Best Delta 10 Brands of 2024

Best Delta 10 Brands of 2022

As we're beginning to find out more and more cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, the rising demand for certain strains and cannabinoid-based products is obvious.

Hemp-derived cannabinoids are the most well-known of all cannabinoids. They are frequently used in tinctures, gummies, and other cannabinoid-based products alike. This is especially evident in the very potent Delta 10 THC, derived from high-quality hemp.

Hemp-derived Delta 10 THC is surging in popularity in the cannabis market. But, to find the most reputable brands that utilize high-quality hemp to get the special Delta 10 THC can be a pickle.

That's why we're here to discuss the best of the best Delta 10 brands to buy in 2023.

Best Delta 10 Brands 2023: Benefits, Options, and More!

Here are the 7 best federally legal, superb hemp-derived Delta 10 THC brands today!

1. Elyxr Delta 10 THC

Elyxr offers some of the best Delta 10 THC products on today's market. It embodies a handful of wonderful and high-quality delta alternatives to the conventional Delta 9.

Their hemp-derived products are terrific for enhancing the focus and providing relaxing pleasure. This is because anxiety and paranoia, formerly seen in the Delta 9 hemp flower, are nowhere to be seen in Elyxr's best Delta 10 THC products.

You can find varieties of Delta 10 THC vape cartridges on their site in addition to THC gummies, potion-blend cartridges, Delta 10 THC tinctures, and Delta 10 dabs.

If you opt for a vape cartridge, you can pick out your own hemp flower strain which can range from a Sativa-blend of Pineapple Express, Indica like White Rhino, and a hybrid blend.

Elyxr even has Delta 10 THC flowers that incorporate potent delta strains, such as the Indica Master Kush and the Hybrid strain - Sunset.

Best Delta 10 Brands of 2022


  • A selection of Delta 10 THC products (Tinctures, gummies, vape cartridges, and Delta 10 flowers with Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains)
  • Affordable prices within hemp brands standards
  • Have a 1-pound offer on flower strains
  • Selling stand-alone batteries for vape cartridges
  • Offering certificate analysis from third party testing about their Delta 10 THC products posted on their site
  • Elyxr uses top-quality hemp grown in California and is FDA- approved


  • Maximum Delta 10 THC tincture amount is 1,000ml.

2. Delta Extrax Delta 10 THC

Next on our best Delta 10 brands of 2023 is Delta Extrax offering some high-quality delta. The cannabinoid-based products from Delta Extrax hemp brand are made through careful clean extraction methods and carry around a bunch of great effects.

You can find a wide range of vapes from Delta Extrax, including Ekto Kooler, Mauie Wowie, Wedding Cake, and Blue Candy Kush. Talk about creative names! You're not limited to one product only and can even purchase a bundle with 3 strains, and get a splendid mix of Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa Delta 10 THC cartridges.

Their best Delta 10 THC products include THC gummies and a THC tincture. All their products are based on their great Euphorica collection and stand for quality and effects.

Best Delta 10 Brands of 2022


  • Delta Extrax, Delta 10 THC products are pretty affordable. You can even subscribe to Delta Extrax for a further discount.
  • A fair amount of strains you can choose from
  • Each product is lab tested, and the lab results are available on public display on the brand's site


  • Delta Extrax doesn't state where they grow their cannabis plant
  • Delta Extrax doesn't sell Delta 10 THC flowers

3. 3Chi Delta 10 THC

Here's yet another competitor running for the best Delta 10 THC brand label. Unlike the rest, 3Chi only sells Delta 10 THC cartridges for vaping.

3Chi doesn't have a lot of Delta 10 in their product catalog, but they do offer 4 strains for a smooth vaping experience, courtesy of a hemp-derived cannabinoid.

The strains include 3 Cannabis-Derived Terpenes called Blue Dream, Calli-O, and Snowman, while the regular strain is your good ol' Pineapple Express. The cartridges contain a 95% mixture of Delta 10 and 8 with around 5% terpene of your choice without any cutting agents.

Their terpenes are created in specialized botany farms and are cannabis-derived.

