Best Bongs of Summer 2024

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Summer 2023 is finally here, it's time for cookouts, beaches, and pool parties. One of the staples of summer is enjoying a break from the stressful work/school year, and it's a time to enjoy things you normally don't have time to enjoy. Smokers everywhere use summer to smoke their hearts out and enjoy their time free of stress.

What's one of the best and most popular ways to smoke weed? Bongs. Bongs are a staple of cannabis culture, an easy and efficient way to enjoy the sweet flower. Today we will be counting down the top bongs of the summer of 2023. So stay tuned and keep reading!

Why bongs are the best way to smoke weed


There are a lot of benefits to smoking out of bongs. For starters, it's a good way to filter smoke and give you a flavorful hit without the harsh smoke. The water in the bong cools a hit and makes it easier for you to take hits without any precautions.

Another great benefit is that you can smoke with a bong anywhere. They are made with thick borosilicate glass resistant to heat and wear and tear and can provide an easy way to smoke without needing much more than a lighter.

Best bongs of summer 2023

Bongs are here to stay. Glassblowers and bong brands create new types of bongs daily, perfecting the water pipe even more. We see improvements, and we see glass bongs become more complex daily. The bongs on this list are unique, efficient, and can be a great collection for your summer.

  1. Noble Glass - Pastel Pink Lace Dichro Bong
  2. Fat Buddha Glass - Fat Buddha Glass Heart Bong
  3. Hoss Glass - Holey Pyramid Beaker Bong
  4. Gypsy Labs- Infinity Waterfall Glass Bong
  5. Prism Waterpipes - Halo Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb

Pastel Pink Lace Dichro Bong

From the glassblowers at Noble Glass, this beautifully crafted bong is not only great looking, but it could give you the best smoking sessions of your life. These soft glass bongs offer a combination of efficiency and craftsmanship you won't find in any other bong. Don't let the design fool you, this durable bong is also built to last a lifetime.

Carefully crafted by experts, you are sure to get a piece that is unique and rare to you. No two bongs are alike, so get your lace dichro bong today and start showing off while you smoke.


  • unique bong
  • durable
  • straight tube bong


  • hard to clean

Fat Buddha Glass Heart Bong

The Heart Bong is a beautiful and unique way to show your friends that you love them. This bong is full of color and features a heart-shaped chamber that diffuses your smoke for a smoother hit.

It may look like a simple bong, but it does more than meets the eye. The diffused downstem helps percolate the smoke, and the wide heart-shaped base allows enough water to filter every hit.


  • handmade borosilicate glass
  • wide base


  • the smallest bong on the list

Holey Pyramid Beaker Bong

This straight tube bong is one of the unique bongs on this list, with everything you need to smoke, a splash guard, an ice catcher, and a much smoother smoking experience. It's made with high-quality materials and is a great piece for cannabis lovers.

A grid-style diffuser attached to the base supports a colored inner section with holes that pass through it.  It does not require a downstem, and it has everything you need. It's no wonder this is why it's one of the best bongs of 2023.


  • percolator bong
  • no downstem required
  • ice catcher


  • price

Infinity Waterfall Glass Bong

You've never smoked out of something like this! The infinity bong is a beast of a bong, like a modern-day take on the classic gravity bong you used to make in your friend’s basement. It provides you with the best possible filtration and can really wow all your friends who smoke with you.

A futuristic piece made of thick borosilicate glass and is crystal clear so you can see how cool it looks to see the water passing. Believe it or not, it is one of the cheap bongs on this list.


  • futuristic
  • cost efficient


  • hard to clean

Halo Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb

If you're looking for the best bong smoking experience, look no further than the Halo Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb bong. The Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb Double Stack is perfect for those who want straight tube bongs with great function. This bong has two honeycomb percolators, and a straight percolator fixed downstem, which ensure that the smoke is evenly distributed and smooth. The Big Tree Percolator on top adds an extra level of diffusion.

This is the perfect starter piece for your custom bong collection. Our custom bong system makes it easy to break it down for ease of cleaning, part replacement, switching it up, and throwing in a backpack for an adventure. This combines the best classic bong with a touch of the new age of bong brands.


  • multiple percolators
  • easy to clean
  • easy to take apart/get together


  • price

Where to find the best bongs of the summer?

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Best bongs of the summer - final thoughts

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation. What better way to enjoy yourself than by smoking out of the best bongs around? We’ve gathered some of the top brands and models so you can find the perfect one for you.

Make sure to get your before summer runs out these bongs are a hit!