Best homemade carb caps

carb cap

Dabbing enthusiasts everywhere know how every accessory you have is crucial to a good dabbing experience. From the dab tool to the blow torch you use to melt the wax or concentrate, everything plays a crucial role to dabbing. One, underrated tool, the carb cap is often overseen and most dabbers don't even use a carb cap at all.

But carb caps make the smoking experience lasts twice as long and ensures you get every last bit of the milky smoke and sweet nectar. If you don't have a carb cap and need one for your next dabbing session, don't stress! Here are some common household or easily attainable objects you can use as a carb cap. Here are the best homemade carb cap that perfectly mimics a really one.

What is a Carb Cap?

carb cap

A carb cap is a small dome-shaped lid that helps to regulate airflow when dabbing. Made out of materials like glass, metal, or ceramic, carb caps are placed over the nail or banger after the concentrate has been placed on the heated surface.

Most caps are sold separately from a dab rig and are often forgotten but they should always be remembered because they are so crucial.

Why you need a carb cap

By capping the nail or banger, the carb cap traps heat and reduces oxygen flow, allowing the concentrate to vaporize more slowly and evenly. This results in a smoother, more flavorful dab.

In addition, carb caps help to conserve valuable concentrates by preventing them from evaporating too quickly. For these reasons, carb caps are an essential tool for any dabber.

Best DIY carb caps

If you're looking for a good cap and you can't find one online, don't stress! There are plenty of household items that make great carb caps and you can use them as much times as you need. It's important to know what classifies as a cap because using the wrong cap covers can not only ruin your experience but can also do some damage as dab rigs require extreme heat.

Here are some of the best tried and true DIY carb caps you can use as replacements. These have been tried and considered safe and just as reliable as a standard cap.

Silicone container

Most dab concentrate containers you get at the dispensary are silicone and that means they make great substitute carb caps! They are durable and able to withstand extreme heat, meaning you won't burn your fingers holding it and the container won't melt.

The puck-like container will create pressure, much like a cap, allowing you to vaporize any concentrates remaining your rig! This means you get a longer session and the dab hit doesn't go to waste. It is an ideal replacement because it is always so readily available, a silicone container is almost always available when you get dabs at a dispensary.

Weed Grinder

All stoners have a weed grinder. To grind up their precious legal dry herb to roll a joint or stuff a glass bowl piece. What a lot of stoners that use both dabs and flower don't know is that a metal/titanium grinder makes a great makeshift cap.

Like the silicone container, weed grinders control airflow in the nail, keeping the smoke from clearing and going to waste. They provide a flat surface to prevent the smoke from going out and they protect your fingers from getting close to the hot nail.

Just be careful and only use a metal/titanium grinder as the plastic grinder would melt and the toxins released by the plastic could have effects on your lungs.

Any ceramic mug

Ceramic glass is perfectly crafted for withstanding extreme heat and they are thick. Everybody in the world has a coffee mug or two and these ceramic mugs make excellent DIY carb cap.

It checks all the boxes as far as flat surface, made of material able to withstand heat, and it helps control how much air goes out of the dab nail. It makes a pretty decent cap.

Bowl piece

Another piece that most stoners will have or at least have access to. Most glass bongs contain a ceramic bowl piece to put the flower in for them to smoke out of a bong. It is made to withstand the heat it takes to light the flower and inhale through the bong which means it is designed to take on extreme heat.

A glass bong bowl is almost identical to a bowl piece, even providing the perfect airflow tool to really control the air. It may look like only a glass bowl, but it has so much versatility.

Glass beer bottles


Most beer bottles are made with a thick glass bottom and like a ceramic mug can keep the smoke from clearing out. You for sure have some old glass beer bottles lying around somewhere so put them to use when you dab!

If you don't have glass beer bottles, really any glass jar or cheap plastic bottle will work. Glass bottle is an ideal carb cap if you're in a pinch.

Where can I get a carb cap?

If you're ready to purchase your own carb cap or you don't have any of these items at home, don't worry! has a great selection of carb caps and they've partnered with reputable brands that sell great carb caps for affordable prices.

Better yet, Slyng offers coupon codes on the best name brands so you get even better savings on your favorite smoking accessories.

Best Carb Caps - Final Thoughts

A carb cap is a must have for any smoker's set up and is guaranteed to make your smoking session last. If you don't have a carb cap or don't have access to one, the items on this list make great replacements for the real thing.

Just make sure to always have a carb cap and always try these methods at your own risk. Try out these methods and let us know what you think!