How to Use a Glass Nectar Collector?

How to Use a Glass Nectar Collector?

Smokers today are spoiled by the various ways to smoke and the various accessories they use. Gone are the days where the only way you could have a sesh is with herb, paper, and a grinder, now we have all these different ways, from dabs to concentrates, even wax. We can use bongs, dab rigs, wax pens, water pipes, swishers, and several other methods according to our preferences and comfort. We can go discreet or enjoy a sesh at home, and with the legalization of Cannabis in some states, the community is only growing. But among the preferred methods there is a revolutionary way to smoke, a way that caters to the adventurous smokers and lazy smokers alike. A way so simple yet so effective at getting the job done, a method that experienced smokers haven’t even heard of. The glass nectar collector.

What Is a Glass Nectar Collector?

A glass nectar collector is a portable dab rig, used mainly as one or two hitters for convenient and discreet use. Nectar collectors are made of a straw shaped mouthpiece, a percolator that holds the “nectar”, and a titanium or quartz tip that is heated up and used to heat up and vaporize the concentrate. Nectar collectors are used by heating up the tip with a torch and then using the hot tip to make contact with a concentrate.

How to Put Together a Glass Nectar Collector? 

Although it’s small and easy to use, putting together a nectar collector can be a challenging task for new users. Luckily, we know just how to do it and can walk you through the process. To understand how to put together a glass nectar collector you must understand the components and what goes into making the nectar collector. First is the biggest and arguably most important component of a nectar collector, the percolator. The perc in a nectar collector is elongated and cylindrical and is where you attach the other pieces. The next part of the nectar collector is the straw/mouthpiece. The straw is attached to the upper end of your nectar collector, in a comfortable position for you when you light and inhale. The third and final component is the nail. the nail or tip ( usually made of glass quartz or titanium) attaches to the lower end with a few twists like a threaded nail. It’s open domed or flared or has ridges near the joint. The clips help clamp the pieces to the joint.

How to Clean Glass Nectar Collector?

Like most smokers know, bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs all need regular maintenance with all the wear and tear that goes into smoking. The same goes for nectar collectors that build up residue and could clog up the percolator, giving you a less enjoyable sesh. To prevent gunk build-up, you can use common household items to do deep cleaning and having your nectar collector look good as new. All you need is a Ziploc bag, torch, glass, 95% alcohol solution, and hot water. The first step is removing the tip and blowing through to get all the excess gunk out. Then you fill the chamber with alcohol, using the glass to prop the percolator vertically and let it sit for a few hours to get the excess out. To clean the tip, you simply place it in a Ziploc bag filled with alcohol solution and let it sit to get all the gunk out. Once you’ve let your items soak for a few hours, rinse them with the hot water until the water turns clear, a telltale sign that your nectar collector is almost nearly clean.

How to Get Reclaim Out of a Glass Nectar Collector?

Reclaim is another issue that comes with excessive use of your nectar collector. Since it is leftover residue from the dab and wax, if you let it build up over time it will make it impossible to use after a certain amount of time so it is important to clean after 3-5 uses. There are two ways to clean reclaim from a nectar collector, and both can easily be done at home. The first method is melting the reclaim with a torch or heavy-duty lighter. Since the percolator is designed to withstand extreme heat, you don’t have to worry about damaging the glass and you can get the gunk off and store the reclaim for later use. The second method is using grain alcohol in a Ziploc bag and letting the percolator and nail sit overnight to let the alcohol evaporate all the reclaim.

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