How Much Water to Put in a Bong?

How Much Water to Put in a Bong

If you're looking to figure out how much water to put in a bong, there is a chance that you've either got a new bong, or you're planning to buy one. Either way, you have come to the right place.

We have gathered some factual information so that you find out the easiest ways to figure out the water level that your trusty new bong needs.

Does the Water Level Matter?

Figuring out the proper water bongs levels is extremely important if you want to enjoy the smoking experience.

Bongs come in different shapes and sizes; if you're smoking without the proper water level, the experience might not be completely satisfying. Irrespective of you being a pro bong smoker or someone learning how to smoke a bong, remember there are no set standards. It's different because of a lot of factors.

It all comes down to learning basic facts and tricks to determine the perfect water level.

What's the Perfect Water Level for Your Bong?

Okay, so how much bong water should my bong have? Of course, it depends on the sort of bong you're using. If you are using the straight tube bong, remember the following points.

Straight tube bong

If you're using one of the simple straight tube bongs, the most straightforward answer is that there should be enough water so that the downstem gets entirely under the water level.

If you don't have all the slits submerged in water, the smoke will avoid the water filtration and cooling, causing harsher and hotter hits. So make sure to get all those slits underwater. If the downstem of your water pipe doesn't have any slits, you should make sure that the bottom of the downstem is dipped about a half-inch into the water.

Again, there are no set standards of water bongs, and you can always add more water if you want but make sure that it doesn't reach your mouth when you start inhaling.

Here's a tip for you:

If your bong water is old, you should always clean the bong and replace the water. Dirty bong water can ruin the entire smoke session. Always clean your bong correctly, including the hand pipe.

How Much Water to Put in a Bong
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Different Types of Bongs With Different Water Levels

As we all know, there are different types of bongs; therefore, 'how much water to put in your bong' will have different answers. So, let's find out how much water should be put in various bongs.

Percolator Bong

Talking about percolator bongs, the perfect water level depends on the size of the bong. The same principles will be applied if you own one of the vast scientific bongs with more than one chamber.

The basic principle holds; enough water should be added so that all those percolator openings get submerged in water.

Double Perc Bongs

If you have a double or triple perc bong, the concept remains precisely the same as the diffused downstem; enough water should submerge all the percolator openings.

Matrix Percolator

Sure. Even if your bong has a matrix percolator and an inline percolator, they should be submerged in water. Doing this would mean that you're taking complete advantage of the filtration system of your bong.

Bong Attachments

Just in case you're using bong attachments like ash catcher, even then, you'll be using the same principles. It goes the same even if you're not using any bong attachment.

How Much Water to Put in a Bong
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How to Fill a Bong With Water?

Now, let's come to the actual part and get to know how to fill a bong appropriately. Almost all smokers will admit that filling a bong with water can cause a serious mess.

Again, there are different types of bongs, but we'll continue with the most common ones like:

Simple Beaker Bong or Straight Tube Bong

Filling simple bongs with water is pretty straightforward. You can pour water using the mouthpiece that's usually on the upper side of the bong. Let the bong water run through the mouthpiece and land into the base. Keep filling the base till the downstem is wholly submerged in the water.

You can also remove the downstem and directly pour water through the stem (opening).

Filling the Bong with Multiple Percs:

On the other than, filling multi-perc bongs can be a bit more complicated than that. Again, start by pouring water through the mouthpiece to fill such a bong. The water will flow and start making its way down. High-quality bongs let water make way on its own.

Once you're done with the bong water, notice that all percs and downstem should be adequately submerged. If that's not the case, try to tilt the bong so that the water can make its way down to the desired chamber. Lightly tilting the bong sideways always does the job.

To be extra sure, do a quick test drag. Yep, test drags help.

Check that all the percs are appropriately submerged when the water has settled. If they're not, you can always add more water (from the top) to submerge all the percs in the top chamber. Likewise, there can always be a chance of overfilling the bottom chamber. If you add too much water, slightly tilt the bong so that the water at the bottom of the bong can be dumped out. Rather than filling the bong from the top, you can also fill the tank using the joint.

Now that you've got answers to all of your questions regarding how much water to put in a bong. Here are a few more questions that might have crossed your mind while reading the article.

So, What Does the Water in the Bong Do?

The answer to it is pretty simple. The water allows the bong to give super cool and smooth hits that everybody loves. The water acts as a filtration plant and get's rid of a hand full of harmful toxins that the dry herbs have. No matter what, all dry herbs have toxins, and it's water that filters the entire process for you.

Apart from that, bong water also cools down the smoke. The cooler and smoother the smoke is, the easier it makes the inhaling process.

Some people like warm water, but many prefer adding ice to the water. The ice melts to make the water a lot colder. You can also give it a shot if you want. Try putting some ice in your water, and as the ice melts, the water will come colder.

With that said, it's recommended to use just water as other liquids can cause all sorts of problems for your bong. They can clog the entire thing and make it impossible to clean.

However, you know, you can find flavored bong water just for a change. So who knows, using flavored water might spice things up a bit.

How Much Water to Put in a Bong
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Does the Water Level in Bongs Matter? If so, why?

Water cycles or water levels can cause a massive difference in your smoking experience. The perfect water level is when you enjoy a soothing, calm, and toxin-free smoke.

On the other hand, it becomes tough to inhale and pull the smoke when you have too much water in the bong. In other words, if the water level is higher than recommended, your lungs will have to work much harder. And there's a chance you'll have water going down your throat.

And in case your bong lacks sufficient bong water or the downstem is slightly submerged, and it's barely bubbling, you aren't entirely utilizing the filtration process.

Where Can I Buy a Bong Onlinr?

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