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Smokebuddy was established in 2008 with a clear mission: to craft premium personal air filters. Our aim is to grant smokers the freedom to indulge in their preferred smoking experience whenever and wherever they desire. Through our unwavering dedication, we conceptualize and create unique products that effectively eliminate smoke, odors, and pollutants, while simultaneously minimizing their impact on non-smokers and the environment. As a company, we proudly support various charitable causes and contribute to our local community. Our warehouse, headquarters, and distribution facilities are all situated in Southern California, reflecting our commitment to operating locally. Visit to explore our extensive range of products further. For any distribution inquiries or wholesale opportunities, feel free to reach out to us at (818) 762-6061 or via email at

On Slyng since 2017

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Smokebuddy has revolutionized the way smokers and non-smokers coexist with their innovative, personal air filters. With cutting-edge HEPA filter technology, a wide range of vibrant colors and designs, and various sizes to choose from, Smokebuddy caters to everyone's preferences. Whether you're constantly on the move, chilling with loved ones, or taking a break at work, there's a Smokebuddy that suits your lifestyle.

Our minimalist design is a stroke of genius. Instead of filtering an entire room, Smokebuddy personal filters purify the air you exhale right at the source. Our Activated Carbon core and Ceramic Bead technology work together to eliminate contaminants, smoke, and odors. By focusing on your immediate area, we ensure minimal impact on your surroundings, your neighbors, and the environment, allowing you the freedom to smoke whenever and wherever you desire. Forget about replacing batteries or filters, downloading apps, or dealing with complicated assembly instructions—the only challenge you'll face is unboxing it!

Smokebuddy offers three sizes: Junior, Original, and Mega, each with different filter lifespans. The convenient "Junior" fits perfectly in purses, pockets, backpacks, or coats and offers over 150 uses.