Vape Chargers

Vape chargers are important for maintaining quality vaping and your vape kit. Vaporizer chargers like micro-USB chargers, Bluetooth chargers, and thread chargers are among the most popular vape chargers


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Why Do I Need A Vape Charger?

One of the main reasons you need a vape charger is to never find yourself with a dead battery. This can ruin your vaping experience, especially if you are on-the-go. If you want quality vaping every time, you need a vape charger that will deliver the best vapor at the right temperature.

Having the right charger also prolongs the life of your vaporizer. Most vaporizers will come with the standard USB charger. But if you have a vape with external batteries, you can upgrade and/or replace your charger for optimal performance.

Do Vaporizer Chargers Come In Different Sizes And Styles?

Absolutely. Chargers can be small, large, stylish, sleek, and more. There are endless options when choosing the right vape charger for your vaping preference. Brands that serve up the best chargers are Aspire, Kanger, LG, and Efest, to name a few.

Choosing the right size and style of charger simply depends on how many batteries you plan to charge at one time. There are dual battery chargers, as well as devices that have up to six charger bays for maximum charging. You can also get micro-USB replacements and wall adapters for your vape pen, portable vape, and desktop vape.

What Are The Most Popular Vape Chargers?

There are a few types of vaporizer chargers that continue to be the most popular among the vaping crowd. These chargers may be just right for you and your vaping preference, but it is important to do your homework when choosing a charging unit. 

Here are the most popular vape chargers:

  • ESBY M2. The ESBY M2 is a vaporizer charger that has two battery bays that charge 18650. This charger is durable and keeps your vape in top condition. You will also find protection from short circuits and other functionality to help you monitor a battery’s charge.
  • Efest Lush Q4. This vape charger is a smart charger. It has four battery bays, making fast charging easy. This device is used with 18650, 20700, and 26650 vape units. There are also overheating features with the Efest Lush Q4.

What Do I Need To Know When Buying Vape Chargers?

Buying a vape charger is all about choosing a battery charger that has great safety features. You should always keep an eye on your batteries when charging, but if you want to charge and do other stuff, a charger that has safety shutoff features is best practice.

When buying a vaporizer charger, you should also do the research. Check multiple sites and read reviews about chargers. Check out ratings from sites like Slyng to help you make a decision. You can also contact us to help with your buying decision.

Best Vape Chargers For Sale Online

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