How To Use A Bong


Cannabis use has shot up since the legalization of marijuana and the resurgence of cannabis in pop culture. Nowadays it seems like everyone has tried smoking cannabis at least once in their lifetimes or have some wacky story about smoking pot for the first time.

One of the most popular ways to smoke weed is with a bong. Everybody knows what a bong is, you don't have to be a total stoner to recognize the smoking contraption. We've seen it everywhere and maybe have even smoked out of one.

For the uninitiated, a bong can be intimidating with all its parts, but it has been proven to be one of the safest ways to consume cannabis. If you don't know how to use a bong, you're in luck. Today we will be teaching you how to properly and safely use one.

Stay tuned and learn the art of smoking a bong.

What is a Bong?

A bong is simply a water pipe that is used to smoke cannabis. The water cools off and filters the smoke coming from the burning flower, making it taste cleaner and smoother. 

For several centuries, the bong has been used to smoke weed. In fact, the word is derived from the Thai word "baung," which means "a bamboo tube for smoking weed."

However, the bong has come a long way from then. They are now more complicated than bamboo tubes, but they still work on the same basic principle.

Anatomy of a Bong

Today bongs are more than just a long glass tube with a bowl piece and water chamber, bongs are more complex and high tech then ever. Most bongs have a similar body with others having accessories for optimization. The main components of a bong are:


The long glass neck of the bong that connects the mouthpiece to the rest of the body. Tubes take up a majority of the bong and are either straight tubed or angled to make it easier to take hits.

Tubes are also what you use to hold the bong when smoking or passing it around. It is where the smoke passes through when you ignite the cannabis in the bowl piece.


A mouthpiece is where the smoke comes out of and where you inhale it. Mouthpieces are attached to any bong and are often times either open or tubular to make the smoking experience more enjoyable.

Before inhaling from the mouthpiece, make sure to take a few deep breaths and inhale slowly to get all the smoke.

Down stem

A down stem is the small glass tube that attaches to the bowlpiece and connects it with the rest of the bong. A downstem also percolates the water and causes it to bubble when you inhale the smoke.

Most down stems are angled and made of glass, with some having small slits for filtering the smoke and the water.

Bowl piece

The bowlpiece is one of the most underrated parts of the bong. Without it, you simply cannot smoke. The bowl piece is what you put the flower in and light up to smoke. The bowl piece is a bowl like little piece usually made of ceramic, titanium, or glass able to withstand extreme heat.

Bowl pieces are customizable and can be used with different bongs. Some are small and wide, while others are martini glass shaped. It all depends on your preference. Just make sure to always pack your bowl with dry herbs.

Additional Accessories:

Like mentioned before, Bongs today are easily customizable and there are a lot of accessories meant to optimize the use of a bong. Bongs were created to filter the smoker and harsh chemicals, but these accessories take it a step further.


Percolators are accessories or built into a bong. Percolators feature one or more additional chambers through which the smoke must pass before it reaches the user. This extra filtration can help to cool the smoke and make it smoother to inhale.

Percolators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some even feature colorful glass designs. While they may look complicated, bongs with percolators are actually quite easy to use. Simply fill the bong with water, pack the bowl, and light up. The percolator will do the rest, providing you with a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

If you're interested in learning more about percolators and different types of percolator, check out our article here.

Ash catchers

An ash catcher is a bong accessory that helps to keep your bong clean. It consists of a small bowl that attaches to the bong, and it catches the ash and resin that can build up over time. This makes it easy to clean your bong, and it also prevents the ash from getting into your lungs when you smoke. Ash catchers come in a variety of styles, and they can be made from glass, metal, or ceramic. Some even have filters that help to reduce the amount of smoke that

escapes when you exhale. Whether you're a bong aficionado or a first-time smoker, an ash catcher is a great way to enjoy a cleaner, smoother smoking experience.

Ice Catcher

An ice catcher is a bong accessory that can help to cool and filter your smoke. It works by holding ice cubes in the bong water, which helps to cool the smoke as it passes through. In addition, the ice can help to filter out impurities, giving you a smoother, cleaner hit.

Ice catchers are a great way to improve your smoking experience, and they’re relatively easy to use. Simply add some ice cubes to your bong water and enjoy a cooler, smoother hit.

How Do Bongs Work?


Bongs are available in different sizes and shapes. While some are just simple bowls and chambers, others are colorful works of art.

But no matter the design, they have a small bowl that holds the dry marijuana. Once the marijuana is lit, it burns and produces smoke. The smoke passes through the water and the chamber before reaching your mouth.

The science behind the bong is really simple. As the smoke passes through the chamber of water, the water forms bubbles, which reduce the temperature of the smoke and filter particles such as tar and ash.

There is some research that has shown that water filtration helps to remove a number of toxic substances. The main elements in marijuana—cannabinoids and terpenes—are not water soluble, so they make the hit come quicker.

Steps To Using a Bong

Now the moment we've all been waiting for. Now that you know all about bongs and their accessories, it's time to learn how to use a bong. We broke it down step by step to help you through the whole process.

1. Prepare the Bong

The first thing to do is to ensure that your bong is ready to be used. Place the down stem and check that the bowl does not contain any ash. Also make sure that the bowl slides in smoothly. Ensure that all additional components are in their correct positions.

After that, add enough water into the chamber until the bottom of the down stem is completely covered. Water is usually poured through the large opening on top of the bong, called the mouthpiece.

2. Grind the flower

You want to make sure you break down your weed into small chunks of uniform size. The best way is to use a grinder to get the most uniform size. To use the grinder, place a nug of medium size into the grinding teeth and cover it. Then continue to twist the grinder until you have perfectly ground weed.

You can use your fingers or a pair of sharp scissors if you do not have a grinder. You just have to make sure that the sizes are as uniform as possible.

3.Pack the bowl

After grinding your weed, pick up a pinch using your fingertips. Gently place this pinch in the bowl. Use a tamping tool to tamp the weed down into the bowl. Make use of your finger or the flat end of a lighter if you don't have the tamping tool.

Ensure that the bowl is not packed too tightly, so that smoke can pass through the bowl. Add just enough weed to fill the bowl and slide the bowl back into the down stem. 

4. Light the flower

You are now ready to smoke your bong. Light a corner of the bowl with a lighter or hemp wick. Once it's lit, place your mouth over the mouthpiece and start dragging the smoke into your lungs. 

Do not drag it aggressively, just drag it smoothly and steadily. As you do this, the smoke leaves the bowl, passes through the down stem and starts making the water bubble. 

5. Empty the chamber

Despite the fact that the chamber is filled with smoke, if you don't clear it, you will not be able to take a hit. Slide the bowl out of the down stem and keep dragging it with your mouth.

Once you remove the bowl, the air enters through the bong and pushes the smoke into your mouth and lungs. Keep the bowl slid out to clear the bong chamber.

You can add ice to the pipe to prevent the smoke from coming out too quickly. However, this would reduce the hit. 

6. Clean the bong

Always clean the bong after each use to make sure that it's in perfect condition. To clean the bong, remove all the ash from the bowl.

If you are not satisfied with one bowl, clean the bowl after using it. Then fill the bowl up with weed and go through the above steps again. 

One of the most common ingredients for cleaning a bong is isopropyl alcohol. If you don't have that, you can buy a cleaning solution online.

Where Can I Get A Bong?

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How to Use a Bong - Final Thoughts

Using a bong doesn't have to be so intimidating, you can do it in less than 10 steps. If used properly your smoking experience will be legendary.

Pick up a bong today and see why everyone loves them.