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I’ll never forget the first time I vaped with a portable vaporizer. The device had a simple, down-to-earth design and offered a full and flavorful vape. It really facilitated the ideal introductory experience.

It was a product of Magic Flight, and it remains one of my all-time favorite vaporizers. Now I've once again had the opportunity to experience another great Magic Flight product, the Magic Flight Launch Box.

About Magic Flight | Forrest Landry, CEO

Out of San Diego, California, Magic Flight was one of the first companies to kickstart the portable vaporizer revolution. They have a clear vision and even clearer presentation. On most of their products, you’ll find a quote from CEO Forrest Landry:

Love is that which enables choice.

Love is always stronger than fear.

Always choose on the basis of love.

A devoted practitioner of metaphysics, and author of metaphysics books like “The Immanent Metaphysics” and “The Effective Choice,” Landry’s worldview has been translated over to Magic Flight’s vaporizers.

In both image and attitude, Magic Flight conveys a sense of love for their product design as well as their clientele: “We view our vaporizer as a manifestation and symbol of our love, enabling so many people to literally breathe easier every day.”

Magic Flight's Launch Box | Description & Vape Review

The Launch Box is Magic Flight’s central product. It’s simple and discreet to operate, and it comes in a variety of beautiful wood finishes. Every Magic Flight vaporizer comes in a felt-lined storage tin with Magic Flight’s bold logo and motto beautifully displayed on the lid. The whole Launch Box package includes:

Magic Flight - Maple Launch Box 
  • One Maple Launch Box
  • 2 rechargeable NiMH batteries with protective caps
  • Battery charger
  • The storage tin
  • Glass draw stem
  • Cleaning brush
  • “Flight Guide” Manual

My favorite thing about the Original Maple Launch Box is how accessible it feels in every step of the vaping process. Its herb trench is always visible, covered by a glass screen when vaping. Having such immediate visibility offers a sense of control over a vape sesh that I don’t really feel with a lot of vape pens.

Magic Flight Maple Launch Box

Operating the Launch Box is easy. Just insert and hold down the battery, and draw when the vapor is visible on the screen. The device offers a strong, flavorful draw that will hold up to a draw from any leading portable vape. 

You’ll find a lot of vape pens out there that look sleek, offer a lot of frills, but don’t function any better than a simpler vape pen. The Launch Box is simple, reliable, and beautifully crafted. It’s also one of the best functioning portable vapes on the market.

Concentrates are all the rage these days, and Magic Flight has responded to the hype with the Dry Herb Launch Box. It's essentially a hybrid between the Launch Box and Muad-Dib. By its design, it can easily be confused with the Muad-Dib but it is a Launch Box none the less.

What's Included in the Dry Herb Launch Box Kit:

Magic Flight - Dry Herb Monocle Edition Launch Box Kit
  • One Walnut Monocle Edition Launch Box
  • Two rechargeable NiMH Glyph batteries with protective caps
  • Battery charger
  • Signature felt-lined storage tin
  • Black draw whip w/ brass fittings
  • Loading tool
  • Replacement screen

There are only a few functional differences between the Launch Box and the Muad-Dib. The loading trench is similar, only smaller for a concentrate dab. All you need for a draw is a tiny drop of concentrate, roughly the size of the ball bearing just below the trench.

Magic Flight Dry Herb Monocle Edition Launch Box Kit

The glass covering the Dry Herb Launch Box is a magnifying glass—a necessary component for remaining consistent with the Launch Box’s visibility. The Dry Herb Launch Box also comes with a black whip with brass fittings for drawing. The dry herb smoke needs the distance that the whip provides to cool off, so it’s a necessary addition to the package. To burn off excess dry herb after a draw, simply hold the battery and it will burn off just fine.

Takeaway | Launch Box Kit

Magic Flight - Dry Herb Launch Box Kit

Consistent with Magic Flight’s mantra, both the Launch Boxes are truly joyful devices. At $119, they’re also sold for an insanely competitive price. For crafting beautiful vaporizers that are enormously pleasing in virtually every way, Magic Flight gets my highest recommendation.