Benefits of smoking out of a bong


Bongs are easily the most popular way of smoking cannabis, due to many factors. You can find bongs just about anywhere and there are thousands of options to choose from. Everyone that smokes has at least tried a bong once or at least seen a bong and knows what it looks like.

But why are these smoking devices so popular? Why are they so beneficial for smokers? That's a complicated question, but we have the answer. What makes a bong superior to other smoking methods? We will answer this question and more so stay tuned and keep reading!

How bongs work


Bongs are water pipes that hold water and provide an easy and smooth smoking process for you. The way a bong works may be complex but to the user it's just 3 easy steps that you can do anywhere.

Bongs have 4 main components, a body, a tube neck that attaches to the mouthpiece, a downstem with a bowl piece for packing the cannabis, and percolators. The way a bong works is you fill the bottom up with water and then you pack the bowl with your preferred dry herb.

Next you light the herb and the smoke will pass through the body, up the neck and into your mouth as you inhale out of the mouthpiece. The water and percolators filter the smoke and give you a smoother hit, as compared to pipes and blunts.

Why bongs are the healthiest way to smoke

For a long time, bongs have proven to be the healthiest and most convenient way to smoke, glassblowers and artist everywhere have perfected bongs to be the ultimate smoking device, in every sense of the word.

There are a lot of benefits of using a bong to smoke rather than the other methods of smoking marijuana. Here are some of the most beneficial compounds of a bong and why many smokers prefer bongs over anything else.


With the help of percolators, water, or the design of the bong, filtration is a priority when it comes to making bongs. Bongs are specifically designed to prevent any harmful compounds from entering your lungs and filter them so you only inhale the cannabis and nothing else.

Any smoker who wants a smoother experience when it comes to smoking switches to bongs and they immediately realize they can take the biggest hits without coughing out a lung. Smoking out of a bong has the same effect as any other smoking method with the exception of it being a lot smoother.


Like mentioned above, water is a key component to filtering the smoke through the bong. As smoke passes through the body and neck, the water filtration smooths the cannabis and you inhale the best parts of the weed.

The right amount of water makes it perfect for a smoother hit and its just refreshing overall. Cannabis enthusiasts also use other liquids like mouthwash or alcohol. Sometimes adding ice to the water makes for an even cooler hit.


Percolators are one of the newest invention, adding an added filtration to your bong. Percolators filter the smoke as it passed through the chamber and it gives an even cleaner hit.

There are different types of percolators, each with its own benefits of using for better filtration. Some even work as ash catchers or keep your water clean so you won't get the gunk at the end. If you want to know more about percolator bongs, read our article here.

More control on cannabis intake

With blunts and joints, you can't really control how much you smoke. Sometimes you smoke too much and it affects you throughout the day, not to mention the potent cannabis smell. With bongs, you can control your cannabis intake and you don't have to worry about the smell staying with you throughout the day.

Bongs have the same effects as joints, without the side effects. If you feel you smoked too much, simply put the bong away, it's that easy. Another reason bongs are the best for cannabis consumption.

Bongs are everywhere

With the legalization of marijuana in the United States, smoking products and accessories are everywhere, you can find a bong in your local smoke shop. The cannabis industry is a wide one and you can find a bong with little research.

Blunt wraps, rolling paper, glass pipes, are all a little bit harder to find and can sometimes be inconvenient to try to find. Bongs are often the preferred method of medical marijuana patients.

All shapes & sizes

30 years ago, bongs were glass and a standard beaker like shape. Today bongs come in all shapes and sizes, with all different builds. There are glass bongs, silicone plastic bongs, mini bongs, bongs for all types of users.

bongs with percolators, bongs that are cost efficient, bongs that specialize in massive hits, bongs for your pop culture obsession, theres is quite literally a bong for anyone. It's no wonder bongs are the official mascot for cannabis and weed products, it's the best way to consume cannabis.

Where to find the best bongs

Smoking weed has gotten better with bongs. Since their creation, smokers everywhere have benefitted from bongs and their amazingness. If you're looking for your first bong or bong to add to your collection, look no further than

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benefits of smoking out of a bong - Final thoughts

Bongs are the best and most efficient way to smoke. They filter any toxic substances and provide you with the coolest and smoothest hits. They are the safest and healthiest way of smoking cannabis and can provide a long lasting way to smoke.

Try out a bong today and reap all the benefits this amazing water pipes provide. Whether you want a glass or silicone bong, Slyng is a great place to get started. Try them out and get discounts with Slyng's coupon codes.