How Long Do Bongs Last?


When you enter a head shop, you won’t find a standard-sized bong fit for all. You can easily be overwhelmed by numerous options depending on the style, material, and size of these modern water pipes. At times like this, you may ask how to buy and maintain a bong that’ll last long. You don’t want to purchase or use a bong in a way that breaks into pieces within its first week of use. What techniques should you apply to buy or maintain a bong so that they last a few years? 

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What Are Bongs?


Bongs are the modern version of bubblers, water pipes you can use for smoking marijuana. They come in various designs and shapes. Usually, these water pipes come with 2 essential parts, a chamber, and a bowl. 

What differentiates bongs from other forms of smoking pot? The parts of a bong enable it to cool and filter smoke that originates from burning hemp. 

How does a bong work? First, you place crushed pieces of dried marijuana into the bong’s bowl and pour water into its chamber. Next, you ignite the dried marijuana inside the bowl. Smoke begins to rise from the burning pot. When you take a hit, the bong's water bubbles, which is when smoke filtering and cooling occurs. Then, the cooled and filtered smoke rises through the chamber and enters your mouth. 

Bongs provide a smooth and creamy smoking experience compared to other smoking methods. 

How Long Do Bongs Last?

Ideally, your bong can last hundreds to thousands of years since all bong materials take that much time to degrade. Furthermore, the apparatus can withstand daily use and the high heat from smoke. Does this mean that your bong is invulnerable to wear and tear? Not at all.

Depending on the quality, a bong may last for months or years. Many do bong shopping only once a year, while some require changing their water pipes once every few months. Moreover, your bong’s lifeline depends on how you use it. 

What Factors Affect How Long A Bong Will Last?


Several factors affect how long a bong’s lifetime will be. These include:

  •  How Frequently You Use It

If you use a bong frequently, the higher the chances of it breaking.  Why? A bong has to be picked up from its storage container and moved to where it can be used. Also, you may require to hold the bong in your hand while using it. These factors increase the likelihood of you breaking a bong out of clumsiness. 

  • Your Bong’s Material

Your bong’s material will directly influence how long it can last. In a head shop, you’ll find bongs made of standard or borosilicate glass, silicone, plastic, and ceramic. Each material has its durability. 

A glass bong is fragile and would last for only a short while. You can easily break it on impact with a hard surface. On the contrary, bongs made of borosilicate glass are much more resilient. This material is heat-resistant and scratch-resistant and doesn’t get easily damaged due to shock. Therefore, you can enjoy smoking through borosilicate glass bongs for an extended period.

Silicone, ceramic, and plastic are durable materials and won’t get destroyed easily. However, these types of bongs are harder to clean. Plus, plastic bongs alter the flavor of smoke, causing you to get a bad hit.

  • How You Use Your Bong

If you don’t use bongs carefully, you can damage one or more of their components. How? We all are vulnerable to being clumsy sometimes, which can cause us to mishandle the smoking apparatus. 

Moreover, there are situations when the chances of breaking a bong are high. While cleaning, handling, using, or sharing a bong, mishaps can happen. These mishaps can result in your bong shattering. 

Therefore, practicing caution while using a bong will help you to extend its lifespan.

  • Quality Of Your Bong

The quality of your bong is what determines whether your bong will have a long life. Does this quality associate with the material of the bong? No, it’s connected to how the bong was manufactured. There are many bong manufacturers in the market. Many use a production process that involves careful designing of a bong. While some avoid such practices, reducing the overall quality of a bong. 

How can you differentiate a good-quality bong from a bad one? You must check whether the bong consists of any defects. If you can spot flaws in a bong’s parts, you’ve spotted a bad-quality bong. On the other hand, a good-quality bong won’t contain any defects while offering protective features for vulnerable parts. 

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How To Maintain Your Bong For A Longer Duration?

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To prolong your bong’s life, you should take the following measures.

  1. Clean Your Bong Properly

Rinse your bong using the right cleaning products and prevent dirt from accumulating on its walls. 

  1. Keep Your Bong At A Fixed Spot

You should take only a portable bong outdoors. If you use a large-sized bong, then you should keep it at a fixed spot. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can You Add Percolators To A Silicone Bong?

Yes, you can customize your silicone bong and add a percolator. 

  1. Can Bongs Be Cleaned In A Dishwasher?

You can put all kinds of bongs except those made of glass in a dishwasher. However, a dishwasher may be unable to clean them properly. 

  1. What Is The Cost Of A Glass Bong?

The cost of glass bongs ranges from $12.00 to $629.10. 

  1. How Often Should You Replace The Bong Water?

You should replace your bong water every 3 days. 

Where to find the best bongs?

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Takeaway - How Long Do Bongs Last?

A bong can at least last for several months or longer depending on factors such as its quality, usage method, material, and frequency of use. If you purchase a premium-quality bong made of borosilicate glass and use it carefully, it will have a lifetime of over a year.  Otherwise, you might need a new bong every couple of months.