Best Delta 10 Brands of 2022


  • Fully legal cartridges and terpenes with below 0.3% THC content
  • Quite affordable Delta 10 THC cartridges
  • 3Chi Delta 10 THC have Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains
  • Their products are lab tested and the results are publicly displayed on their site
  • 3Chi does incorporate third-party testing


  • 3Chi doesn't sell any other Delta 10 product except cartridges and terpenes
  • Only a handful of product reviews from customers

4. BioWellnessX Delta 10 THC

On the opposite side of selling cartridges for vaping is BioWellnessX whose Delta 10 THC product list consists of Delta 10 gummies, Delta 10 tinctures, and a product you haven't yet seen on this list - Delta 10 THC lozenges or tablets.

BioWellnessX makes all of its products through clean extraction methods, all based in the U.S. If you're a fan of numerous health benefits and having a smoother experience, the mixture of 20mg cannabinoids lozenges - available in strawberry or lemon flavor is your ideal product. Their tincture isn't at all cheap, but if you subscribe to their site, you'll get 15% off on your deal.

Did we mention their tincture is full-spectrum? Talk about a Delta experience to remember.

Best Delta 10 Brands of 2022


  • Has a unique Delta 10 product - Delta 10 lozenges
  • Every product is made in the U.S. and is federally legal and approved by the FDA
  • Their Delta 10 gummies have a variety of 5 flavors - mango, peach, lemon, green apple, and mixed berry.
  • Their tincture consists of PCR Hemp oil as well as Delta 10
  • All of their lab results are on display on their site


  • Not many products to choose from and no vape carts
  • Might be too expensive for some buyers

5. Bay Smokes Delta 10 THC

Another good brand with a fantastic brand reputation on its shoulders is Bay Smokes.

Bay Smokes incorporates both cartridges for vaping, disposable vape pens, and Delta 10 gummies that include gummy bears, gummy worms, peach rings, watermelon slices, and gummy cubes.

Not to mention, you can get yourself some splendid Delta 10 moon rocks with a 2g-4g content.

As of recently, Bay Smokes has 5 strains to work with, whether you opt for vape pens or cartridges. Their top strains include Gelato, Trainwreck, Grape Zkitlez, Tangie Tits, and one of our favorites - the real Bubblegum OG.

If you're up for some potent Delta 10, then you'll love their moon rocks - carrying 30% cannabinoids, rolled in CBD kief, and dipped in Delta 10. Yummy!

Best Delta 10 Brands of 2022


  • Bay Smokes offers a variety of 5 different strains to choose from
  • Best choices for Delta 10 gummies out of all listed brands
  • A fair amount of good reviews on their cartridges
  • FDA-compliant


  • No lab results were posted on their site
  • Bay Smkoes doesn't sell Delta 10 tincture

6. Diamond CBD Delta 10 THC

This brand has everything in the cannabis market you can think of - from Delta 10 gummies with a variety of flavors, vape carts, and vape pens with a big selection of strains, to Delta 10 tinctures, vape bundles, and more.

If you opt for their Hyper Delta Disposable vape pens, you can pick between around 20 flavors for a scrumptious smoking session. Their hemp source is derived from Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia. Plus, they have their lab-reported effects on display.

Best Delta 10 Brands of 2022


  • Numerous products to choose from
  • An enormous variety of flavors and strains
  • Lab results are published on their site for customers to evaluate
  • Open-sourced hemp plants from Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia
  • A generous list of selected affordable products


  • Some researchers found they had cough medicine and synthetic cannabinoids, but Diamond CBD stated that these constituents are from an old formula
  • Some of their products might be too expensive

Best Delta 10 Brands to Buy - The Bottom Line

Delta 10 THC is the most potent of the delta brothers which is why it's currently the most popular one among people who are looking for something that packs a serious punch. But be careful before you purchase delta 10 THC products especially if you are using prescription medications. Make sure to consult your doctor beforehand.

Other than that, we hope we managed to narrow down the choice for you and helped you find the best delta 10 brands. Gummies, tinctures, chocolate, and oils aside - if you wish to explore more high-friendly options, have a blast with our best bongs of 2022 - that's where the real magic begins!