How Long Does it take to get Delta 8 out of your system?

delta 8

Delta 8 THC is rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent cannabinoids. This is because it has similar effects to delta-9 THC, the primary psychoactive component in cannabis, and causes euphoria, sedation, pain relief, and anxiety relief. However, delta-8 THC is less potent and produces more subtle effects when consumed.

Even though delta-8 THC is less potent than delta-9 THC, it still leaves residues of marijuana metabolites. These metabolites can stay in your system for up to a week or more and make you fail a drug test. But, if you have a drug test, there are specific methods by which you can get delta 8 THC out of your system.

This article will give you everything you should know about when delta 8 THC is in your system and how to get it out. 

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How Long Do The Effects Of Delta-8 Last In Your System?

delta 8

There are different ways in which you can enjoy your delta-8 THC. However your chosen method will determine how long the effects will last in your system.

You will immediately feel the effects if you vape Delta 8 THC with a vape cartridge or vape oil. This will usually happen within 5 or 6 minutes after consuming it. The peak will occur around 30–90 minutes later, and you will feel the effects in your system for approximately 4–5 hours.

The most common method of enjoying delta 8 THC is orally or sublingually using edibles or oils. When consumed this way, it takes around 30 – 90 minutes for delta-8 THC to be broken down by your digestive system, after which you will begin to feel the effects. The peak will occur around 1–2 hours afterward, and the effects will last 4–5 hours after consumption.

Delta-8 can also be consumed as products like beverages and capsules. When you take these products in, your body has to digest them before you can feel them. So, the timeframe depends on how fast your system can break them down. You might feel the effects of beverages more quickly because the body easily absorbs liquid.

How Long Does Delta 8 Stay in Your System?

The effects of delta 8 THC only last in your system for up to 5 hours after consumption. However, this does not mean the cannabinoid leaves your system immediately after you stop feeling the effects.

No matter the form you take, delta-8 THC leaves behind metabolites in your system. These metabolites stay for up to a week or even longer.

Research shows that your body removes approximately 80–90% of the delta-8 THC in your system within the first five days. But the remaining 10-20% can take another five days to leave your system. So, it could take ten days for your body to remove delta-8 THC metabolites from your system altogether.

There are other factors to consider when considering how long delta-8 THC will stay in your body. An example is your metabolism rate. If you have a slow metabolism rate, it will take longer for your body to break down the delta-8 THC products. This means it would also take longer for your system to altogether remove the metabolites.

Also, metabolites will build up in your system if you are a frequent user. Because your body breaks down delta-8 THC at a constant rate, if you keep consuming more before you can break down the ones in your system, there will be many metabolites in your body. So, it will take longer before all the metabolites clear from your system. 

How Long Does it Take to Pass a Drug Test?

Accumulated delta-8 THC metabolites do not cause any side effects on your system. They simply remain there until the body removes them. But these metabolites are detected during drug tests.

The duration within which delta-8 THC can be detected depends on the type of test. The most common types are urine, blood, saliva, and hair follicle tests. Most drug tests will test for THC in your system, so Delta 8 will likely be found.

Urine test

This is the most common type of drug testing, and the duration within which delta-8 THC can be detected in your urine depends on how frequently you consume it. If you are an occasional user who only takes it three times a week or less, the metabolites will remain in your urine for up to three days. But if you take it around four to five times weekly, the timeframe becomes five to seven days.

If you consume delta-8 THC products once daily, they can be detected in a urine test 10–15 days after your last use. Those who take it multiple times daily will have to wait for at least 30 days. 

Blood Test

Blood tests are usually used to check for recent use of drugs, so they have a short timeframe for detection. Delta-8 THC can be detected in the blood within 1–2 days. However, frequent users can detect it more than 25 days after their last dose.

 Saliva Test

If you are an occasional user, delta-8 THC can be detected in your saliva for 1–3 days. But it can remain in the saliva for more frequent users for up to 29 days.

Hair Follicle Test

The hair test is the hardest drug test to pass. After your body has completely broken down the delta-8 THC, small amounts get into your hair. Because your hair grows slowly, the test can detect it for up to three months.

Fortunately, this type of test is uncommon because urine, saliva, and blood tests are easier. 

How To Get Delta-8 Out Of Your System

If you have an upcoming drug test, there are some things you can do to get delta-8 THC out of your system. These include:


This is the easiest way to prepare for the drug test. Abstain from all THC products at least ten days before the drug test so your system can remove the delta-8 THC metabolites in your system. For any impending drug test, just stay abstinent.


Drinking plenty of water daily will help eliminate the body's metabolites and other toxic materials. Proper hydration makes you sweat and urinate regularly. The more you pass out body waste, the more likely you will pass the drug test.

Eat Organic Foods

As you drink water, you should also ensure you eat many organic foods. Food rich in fiber will help you pass out waste more frequently. Eating healthy also ensures your body can effectively remove waste, toxins, and metabolites.


When you exercise, you burn fat cells, where the delta-8 THC metabolites are stored in the body. Exercising 30–45 minutes daily will make you pass out waste and metabolites through sweat. It also increases your system's metabolism, which helps break down and remove the metabolites faster.

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How to get Delta 8 out of your system - Final Thoughts

Although the effects of delta-8 THC last around five hours in the body, the metabolites stay in the system for much longer. If you undergo a drug test, it will likely detect these metabolites.

To pass a drug test, abstain from consuming any THC product for at least ten days. Drink lots of water, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods, and ensure you exercise every day. These will help you to get delta-8 THC out of your body.