How to Store Your Oils & Flowers


The more cannabis you buy, the harder is it to consume all of it. Sometimes going to your local dispensary is like going to the candy store, you want to buy an eight of those girl scouts, a gram of that green crack and two grams of this brand new strain that your budtender just hyped up.

Eventually, you will have flowers and concentrates that will sit in your stash for months on end. There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy reserve, but we want to make sure that when you’re finally ready to blaze it up, you’re not filled with regret and moderate depression when your high-grade cannabis has become ditch weed.

Storing Oils

When storing oils, you want to choose a method and location that will have the lowest temperatures, the least amount of air contact and little to no light. These are the three things that will cause the degradation of your oils fairly quickly. One of the most popular ways to store oils is to wrap your glob in parchment paper and place it in a silicone or glass container that is airtight and then store it somewhere cool (Maybe your basement or closet).

Another option would be to place your oils in the refrigerator or freezer, but this can possibly cause your oils to degrade over time. The reason for this is that the super cold conditions can cause moisture to accumulate within your oils and when it is time to fire it up on the rig, it will act like bacon on a hot pan and start crackling all over the place.

Storing Flowers

The storage of your flowers are very similar to the storage of oils except that flower will reach a more degraded state that oil will ever reach and there is a possibility in the development of mold.

Cannabis in the flower state doe does not have a defined expiration date from when you first purchase it, but its shelf life is shorter than oils and must be treated with more care. Just like oils, you want to keep it out of contact with heat, light, and air using an airtight glass container (most favorably a glass jar that comes in a dark color).

Tips for Storing Oils & Flowers

  • Store different flower strains in a separate container to preserve their individual aroma and flavor profiles
  • If you have a large amount of oil, it is best to separate them into smaller groups for storage
  • Crystal-like waxes will usually have a shorter life than shatter-like oils, so you should act accordingly
  • Do not store flower in the refrigerator or freezer because it will dry up all of the moisture and turn your flower into crumbly bits
  • Too much moisture collection when storing flowers will cause mold to develop (I know what you’re thinking)
  • It is not recommended to smoke moldy bud, even if you pick off the moldy sections
  • Your grinder is not an ideal, airtight container to store your cannabis (Don’t be lazy guys, you’re better than that)

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