Straight Pipes

Straight pipes are exactly as the name entails, they are “straight” and also popular as one-hitters. These pipes are classic, and every smoker needs one in his or her collection. Straight pipes serve up


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What Is A Straight Pipe?

A straight pipe is a small pipe, often combined with other smoking features and called a one-hitter, chillum, and bat. What makes straight pipes so enticing for cannabis enthusiasts is the discreet, easy to carry nature. 

You can take a straight pipe with you while on-the-go, or enjoy it while at home. Straight pipes also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and types of material. For instance, a straight one-hitter pipe can be made of glass, silicone, metal, and wood. 

There are even straight pipes that look like cigarettes for complete discretion. Some believe that vaporizers were modeled after straight pipes.

How Do You Use A Straight Pipe?

You pretty much use a straight pipe just like you would any other herb smoking pipe. Here is a breakdown of how to use a straight pipe one-hitter:

  • First, pack the small bowl end of the straight pipe one-hitter with your cannabis of choice. You will want to pack it tight in order to keep the herb from burning too fast, or falling out of the pipe.
  • Next, light and pull softly from the mouthpiece side of the straight pipe one-hitter.
  • Finally, inhale the smoke, wait, wait, and then exhale!

One-hitters are great, because they can be used quickly, pre-loaded, and they even offer up a pretty great smoking experience.

Can I Use Straight Pipes For Microdosing Cannabis?

This is a very common question among cannabis fans who like to get their microdosing in. The answer to this question is, absolutely. Straight pipes like one-hitters, for example, are great for microdosing. You can take smaller, and more accurate hits because of the small pipe size.

This is a great choice for medical marijuana users that may have a low tolerance. New consumers of cannabis may like straight pipes for their microdosing abilities too. You can take small, easy hits in order to avoid those heady, buzzed-out feelings that you may get from using bongs or desktop vaporizers.

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