Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are the best and most discreet way to get your fill of cannabis without having to worry about charging, replacing, or taking apart. Unlike standard pens or any other smoking method, disposable vapes are made for a good time not a long time and can give you the best experience despite only lasting a week or two.

You don't need to charge them, you can take them pretty much anywhere you go, and you can use pretty much any of your favorite strains. They are also relatively inexpensive and can become the brightest part of your day. Disposable vaping devices are popular yet not a lot of people know about it and can have their reservation. Today we are going to put those worries to rest and tell you everything if disposable vapes are safe.

So stay tuned and keep reading!

What Are disposable vapes?

delta 8 thc disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are exactly what you think they are. They are traditional vape pens that heat up the concentrate with a battery and can be smoked through a pen like device. They work just like a vape pen with the exception being that they last for a shorter time.

Disposable vapes come ready to go, with the attached vape cartridge and the battery at 100%. You can re-charge a disposable vape but you can't replace the cart, therefore making it a temporary product.

If you want to go more in depth on disposable vapes, read our blog post on disposables here.

Are they safe?

Disposable vapes are just like standard vape pens, with a few minor differences. While they have been used by millions of users around the world there is still some mystery as too if they are safe and if they cause any long term effects. It's a valid concern and we are going to answer it to the best of our ability.

The short answer is that they are 100% safe. When the devices are tested and tried carefully, there shouldn't be any concerns with the pen itself. If you pace yourself while smoking, you should never feel any nasty effects or long term health risks. A disposable vape device can have the same long term effects as any smoking device if there is prolonged use. As far as any other health concerns, that is about as bad as it will get.

How long do disposable vapes last?

How many puffs does it take to get to the end of disposable vape? It's an excellent question that a lot of people wonder. Depending on the size of the cart and the abilities of the disposable.

Usually a 1ml cart can last anywhere from 7-10 days, which is roughly 200-300 puffs before your pen is done. 2ml carts usually last 14-21 days, which is about 300-600 puffs. So how many puffs? it depends on you.

Disposable vape benefits

Disposable vape pens have a lot of great benefits. The most prevalent one is that you can smoke it anywhere and take it wherever you go, there is very little maintenance or hardly anything you need to enjoy your disposable vapes.

Another great benefit is that it is meant to be temporary. If you need a temporary solution to smoking throughout the day or you want something potent that will get you through the most mundane tasks, a disposable is perfect for you.

They are also inexpensive and available everywhere. Most disposable vapes won't go past $30 and you can find them at most of your local dispensaries or online smoke shops. There are also hundreds of strains available so you can choose pretty much any strain you want.


A disposable vape pen is great for a lot of reasons but it may also have some drawbacks. For starters, it has all of the dangers of prolonged smoking and can affect your lungs if you smoke long term. Disposable vapes are also a bit more potent than standard vape pens and it can give you some nasty side effects if you smoke too much.

They may not be as dangerous as traditional cigarettes but they could still be dangerous. Vape products are carefully lab tested and quality tested to make sure there is no faulty vapes, but some can slip through the cracks. If you're quitting smoking and need a good alternative, disposable vape pens might not be answer.

Can I fly with a disposable vape?

Any sort of cannabis, disposable products or regular vapes are prohibited in most airports and airplanes. Despite it being legal in most of the United States, there are hundreds of countries and states that prohibit the use of cannabis and having a smoking device could lead to legal action.

It's important to be clear of all devices and if you need to smoke, make sure to purchase at your destination and not carry the cannabis product with you.

Where can I find the best disposable vapes?

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Are disposable vapes safe - Final thoughts

If you had any legitimate concerns about disposable vapes, hopefully your mind was put at ease today. A lot is still left to learn about disposable vapes but they are safe and convenient to use whenever you need a little pick me up throughout the day.

So quit smoking the bad stuff and start smoking something good that it'll change your life for the better. Try a disposable vape pen today.