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Glycerin Coils are detachable bong pieces designed to provide cool smoke when inhaled. ChillHit Labs' product the ChillHit is the most affordable and versatile glycerin coil on the market today! Made with the consumers in mind. Find the ChillHit coupon here!

What are Glycerin Coils?

Glycerin Coils are glass pieces that are freezable and detachable from a bong. Used as an attachment that has coils or holes that the smoke can travel through providing a cooling effect. The cooling effect comes from the liquid glycerin in the attachment.

Cooling smoke is great for smokers who have difficulty smoking due to the harsh intake of hot smoke that may cause irritation to your throat and lungs. The cool smoke is a lot more manageable and not as rough on your throat or lungs as compared to hot smoke. While a cold hit is lighter and provides a better experience, cool hit options are limited. Limited to glycerin coils and ice, yes you heard right ice.

What's Wrong With Using Ice?

While ice might seem like the perfect and convenient solution, the setbacks are not worth it. Ice melts, meaning when you place it in your bong, the melted ice will cause the water in your pipe to rises, highering the chances of melted dirty water to end up in your mouth after a rip.

This is where Glycerin Coils come in. While glycerin coils do have to be frozen before use, they do not cause the same amount of liquid excess in your bong when melted as ice does. The glycerin is a gel-like liquid that freezes into a thick paste with a high boiling point. Which makes it perfect to withstand the heat of the bong and at the same time keep a cool interior.

A perfect example of a Glycerin Coil in the market is the ChillHit by ChillHit Labs.

Glycerin Coil- ChillHit

What is the ChillHit?

The ChillHit is the new and improved glycerin coil that is affordable, versatile and designed with the consumer in mind. As stated in a ChillHit blog post, the ChillHit is “a cooling, freezable mouthpiece that fits in any water pipe or concentrate rig and cools smoke during inhalation.”

The perfect solution to avoiding having to dump ice into your bong. While some users' bongs necks are not wide enough to put ice in, other's just don’t like the grimy water after the ice dissolves. With the ChillHit all those issues disappear. The ChillHit is a versatile glycerin coil that fits on just about any smoking device, for a fresh cold rip every time. 


What Sets ChillHit Apart?

Take one look at the glycerin coils provided out there, you will come across a pricey piece of glass that is a one size fits some product. The ChillHit offers a well crafted affordable glass piece with a unique shape that creates a tight seal in most water pipes you will encounter.

Don't take my word for it, ChillHit Labs states, “There are many common freezable coils in the market with the same functionality. However, ours is novel because it's not easily breakable and 1/4th the cost of an average device in the market." If you still don't believe me take a look at the ChillHit yourself. Use the ChillHit coupon for a discounted price!

ChillHit has a silicone exterior that creates an airtight seal, coating its tempered glass tube enveloped in a glycerin-based cooling gel.  In addition, its versatile design works with a variety of smoking methods including joints and vaporizers. “ChillHit labs strive to produce products that enhance the lifestyle of smokers,” as stated on their about me page.