Best THC-O Brands Pt.2

best THC-O brands

THC-O is one of the most popular new cannabinoids that is taking the world by storm. Both recreational and medical marijuana users are raving about this amazing and abundant cannabinoid and many are asking for more and more ways to consume it.

Now we've already compiled a list of the best THC-O brands and products and found that THC-O has become so popular, smokers are asking for more! Here are some more of the best THC-O brands and why they are the best at what they do.

What is THC-O?


Unlike most cannabinoids, THC-O isn't found naturally but but is synthetically made with Delta 8, acetic anhydride, and other chemicals. Don't let that deter you, but encourage you to want to try THC-O even more.

Like most cannabinoids, THCO is available in several forms, including vape cartridges, flower, dab concentrates, and oils. THCO is up to 3 times more potent than Delta 9 THC, which is the cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that gets you high. It may look substantially similar, but Delta 9 and THCO are very different marijuana acetates.

THC-O Benefits

THC-O has a lot of great benefits, and is loved by recreational users. THC-O is a psychedelic cannabinoid, which means you will feel high and euphoric, along with intensified vision and sensations that you don't feel normally.

It promotes a better mood, more creativity, and it can even help with focus when takin in moderation. THC-O has also been known to help with mental health issues like anxiety and depression and since it interacts with your endocannabinoid system it provides inflammation and pain releif.

Best THC-O Brands

These brands take a lot of pride in their brand reputation and have THC-O products that will make you fully switch to this cannabinoid. Whether it be THC-O gummies, THC-O vape cartridges, THC-O flower, or even THC-O distillates, these brands have the best THC-O products in the cannabis industry.

  1. Delta 8 Resellers
  2. Delta Alternatives
  3. Delta Extrax
  4. Vivimu
  5. Wild Orchard Co.

Delta 8 Resellers

Delta 8 Resellers have made a name for themselves as one of the best companies for any cannabinoid. Whether you're looking for the mellow Delta 8, or the more intense THC-O, you can find it all here. They have a variety of THC-O products that match your preference and provide top notch customer service.

Choose from hundreds of option, THC-O cartridges, THC-O distillate, THC-O gummies, and even THC-O pre-rolls. Out of all companies on this list, Delta 8 Resellers probably have the most variety of products.


  • variety of products
  • Free shipping on orders over $50


  • no refunds on consumable products

Delta Alternatives

Delta Alternatives is one of the most reputable brands on this list and with good reason. For years they have worked to perfect their formula and have mastered the art of extracting and infusing. With everything created in-house, you can rest assured you're getting the best THC-O products everytime.

They offer THC-O vape cartridges, THC-O gummies, and THC-O distillates. They also offer a variety of strains and flavors for you to enjoy. This is really a brand you can trust.


  • Reputable brand
  • affordable prices
  • all products are tested and made with quality ingredients


  • website not very user-friendly

Delta Extrax

One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis is with vape cartridges. Delta Extrax made their name with these by making and perfecting concentrates and infusing them with the best terpenes and cannabinoids. They also offer a variety of THC-O vape cartridges.

You will find some of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis market and find the best products at affordable prices and made with great quality. Shop for your THC-O disposable vapes or THC-O carts here.


  • High quality product
  • lab test for every product provided
  • Plenty of cannabinoids offered


  • no refund policy


With a huge jump in cannabinoid popularity and the legalization of marijuana in most of the United States, a lot of companies have sprouted from the ground to provide CBD, HHC, THC-O, and other cannabinoids.

Vivimu is much of the same. Starting with an idea of providing the best quality products for the cannabis industry and putting every product through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality and reliability. Vivimu puts their money where their mouth is, giving you the best cannabinoids the industry can offer at affordable prices.


  • All lab test provided
  • Quality products


  • Only a handful of THC-O products offered

Wild Orchard Co.

Wild Orchard Co is a USA hemp company that emphasizes regulatory compliance and high quality products. Wild Orchard Co. sees that too often hemp and its benefits are hidden away from the public and that’s why they focus on transparency and a wide range of products.

Wild Orchard Co. has all the hemp derived cannabinoid products that you’ve come to know and love. Their selection ranges from Delta 8 to THC-O. Whether you want to vape it or eat it, Wild Orchard Co. has you covered. Their products are made in ISO-Certified Lab facilities that are Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) certified.


  • Lab tested
  • reputable brand


  • only offers THC-O vape cartridges and disposables

Where to find these best THC-O Brands?

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Best THC-O Brands - Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reputable THC-O brand, we’ve got you covered. We’ve tried out all of the top brands and found the best ones for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Try out one of these top THC-O brands today and see how they can help improve your quality of life.