Feature: O2VAPE


Who and What is O2VAPE?

O2VAPE is a USA Veteran company. Starting in 2013, with the intent of making quality, discreet, warranty-guaranteed vaping products. You may have heard of O2VAPE because of their original button-less pen vapes, and amazing lifetime warranties provided for all their vape batteries. Or maybe because they’re also known for their high quality, portable, and discreet vaping products. Because of their ingenuity, O2VAPE has changed the vape industry and raised the standard on what a quality vape should be.

O2VAPE Products

Known for their originality and attention to detail, O2VAPE has created some of the most advanced discreet vape products.

O2VAPE Flip – This is the latest in vape pen innovations. This is the professional, concealable, quick click vape pen. If you are looking for the ultimate oil vape look no further. ($54.99)

O2VAPE 510 Thread Oil Vape: Button-less Kit - By popular demand, O2VAPE has released a more powerful, button-less version of their leading 3.7v button-less activated vape pen. It’s easy to operate, just click the button 5 times, and that turns it on. After that just inhale and you can take up to an 8 second draw. For those of you that like to know the numbers, it runs at 3.7 volts & 350 mAH.  ($59.99)  

O2VAPE Slim Pack - The ORIGINAL button-less vape pen is perfect for traveling or a night on the town. The small, sleek and discrete carrying case allows for storage in virtually any purse or pocket, while keeping the oil pen clean. This vape pen has a button-less design with a stylus at the end, making it even more versatile and a very long life battery that is strong enough to give you a great vapor cloud but won’t burn too hot. That means you get a ton of great tasting full draws on a single charge and you won’t waste you high quality oil on a leaky cartridge. ($44.99)

Vari-Vape - Finally, get the quality associated with O2VAPE’s lifetime warranty backed batteries and the convenience of a variable voltage pen that will work with all of your 510 thread cartridges.  With a variable voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V this pen is the ultimate in vape pen adjustability. The Vari-Vape variable voltage vape pen battery allows you to dial in exactly the right amount of power for your ultimate vaping pleasure.  Whether you are looking to get a smooth easy pull off of a traditional polycarbonate cartridge or if you are using a ceramic vape cartridge and looking for enough power for a big cloud, this vape pen battery can do it. ($64.99)

All these products sound amazing, but what’s even better is that O2VAPE products come with a lifetime guaranteed warranty on all their vape pen batteries!

O2VAPE Provides Wholesale & Branding

O2VAPE is one of the very few that offer wholesale and branding. O2VAPE represents manufacturers in their process of sourcing legitimate and quality products. Including:

Cobranding – Private label and branding service to ensure that oil manufacturers are in good hands, reduce risk, avoid product bait, and switch and reduce product fail rates.

Product Consulting – This ensures the right cartridges, batteries and warranties for the manufacturers. And it includes the evaluation of oil viscosity and cartridge features.

Branding Specialists – O2VAPE’s specialists have completed 100’s of jobs for the industry and will be able to help guide you in the right direction for your brand.

Promotional Products – O2VAPE can provide products for events, businesses and celebrity sponsorships.

Fast Turn-Around – O2VAPE can turn out digital mockups within hours. And prototypes 1-2 business days for fast fulfillment.

100% Great Customer Service – The hassle free wholesale process makes it easier for manufacturers to get started. 

If you haven’t checked them out already, make sure to visit their page and products! Since we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with O2VAPE, you can also use coupon code: slyng20 for 20% off your entire cart when you purchase something on O2VAPE!