Do carts smell

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Vaping cannabis is the new way to consume cannabis. The days of rolling joints or pulling out the old bong are gone, a better, more discreet way to get get your fill of cannabis is in. Vaping weed is just easier, less expensive and you can smoke anywhere without drawing any attention.

At least thats why vape pens were created in the first place. But do vape pens actually disguise the potent smell of weed or are they not as discreet as advertised? If your vape carts do smell does that mean there's an issue with your cart?

We are going to answer all of these questions and more in our blog article. So stay tuned!

What is a vape pen?

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A vape pen is a pen-like device with a built in battery for heating up the concentrate and a vape cartridge that contains all the THC concentrate. Vape pens come in all shapes and sizes and the carts do as well. Some pen batteries are built with customizable temperature settings, while others are made to be disposable for a few puffs.

Most vape pens have a 510 thread that can connect to just about any cart you purchase. Some vape pens have a magnetic connection that you simply clip on.

What is a vape cartridge?

Vape cartridges are the most important part of the wax pen and your smoking experience. They are small glass containers with a mouthpiece that have all the cannabis concentrates. Carts are made with durable, heat resistant glass and are transparent so you can see how much concentrate you have left.

Most carts you vape weed with come in small sizes 0.5mL, medium sizes 1.0mL, and large sizes of up to 2.0mL. Most of the popular dry herbs have a cannabis concentrate counterpart so you can choose from all your favorites.

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To use, simply clip on the vape cartridge to the pen battery and turn it on with the power button. Once it's on, press the button or pull on the mouthpiece and slowly inhale. After a few seconds blow out the smoke and enjoy the flavor and buzz of the vaporizer. Notice the smoke of the vape pen is slightly different, with a less milky texture that dissipates quickly.

Do weed carts smell

Now to get to the most important question of the day, do carts smell? The short answer is yes, but the long answer might surprise you. Like traditional nicotine vapes, each vape cartridge is designed to smell or taste like the flavor it's advertising so for example if you get some Blueberry haze, you're gonna get a fruity smell and taste.

To an untrained nose, it could just be anything, to an experienced cannabis smoker, it could set them off. Marijuana has a strong odor and a potent effect on your body, so it's tough to get the smell out completely. These volatile organic compounds are hard to completely get the smells but wax pens also disguise it well.

Smoking out of a vape will still have a slight smell of THC but it can easily be disguised in a well ventilated area. It also won't stick around like flower. The oil pens smell can easily be disguised and the distinct smell can even be mistaken for something else.

What happens if you cart smells?

Like mentioned above, carts themselves shouldn't smell or just have a distinct smell that can easily be dismissed. They don't have the same smell or potency as dry weed and the smell usually disappears in seconds, not leaving anything lingering.

Dab pens smell but they only do when smoked. But like all good things, nothing last forever. Since it is organic, vape carts have an expiration date and will go bad and putrid if not used in a certain amount of time. If your cart smells bad, its your sign you need a new one.

Further more, if you don't smell the bad smell or choose to ignore it, another tell-tale sign that the cart is bad is the bitter or burnt taste.

Are vape carts legal?

With cannabis and all other compounds made with cannabis being legalized federally, there are a lot of questions as to which products are legal and not. Local laws could dictate how legal these products are but in the eyes of the federal law in the US, it is legal.

If you have any questions, make sure to check on your local laws and see whats legal and whats not.

Where to find vape carts and other smoking accessories

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Do vape carts smell - final thoughts

Although vape pens don't necessarily eliminate the smell completely, they do a good job of disguising it and letting you smoke anywhere. Wax pens are becoming the norm in the cannabis industry and everyone is trying one out due to the innovation of the smoking product.

If you're in stores looking for an efficient, discreet way to get high, there is no better way to do it than the wax pen. Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself and see why everyone is making the switch.