Greenlight Vapes Tick Enail & TC PORT Review


In the Vape industry, the best producers of vaping smokeware must truly "smoke" the ever-increasing number of competitors in the vape marketplace. Well, dear vapers, you are in luck -- if you’re seriously into dab rigs, you won’t find better vapeware than in Greenlight Vapes.

Greenlight Vapes | The Company

G9 Greenlightvapes comes out of China’s biggest e-cig manufacturing sector, Shenzhen City. For the past few years, G9 has been making an influential mark on the world of desktop, portable, and enail vaporizers. Not only is G9 the first company to create a portable enail, but they continue to develop new electronic heating technologies, implemented through fashionable, well-constructed devices.  

Greenlight Vapes Product Descriptions (and Our Reviews)

Both the TC PORT and Tick Enail come in sturdy boxes with clear imagery of the device on the packaging. When it comes to presentation, G9 strikes the perfect balance between performance and style.

Upon unboxing the TC PORT, I was immediately struck by its dimensions. The device’s design instantly conveys its own intention within the Vape world: to land somewhere between a classic dab rig and the portable vapes that are taking the world by storm. The TC PORT package includes:  

  • The TC PORT unit with 18650/3000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Magnetic stainless steel carb cap w/ dab tool
  • Glass recycler attachment
  • Silicon carbide nail
  • Titanium nail
  • Ceramic nail
  • Quartz nail
  • 2 (two) alcohol pads
  • 5 (five) alcohol Swabs
  • USB cable
  • Silicon container
  • User manual

It’s a robust package with the optimal amount of accessories. Some folks may be asking, why do I need a portable dab rig when there are new concentrate vape pens on the market every day? Concentrate vaporizer technology has rapidly improved, and will probably only continue to do so in the future, but any dabbing enthusiast knows that there’s really no substitute for a dab rig.

The process of dabbing may seem a bit more daunting to beginners than vaping (I certainly count myself in that category), but it doesn’t take long to see how hitting a dab is preferable to the concentrate vaping process, which doesn’t preserve the taste or potency quite as well.

In this regard, the TC PORT is a pretty excellent device. It offers the portability of a wax vaporizer with the potent hits of a full dab rig. Its electronic base is easy to connect to the glass bubbler, as are all the nails and heating post.

The LED screen is effectively laid out, displaying both current and set temperatures, nail selection, battery, and a session timer. The operations buttons are also laid out pretty simply. Just press the power button 5 times to turn the device on (the industry standard), select your temperature and nail type with the + and - buttons, and press the power button an additional 3 times to activate the heating cycle.

My own experience with the TC PORT pretty much mirror’s what G9 is trying to achieve, according to their own statement:

“In early 2017, our experienced product development team developed another unique premium wax vaporizer called TC PORT enail. This champ e-rig featured in its real-time temperature and replaceable food grade ceramic heating base. Terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor of various cannabis concentrates, as low-temperature dabbing is the trend technology to provide enjoyment, that TC PORT is the perfect vaporizer for consumption of essential oil and other concentrates.”

The TC PORT is probably my best experience thus far with a dab rig. The potency and fullness of flavor you get with it is pretty unmatched in the world of portable devices.

I was equally impressed with the G9 Tick Enail. A micro LCD electronic enail, this piece has offered a smooth, consistent dab every time I’ve used it. The Tick Enail includes:

  • Yiv Micro Nail
  • Hybrid Ti/Quartz Nail
  • Carb cap with removable dab tool
  • Power cord
  • Heat coil
  • User manual

The nail itself is a beautiful titanium with a quartz top. It’s studded to fit virtually any size glass banger, and the large LCD control panel is designed for optimal visibility and temperature control. Heavy dabbers will greatly appreciate the Tick enail’s automatic two-hour shut-off function.

The user manuals that come with Greenlightvapes’ products are all full of useful information and thorough how-to-use specs. Sometimes (especially for new users) it gets really frustrating to figure out. With G9’s instructions, even the newest of dab rig users should be able to figure everything out without major hiccups.

Tick Enail & TC PORT | Takeaway

Whether you choose the TC PORT or Tick, you’ll likely never want to use another enail. G9 has created truly innovative products that completely rebuild the dabbing process from the ground up and make it better than ever before. After taking both of these products for a spin, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to G9 for all of my dab rig needs for quite a while.