E-nail is used for dabs. The e-nail device, also known as an electronic nail, let you dab via heating a coil that is connected to the nail. This eliminates the need for butane and other torches. Using


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How Does An E-Nail Work?

E-nails have pretty simple technology. Electronic nail units have a controller box that delivers the heat to the device coil. This is what heats the actual nail for hitting the dab.

The best part of e-nail technology is the ability to control the temperature. The controller box is what does this. In most nail dab kit devices, temp is regulated via a button.

How do you use an e-nail dab device? First, you turn on the unit and set the bad temperature based on your preference. The device will then tell you when the temperature has been reached and is ready to begin dabbing.

With e-nail devices, you can dab as much as you want without worrying about varying heat. Nail dab kits truly deliver a consistent dabbing experience dabbers love.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An E-Nail Dabber?

The temperature control is definitely the top benefit when it comes to using an electric nail dabber. But there are a few more key e-nail benefits:

  • You never need to rely on butane for dabbing again
  • To dab with an e-nail, you only need electricity to charge or plug your device in
  • E-nails are energy efficient with charges lasting for hours
  • Electronic nails deliver a ton of dab hits in a very short time frame

Should I Buy An E-Nail Dab?

There are plenty of reasons to buy an e-nail dab. If you find that it fits into your personal dabbing preference, then buying a unit could be worthwhile. The technology of an electric dabber is certainly something a cannabis concentrate enthusiast is attracted to.

And if you are tired of relying on butane torches, a nail dabber device is a plus. You can even save money on the costs for butane over time too.

E-nails are also great for when you are on the go. They are a very social unit that you can share with friends since they deliver multiple dabs over the course of a single charge. The fact that temperature stays consistent is also a bonus when dabbing with friends.

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