipe.

Best Steamrollers For Sale Online

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