O2VAPE Review | The Nano and The Ultimate XL Vape Pen Kit

O2 vape nano

Vape pens are all over the cannabis industry right now, popularized as a convenient, effective and discreet way to partake. It's become a personal experience with options that allow you to find unique types of pens that work for different goals and lifestyles.

However, navigating the market and finding a pen that meets your needs can be a challenge. There are so many low-quality products out there—but we find that O2VAPE is the exception.

About O2VAPE

O2VAPE is one of the leading vape pen companies on the market. With their sleek designs and smooth hitting pens, this USA Veteran-owned company is home to the best vapes out there. Earlier last year, we had the pleasure of speaking to Dana Shoched, President and CEO of O2VAPE, about her amazing company and why she wanted to produce the highest quality vape pens out there.

This time around, we were lucky enough to try out a couple of O2VAPE’s new products: the Ultimate XL Vari-Flow Vape Pen Kit and the Nano variable mini vape pen.

About the Ultimate XL Vape Kit and Review

Ultimate XL Vari-Flow Vape Pen

The Ultimate XL Vape Pen Kit in Rose Gold can be found in the O2VAPE website under Vape Pen Kits. This is a button vape pen with a 510 thread, that uses a 3.7-volt battery with 650 MAH. Which is twice the capacity of the standard button vape pen, creating the thickest vape clouds I have experienced.

As a regular vape user, the battery life on the Ultimate XL Vape Pen Kit surpassed my expectations. With one full charge, I was able to get almost a weeks worth of usage. It's no wonder this battery and its variable flow cartridge won Best Product at the Kush Stock Festival in 2018.

Like all of the O2VAPE’s batteries, the battery on the Ultimate XL Vape Pen comes with a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling they’ll send a new one your way.

O2Vape designed this warranty so that this battery is the last battery their consumers will ever have to buy.

After trying the Ultimate Vape Pen Kit battery myself I would understand how that can very easily be the case for many daily users.

O2Vape puts their products through many tests to ensure they offer the best quality, nothing ensures that more than their lifetime warranty.

It comes in a variety of different colors and it also comes with O2VAPE’s ceramic cell, variable airflow cartridge. The only cartridge on the market of its kind.

Variable Airflow Cartridge

The variable airflow allows you to dial in the thickness of your vapor. Allowing you to gain more control over your hit. So if ever you are in a discreet environment and would prefer a lighter hit you can do that. Something that I found very helpful when vaping on the go.

This kit also comes with a USB charger and a sunglass style case that is discreet enough to take anywhere and sturdy enough to safely protect your vape pen.

 Ultimate XL Vape Pen Kit

After using the XL Vape Pen Kit for the past week or so, I have to say the pen has proven to be one of the better quality vapes on the market.

The battery and cartridge duo that O2VAPE has created is spectacular, the battery on its own far surpasses any expectation you might have had for a battery. When you combine it with the variable airflow cartridge, you’re sure to love this Vape Kit as much as I did.

Look: 5/5
Build Quality: 5/5
Ease of Use: 4.9/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Overall Score: 4.9/5

About the Nano and Review

The Nano Variable Mini Vape Pen

The Nano Variable Mini Vape Pen can be found on the O2VAPE website under 510 thread batteries. While this vape pen is extremely small, it packs quite a punch with 500 MAH and a variable voltage that can be set to 3.4, 3.7, and 4.0 volts to match a wider range of cartridges, environmental conditions, such as outside temperature, and oil types.

This means that there is a setting that will work with a variety of cartridges and can get a great taste from your oil. If you have a wicked or plastic cartridge 3.4 volts will work best, while 3.7 volts is great for glass or ceramic, and 4.0 is perfect for ceramic cell cartridges, bigger puffs, and cold weather.

I first used a glass cartridge with the Nano Mini Vape Pen and found it took great hits at all levels. Although O2VAPE recommends what I had mentioned above, I found my hits were full hits with a change in the thickness of the hit depending on the level. 

510 Thread Cartridge for Nano

The Nano and the ceramic cartridge they include was the hardware used to win the HIGHTIMES CUP Alaska 2018 for the best vape cartridge. After using it myself, I can see why everyone is falling in love with this pen. The ease of use mixed with variable voltages and the high capacity it brings is amazing for its small size.

Nano Mini Vape Pen

Because it is so small, it is very discreet and can literally fit in the palm of your hand. This also makes it great for travel since it won't take up any room in your bag but produces high quality hits every time. The Nano is also great as it works well with a wide range of oils because providing smooth hits for whatever your preference is.

When I tried the Nano with CBD oil, I was surprised that the hits were even and smooth every time. I usually have issues with CBD leaking out of cartridges but this one held up nicely and performed perfectly with every hit throughout my day.

If you travel to or live in colder climates, it can be difficult to get your oils or distillate warm enough to hit properly. That is not the case with the Nano, however, thanks to the built-in preheat function. It will do the work for you so the first hit you take will be a great one.

The battery comes with a lifetime warranty and has one of the smallest footprints on the market. The battery life on the Nano was pleasantly surprising. Similar to the Ultimate XL Vape Pen with one full charge I got a weeks worth of usage on this device. Given the size of the Nano, you would think that the battery life would suffer but I did not find that to be the case.  

Look: 5/5
Build Quality: 5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

O2VAPE truly creates amazing products that give you what you need with the highest quality possible.