Best Cheap Bongs Online

Best Cheap Bongs
One of the most revolutionary yet misunderstood smoking accessories is by far the bong. The vase-like appearance and the full glass body can sometimes be intimidating, add on all the other accessories like an ash catcher or perc, some might just choose to stick to rolling or pipes. Not to mention the price of some of these bongs can be through the roof, today we will show you that you can buy the best cheap bongs online, here at Slyng.

Bongs Are the Solution

What if we as smoking experts told you that the best smoking experience comes from a bong, That despite all your objections and misconceptions, bongs give you not only the best smoking experience but also let you customize your experience. Joints and blunts are so one-dimensional and you could only really experience the euphoria a singular way. With bongs, you can customize the experience by adding water to cool down the hit and adding accessories like percolators to give you the best possible hit without all the chemicals in paper and blunts.
Best Cheap Bongs
Bongs are revolutionary, literally designed by smokers to get the best hit every time and also keep you from wasting all your grass in one sitting. A good bong is a simple yet effective design that filters the smoke and prevents the resin from getting into your lungs. There’s a bong for everyone, whether you like to stay at home and lounge on the couch or take your sesh on the go in the comfort of your car or the outdoors. The price range is so extensive, you can find a bong for you at your exact price range.

The Convenience of Smaller Bongs

Most bongs are anywhere from 2-3 feet, made with thick glass,  and are mostly meant for the homebodies or small gatherings. They have a nice sturdy body for leaving on the coffee table and can even serve as a decoration if you have a classy looking bong. Smaller bongs aren’t only cheaper because they take less time and resources to make but they are also a lot more convenient for on the go smoking. Cheap small bongs do the same exact thing that bigger bongs do; they just simply provide more discreet convenience and can save you time from rolling.Best Cheap Bongs Don’t let their size fool you, the thick glass makes the cheap glass bongs durable and ready for the wear and tear of everyday smoking. There are thousands of cheap bongs under $50 that will last you a lifetime and go perfectly with any set up you may have.

Cheap Bongs Under $100

At Slyng we offer a variety of affordable options for your smokeware of choice. Anything from bongs, pipes, desktop vaporizers, and many more. Thanks to our variety we have a wide range of prices and styles to choose from. Here is a list of a few of our under $100 bongs. You can always find more and search for different styles directly on our site.

Renegade Oil Beaker Blue - $69.99

Best Cheap Bongs
This bong is 9" tall has a built-in downstream with a 14mm female 45 degree joint. This wide base bong is built for stability and comfort with its rolled lip mouthpiece. Renegade Glass is an American made glass that is affordable and easy to clean. If this bong sounds like something you're looking for head over to our marketplace now. Also note this bong includes free shipping!

SOS1003 10" by SOS Glass- $54.98

Best Cheap Bongs

iDab Beaker Rig (Clear) 10mm - $70

Dab rings you this affordable glass beaker bong that will meet all your dream bong needs. Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a built-in ice catcher this U.S made bong will exceed your expectations. The price is really the cherry on top with this bong, if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, then here it is. At Slyng, we have everything you need to give you the peace of mind that you’re getting the best quality and information you need to make a good purchase. We have years of experience working with the right vendors and only providing the best quality bongs at the most reasonable prices. We don’t cut corners, we only care about doing right by YOU.

Where to Find the Best & Cheapest Bongs?

Online Smoke Shop | SlyngNot everyone can afford the newest and most tricked out bong and that’s okay! At Slyng, we pride ourselves on finding the best bongs at the cheapest prices so you’re not spending any more than you have to for a solid smoking experience. Cheap doesn’t mean lower quality and smaller bongs work just as well as the bigger ones. Stop rolling and get with the times, there is no better way to smoke than with a nice bong. Whether you have the budget for classy or you just want something that works, we’ll help you find the piece that’s right for you. From small and discreet, to beautiful designs, all the way to simple and practical, we have bongs under $100 that will change the way you smoke forever and last a lifetime.