6 Things You're Probably Better at Stoned

hand holding blunt

We understand that not every item on this list is likely to hold true for you personally. However, we have put together a list of the activities most people say they are either more enjoyable or come more naturally to them after they have partaken.

1. Getting Creative

This is perhaps the most obvious and even cliche benefit to smoking pot. Most people cannot deny that it opens up our minds to many creative outlets. Since the dawn of recorded time, people have used cannabis to influence their visual art, writing, acting, and music.

For many of us, there’s simply nothing better than getting out our paints, brushes, and a canvas, turning on some folk music, and lighting a joint, while some love to curl up with their journal or half-written novella and let the creative juices flow where they will. Still, others slay practicing complicated musical pieces with a few bong rips.

Maybe smoking a bowl and coloring in an adult coloring book is as creative as it gets for you. These activities are all seen as therapeutic for the process rather than the product and can serve as an extremely effective stress-reliever.

One key tip is to plan out your activity before smoking, or you may never be able to come up with something to do in the first place. For those needing a little extra structure in their creative endeavors, there are cannabis-friendly classes you can take, such as the increasingly popular Puff,  Pass, and Paint

2. Seeing Opposing Viewpoints

Most of us have had some sort of emotional epiphany after smoking pot, where we are able to see an issue from multiple perspectives, opening our minds to consider the thoughts and feelings of others.

Our empathy for all parties seems to take the forefront in our thinking and problem-solving processes. We are less likely to maintain our rigidity when mulling over an issue we’ve been having with another individual, by being able to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

Cannabis opens our consciousness to how our actions may be perceived and affect others in a way that we may be incapable of seeing while sober.

3. Cooking and Eating

We’ve all had the munchies. Many of us have whipped up an extra special dish that was “the best thing we’ve ever put into our mouths,” and then later wondered whether it was actually as good as it tasted stoned.

The truth is, cannabis makes us more focused and hyper-aware of the flavors and textures we consume. It stands to reason that we can use that awareness and focus to make some truly spectacular dishes.

ally, my husband and I love to throw on some tunes and get creative in the kitchen. We have made everything from seriously bomb homemade chicken noodle soup to complex Indian curry dishes.

If you enjoy cooking, just wait until you try it stoned.

4. Letting Your Emotions Out

If you’ve been under extreme stress and have a lot of pent up frustration, make sure you smoke alone or with a trusted friend who won’t make you feel all weird about baring your soul to them in a blubbering tornado of feelings.

Whether you’re recently suffered a bad breakup, a death of a loved one, or are just going through some personal sh*t, cannabis is sure to help you deal with those feelings in the most therapeutic of ways. By that, we mean sobbing uncontrollably. Nothing compares to the relief one feels after emptying their bodies of the anguish they’ve been carrying around.

However, while a night out getting stoned and letting loose with a group may seem like the perfect antidote to all the heartache in your life, you may want to have that inevitable sob-fest session solo at home first. Then you can go out and tear up the night feeling refreshed.

5. Gaming

There are many gamers out there who fervently believe being stoned actually improves their gaming performance, rather than hindering it.

Depending on how cannabis personally tends to affect you, the strain you plan to smoke, and the type of game you are playing, this could definitely be true.

One of the things we know cannabis is capable of is allow users to hyperfocus on one thing, shutting out everything else. If that one thing is going to a game, a stoned gamer should be able to completely immerse him or herself in it, effectively losing all sense of reality.

Having the perfect setup to help you do that is key. Make sure to have a soft, cozy spot to sit in a room that is dark other than the screen as well as a  decent gaming headset, or at least headphones to block out any noises from your physical environment.

6. Exploring Nature

While pot allows the user to be hyperfocused on one thing in the right context, another effect of the plant can be allowing yourself to drift completely at the moment, letting thoughts wash over you and pass fleetingly. This sets up the perfect brainscape for all things nature, so you can, you know, marvel.

Camping, fishing, and hiking are all perfect activities for the meandering, contemplative stoner. These activities can be awesome to do solo or with a close friend.

If you do decide to go with friends, it is important that you choose someone you are comfortable enough with that you can avoid all pretenses. Feeling like you have to maintain a schedule or certain level of rapport with the other person can seriously hinder an experience such as this.

The goal here is to observe the majesty of mother nature and simply be.

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