E-cigs, or e-cigarettes, are easy to use and stealthy. This makes them a great choice for those who don’t want big vape devices that emit massive vapor clouds. E-cigs are great if you are looking for an


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Why Use E-Cigs?

E-cigarettes are a great option for traditional cigarette smokers. They do not have the stale taste and after smell of a traditional cigarette. E-cigs also serve up a flavorful, aromatic vape, similar to vaporizers, but without the big vape units and vapor clouds.

The first e-cig was brought to market in 2003, allowing smokers to get their nicotine fix without ever burning tobacco. In 2004, e-cigs became very popular in China and then hit the global market.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

E-cigs are simply battery-powered cigarettes that heat e-liquid when you hit the device. Instead of burning nicotine and delivering smoke, these electronic cigarettes heat liquid and deliver vapor. You can also choose between different e-liquid nicotine percentages, as well as non-nicotine options.

The technology behind electric cigarettes allows users to get the satisfaction of smoking without the lingering odor. Some research has found e-cigs to be better than traditional cigarettes. For instance, they may contain fewer toxins than regular cigarettes.

However, more medical studies are needed to really understand the health impacts of smoking electronic cigarettes.

What Are The Different Types Of Electronic Cigarettes?

The types of electronic cigarettes vary. There are different models, styles, forms, and more. Some e-cigs have refillable chambers, or they have cartridges that can be purchased online or in-store.

Refillable devices require e-liquids. These devices are called open-system e-cigarettes. Tank e-cigs are called closed system e-cigarettes. There are also disposable devices that are used until they are empty, and then can be thrown out. 

The disposable device can be good for when charging is difficult, like hiking, camping, or if you’re out for the night.

Are E-Cigs Green?

This is a pretty common question. More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, even when it comes to their smoking devices. E-cigs are indeed green. You can “go green” by using electronic cigarettes because there are no cigarette butts thrown on the ground or in the trash. 

This reduces your carbon footprint. Did you know that over 4 trillion cigarette butts are thrown out or on the ground every year? If you have ever done a park cleanup, you know how many butts are out there. 

But if you use disposable devices, you are discarding waste, so these types of e-cigs may not be the most green, depending on how much you smoke.

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