10DC High Delta 8 Vape Cartridges Review

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Company Overview

10 Dollar Cartridge (aka 10DC or TENDC) is a hemp company with a dedicated team and a simple mission: provide the highest quality vape cartridges available for the best price in the Delta 8 THC industry. They start with the highest quality hemp grown in Rogue Valley, Oregon. 

Some strains use botanically-derived terpenes, and some have cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT). TENDC currently offers fifteen different flavors in all. Customers can view third-party lab results online as part of their transparency commitment.

Today I will review their High Delta 8 Vape Cartridges, Magic Melon, and Fruity Pebbles.

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High Delta 8 Vape Cartridge - Fruity Pebbles

Vape cartridges have become a lot more popular and innovative over the years. Now more than ever, you can find a vape cart or disposable, enjoy your daily dose of Delta 8, and even find it online. Whether it be for discretion or convenience, many prefer this as a smoking method to anything else, and for good reason.

10DC is a small, well-known brand famous for its various cannabinoid products and its commitment to creating the best for the public. Having tried their edibles and flower, I was extremely excited to try the latest in their lineup, their High Delta 8 vape cartridges. Starting with their Fruity Pebbles strain, I screwed it onto my pen and began.

The 10DC Fruity Pebbles vape cart was spot-on with its flavor and effects. Fruity Pebbles is a hybrid strain known for its complex flavor profile and sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of a bowl of fruit loops cereal with its mix of tropical fruit, berries, and citrus. On inhale, I could taste and smell these beautiful flavors as these notes lingered on my palate.

The high was a balanced blend of effects that relaxed and uplifted me. I felt a slight body buzz after about 3 hits, making me feel good for about a half hour. I was pleasantly surprised how Fruity Pebbles was an excellent choice for a mellow and creative experience.

Overall, 10DC's Fruity Pebbles vape cart is an excellent option for anyone looking for a sweet and endurable strain with a pleasant and uplifting experience. The aroma and flavor are on point, and I was left with a great sense of relaxation that lingered all day.

High Delta 8 Cape Cartridge - Magic Melon

Next, I decided to try their High Delta 8 Magic Melon strain. After trying just two hits, I was hooked. The strain was packed with sweet fruity flavors, mixing ripe melon with sweet tropical mango and berries. The aroma was also quite pungent, with a notable punch of gassiness.

The Magic Melon high was incredibly uplifting and, overall, quite bright. It left me feeling energized and ready to take on the day. I had to be extra careful when using this strain, however, as it can be pretty overwhelming and not to mention incredibly addictive. I found myself wanting to take more hits after just two.

Overall, I highly recommend 10DC's Magic Melon strain. It is perfect for a lazy afternoon, hanging out with friends, or exploring the outdoors. It will put a great light on your day and make everything that much better. Its flavor was so impressive that it left me wanting more.

10DC High Delta 8 Vape Cartridges Review - Conclusion

My experience with 10DC's High Delta 8 vape cartridges was terrific. From the flavor and taste of the products to the quality of the materials, it was all top-notch. Not only was the flavor of the cartridges extraordinary, but they also delivered a satisfying hit with every puff. I was also impressed with the vapor production, which was much better than I had expected.

In addition, the cartridges themselves were well-made and held up perfectly, even after a few weeks of rigorous use. I'm delighted with 10DC and recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality, delicious, and reliable vaping experience. 10DC's vape cartridges are worth a try, and I will try them again soon.