How to Pass a Drug Test in One Day

Pass a Drug Test 
Employers often require drug tests for those who work for them and fine or fire those who don’t pass. While employees sometimes know about these drug tests in advance and can plan for them, there are other times when drug tests are random. If you work at a company that has mandatory drug testing, there are ways to pass a urine drug test that does not involve altering your lifestyle.

Ways to Pass a Drug Test

There are a variety of ways to pass a drug test depending on how much advance notice you have that a test will be administered. If you have enough time, you can prepare and clear toxins out of your system. However, for those who are regular users for medicinal or recreational purposes, it can take from seven to 70 days for the chemical to pass out of the body and be undetectable in a urine test. How to pass a drug test naturally through abstaining from toxins before a test usually means discontinuing them altogether.
Pass a Drug Test 
If you have a few days’ notice before a drug test, you can also try a detox kit aimed at clearing the toxins from your system so they don’t show up in your urine. Unfortunately, many of these detox kits or drinks don’t work and some can even be dangerous. One of the best ways to pass a drug test, either with or without notice, is to use synthetic urine. People will advise you to use someone else's urine but besides the embarrassment of asking someone else for their pee and the possibility that their urine is not clear of toxins or other substances. It poses a number of hygienic problems as well. That’s where synthetic urine comes in. The fake pee sold by ALS in their Whizzinator and Whizz Kit products is pH balanced, has the same chemical components as real urine, and even foams and smells like real urine. With the heating pads included with the Whizz Kit and Whizzinator, you can heat the urine to the same temperature as your authentic urine and pass a urine drug test easily and reliably.

How to Pass a Supervised Drug Test

If your drug test is not supervised, you can simply bring a bag of synthetic urine into the bathroom with you in your purse or bag or taped to your body. Once you are in the bathroom stall, pour it into the collection device instead of filling it with your own pee. However, if you will be supervised by a member of the company, you need to do things a little differently. How to pass a supervised drug test for women is less complicated than for men. Women can use the Whizz Kit, which includes a belt to secure the bag of urine around the waist and a tube that releases it. They simply need to tape the tube to their inner thigh and release the urine in a way that looks and sounds natural. Pass a Drug Test Passing a supervised drug test for a man is a little trickier. The use of a prosthetic penis, such as those offered in ALS’s Whizzinator Touch product, is about the only way to beat a urine test while being observed. The Touch works just like the Whizzinator with a belt to secure the fake urine, heating pads to heat it to correct temperature and a delivery system. With the Touch, however, the tube flows into the prosthetic penis and is released with a single touch. The Whizzinator Touch comes in a choice of believable skin tones and has been used to pass many supervised urine tests successfully.

Where to Buy Products to Pass a Urine Drug Test

While you can find fake pee products at a number of online and novelty shops, it’s very important that you only buy from a reputable business if you are using it to pass a urine drug test. ALS has been in business for more than 15 years and specializes in creating fake urine that is as close to the real thing as possible. Their synthetic urine and delivery systems are of the highest quality and have been tested and approved by thousands. How to Use Synthetic UrineWhen you buy products from ALS, whether they are for the purpose of passing a drug test or for novelty use, you know you are getting professional products that will exceed your expectations. Of all the ways to pass a drug test in one day, using quality synthetic urine products from ALS is the most reliable. Keep your job and your chosen lifestyle with Whizzinator fake urine products. Use our Whizzinator coupon code: SLYNG for 10% OFF your entire order at ALS! **Important Note: ALS does not promote or endorse their products for drug testing purposes, follow all state and federal laws when using ALS products. They're intended as novelty items. This is an opinion of Slyng after researching, testing and using these products
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