Exxus Mini Plus Reviews


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Since 2004, Got Vape has been selling vaporizers and vaporizer accessories on their website. They pride themselves on their customer service and even have a hotline for those that have questions about the products listed on their site. Got Vape’s commitment to its customers is emphasized in their pledge to customers: “Our vision is to provide reliable and efficient services for our patrons, with a commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence.”
Got Vape is our favorite online retailer of the Exxus Mini Plus and also carries many other vaping items from vaporizer mods to vaporizer tanks and e-liquids. Got Vape features the Exxus Mini Plus in Blue, Green, Red, Black, Gunmetal, and the tie-dye-esque Full Color. Got Vape sent over an Exxus Mini Plus for me to review - and it has quickly become a regular part of my day.

About the Exxus Mini Plus

The Exxus Mini Plus is a step above the rest when it comes to portable vaporizers. I like everything from the tasteful, the artist sketched design on the box to the iterated design of the vaporizer itself. The long battery life, rapid heating, and the simple, ergonomic design make this latest release by Exxus one to take note of. The act of loading and unloading are made easy by the cleaning and packing tools included in the box. Standing 4” tall and 1” wide, the mobile form factor fits easily in a pocket and weighs enough that it won’t easily fall out. In fact, the Mini Plus has the same familiar curves as the Exxus’s previous hit, the Mini, which allow the portable vaporizer to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. This ergonomic design makes the Mini Plus an exceptional pocket vaporizer. The build is very durable so even if it did fall out of your pocket, it will survive a few dings. One of my favorite parts of the Exxus Mini Plus is the haptic feedback you get when pushing the buttons - great for low light usage!

The Exxus Mini Plus Reviews

Packing the Exxus Mini Plus is ridiculously easy too, thanks to the cleaning and packing tools included in the box. There is even a mesh chamber if you want to turn this dry herb vaporizer into a concentrate vaporizer. The included USB cable charges this device in just around an hour after the initial charge which can take up to two hours. The vape kindly lets you know it is fully charged when the screen showing the charge indicator turns off. The Mini heats up shockingly fast, with its temperature shown on the indicator screen. The center of the unit vibrates lightly to provide haptic feedback when it has reached the desired temperature. The Exxus Mini Plus responds quickly to an increase in temperature setting. The device has a minimum setting of 320 and a maximum setting of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
The simple three-button design is perfect, giving it functionality without over-complicating the unit. The digital temperature control gives the user the feeling of full control over the intensity of the vapor. The wide temperature range of ninety degrees allows for a fully customizable puff. It absolutely is recommended to change up the temperatures when trying different types of dry herb within the vaporizer. Whenever you’re done with your session, the Exxus Mini will automatically turn itself off after 4 minutes of inactivity or whenever you press the power button five times quickly. I would have expected to have to charge the Mini after just a few uses, but found it lasted twenty to thirty heavy sessions on just a single charge! To preserve battery life between charges, turn it off after each use instead of waiting for the unit to shut itself off automatically. The magnetic mouthpiece is a comfortable ergonomic design that gets warm when using the device, but not too hot. The best part of the magnetic is that it doesn’t get stuck as some people might remember from past handheld vaporizers. After extensive use, I have never gotten any plant matter in my mouth thanks to the filter in the mouthpiece cap along with its air-tight, replaceable seal. Taste: 5/5 Effectiveness: 4.8/5 Ease of use: 4.9/5 Overall score: 4.9/5 The Exxus Mini Plus is a small but powerful handheld vaporizer that has been specially designed for use with dry herbs. It’s sleek, modern design and steel conduction provide quick heating times and low wait times. The taste of the dry herb is wonderfully brought out by this vaporizer. For those shopping for a premium dry herb vaporizer that doesn’t break the bank - the new Exxus Mini Plus needs to be at the top of the shopping list. Use code VAPE30 for an awesome 30% OFF your entire order from Got Vape!