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At Tusk we understand that buying Kratom online hasn’t always been the easiest experience. Between navigating the maze of brands and products and wondering whether what you receive will be worth your time or money, it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. At Tusk, we set out from the start to be the one spot that everyone thinks of when asked by their friends ‘what’s the best place to buy kratom?’ How did we go about that?

We started at the foundation of any great kratom product. The kratom tree itself! We make a commitment to never accept substandard ingredients. Our Maeng Da kratom is grown and sourced directly from the very plantations famous for their potency, reliability, and effectiveness.

It isn’t just a question of reputation though. The plantations we work with are harvesting mitragyna speciosa trees whose lineage can be traced back to the traditional origin of the Maeng Da species. What is Maeng Da? Prized for its potency and clean flavor and texture, Maeng Da delivers the powerful effects you seek while avoiding the overly sedative effects of other blends.

Kratom has been used for generations by indigenous cultures, and when seeking the best, we trust tradition. When you choose Tusk you are choosing to trust the same trees that built the reputation of kratom worldwide as a powerful natural solution to everyday needs.