Water Pipes

Water pipes deliver strong, filtered, smooth hits that herb smokers love. The water pipe is commonly referred to as a bong, filtering smoke through water and removing toxins. Every water pipe hit serves


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Why Use A Water Pipe?

Water pipes are the best for smoking dry herbs. The water-filtration of a water pipe gives you a strong and cool hit every time. It is certainly better than smoking from hand pipes like spoon pipes and chillums.

Water pipes deliver a pure way to consume cannabis. The toxins filtered out by the water is a plus for smokers. Did you know that you need to clean out dirty bong water frequently? That is the buildup of toxins that have been filtered out by your water pipe.

When smoking with a water pipe, you are essentially protecting your throat and lungs with each hit. It is the optimal way to smoke dry herbs of any variety.

Why Are Water Pipes So Popular?

From the purity of smoke to powerful hits, the water pipe boasts a number of benefits that make this smoking product popular. It remains the top choice among cannabis enthusiasts for enjoying their favorite flowers.

The water pipe has also been popular for quite some time. The first water pipe is said to be used in Ethiopia, Africa around the 1300s, according to archaeologists and historians. There is also historical evidence that water pipes were used in the 16th century, in parts of Asia. 

Water pipes are very popular today. Created in ancient civilizations for spiritual practices, these pipes are now trending in today’s culture. There are also variations of water pipe bongs today, like bubblers, a handheld water pipe.

What Types Of Water Pipes Are There?

Water pipes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and they are made of many different materials. The water pipe bong is definitely versatile. Maybe more versatile than any other dry herb smoking product available today. 

There are glass bongs. This is the premier way to smoke when using a water pipe. Each hit is flavorful and strong. The glass water pipe is, however, the most expensive. Other water pipe materials include acrylic, silicone, and ceramic.

How Do I Choose The Best Water Pipe?

Finding the best water pipe for you simply depends on your own unique style and smoking preference. Since the variety of water pipe bongs is so large, you will need to do a bit of online research to narrow down the choices.

Slyng serves up a great selection at affordable prices. A few of our top selling bongs include traditional straight tube bongs, as well as old fashion beaker bongs. For more advanced water pipes to choose from, you can check out multi-chamber bongs.

Think about your style before making a purchase. Do your homework, check reviews, and maybe try a few different bong types before committing. And if you can’t decide, you can always purchase more than one. Many expert smokers have a collection.

Most Affordable Water Pipes For Sale Online

If you’re looking for the best water pipes at the best price, we have the best selection of water pipe bongs just for you. Do you have more questions about buying water pipes? Contact us or check out our blog for the latest news and reviews. We have the best prices, best selection, and best customer satisfaction.