Best weed pen brands of 2024

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Since marijuanas been legalized in the United States, the cannabis industry has blossomed with new ways to smoke and consume the sweet, sweet cannabis. Gone are the days where you had to meet someone in an alley to get some flower or spend an arm and a leg on a bong, or wasted time rolling papers.

Today, we have a revolutionary device, perfect for everyday smoking and discreet use, the weed pen. Sometimes known as a vape pen, the weed pen is a small device that heats up cannabis concentrate with a battery to give the flavorful hit thats just right enough to get you high but not enough to ruin your afternoon.

A lot of casual smokers make the transition for several reasons, because it's cheaper, more reliable, less smelly, and it's discreet. Do you think you want to make the change from flower/dabs to weed pens? Check out this list of the best pen brands of 2023 so you know which ones are the best to start with or switch to if you've used weed pens in the past.

What Are Weed Pens?

As explained above, weed pens are small, pen like devices that use a battery to heat up the concentrate at the push of a button or a pull. Weed vape pens come in all shapes in sizes and are designed for on the go smoking with no set up or additional accessories. Simply charge the pen to its full potential, screw on the cartridge and push the button. It's a simple way to enjoy your favorite cannabis strain.

Vape pens are usually charged with micro USB cords, so it is easily charged, and with most pens you can precise temperature control and control the number of hits you take. Each pen, whether it uses buttons or a push, is made up of a battery with a heating chamber, a cartridge, and a way to change the heat level settings.

If you're looking for a reliable weed pen brand that will give you the best experience and change the way you smoke. Let's start the countdown!

Best Weed Pen Brands 2023

Finding a reliable brand can be a daunting task, and it can be a bit overwhelming, luckily, we got you covered! Here are our top brands of 2023:

  1. Hamilton Devices/CCELL
  2. Delta 8 Resellers
  3. Wild Orchard Co.
  4. 10DC
  5. Cannaaid
  6. iKrusher

Hamilton Devices/CCELL

Hamilton Devices is solely the leader of vape pens in the industry due to their wide selection of disposable batteries and cartridges. You can't go wrong with any pen, all are high-quality, durable, and perfect for smoking. The CCELL patented technology helps with battery life and the ceramic heating element ensures you get the best possible hit every time.

They carefully craft all their pens with the latest technology, including the technology they use to prevent overheating, and burning the concentrates. One of their best sellers, the PS1, is the world's first ever concentrate bubbler and vape pen, perfect for those who want to transition from a dab rig to a vape pen.


  • Patented CCELL Technology
  • widest selection of pens and cartridges
  • 30 Day warranty on all products


  • Products not FDA tested

Delta 8 Resellers

Delta 8 Resellers aren't typically known for vapes or cartridges, they made their claim to fame with Delta 8 thc and flower, but they have since moved up in the cannabis industry with their selection of draw battery cartridges.

Featuring the 1.5 Ml pen and cartridge, you not only get flavorful hits with every pull but you get 50% more concentrate and you're getting a wide selection of flavors to choose from. The vapor quality is unmatched and the airflow will get you high in 2-3 hits.


  • great airflow
  • flavorful and wide selection of cartridges
  • 1.5 ml pens
  • good brand reputation
  • High quality thc carts


  • Doesn’t offer free shipping.

Wild Orchard Co.

Wild Orchard Co. has been one of the most reliable brands in the cannabis industry due to their commitment to creating products with third party lab testing and revolutionizing the name Delta 8 THC. Every product is ensured quality and made in the US, with several options on THC cartridges, marijuana vape pens, and all other hemp products.

Whether you're looking for a THC cartridge to try out or a weed vape pen made of high quality materials, Wild Orchard Co. has got your back. Check out their selection of Delta 8, a cannabinoid extracted straight from the cannabis plant.


  • Subscription services
  • third party lab tested products
  • High quality THC cartridges.
  • Offers gluten free products


  • Not FDA approved.


Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, 10DC or (10 Dollar Cartridge) started when they saw how revolutionary Delta 8 THC was and they wanted to capitalize on the product while creating an easy and efficient process on getting it out to the public. 10DC was founded by experts in all things cannabis and provide some of the best products with no harmful chemicals, all products straight from the cannabis plant.

On top of that, they offer exceptional customer service, quality control, and only work with reputable brands with high quality products. Whether you're looking to try a weed vape pen or the CBD pen vaporizer, you can't go wrong with this brand. If you're curious about the brand, read our review here.


  • exceptional customer service
  • reasonable prices
  • quality vape cartridges


  • all sales are final
  • only ships to selected states


Featured in LA Weekly and High Times, Cannaaid has a great reputation of creating some of the best THC vape pens and other hemp derivatives. Cannaaid features various Delta 8 and Delta 10, HHC, and CBD vape pens, and even something for you dog lovers. Each cartridge features high quality hemp concentrate and the pen batteries are made with high quality materials, designed perfectly for THC products.

The pen batteries are made with anti-clutter tech so you won't have to worry about it clogging or picking up lint from time in your pocket. The potent thc oil cartridges help with chronic pain, aches, insomnia, appetite and much more. Check out our review of the cartridges here.


  • high quality disposable vape pens
  • delta 8 concentrate straight from cannabis plants


  • poor battery capacity


iKrusher is fairly new to the cannabis industry but their products are sure here to stay. With products like the Astro Stik, perfectly designed to give you the best hits and get you there in 2-3 puffs.

iKrusher offers rechargeable vape batteries with various power capacity, featured in-hale or button activated for your selection. Get the most out of your vape pen with long-lasting iKrusher batteries.

weed pen brands


  • handles potent THC oil cartridges
  • quality oil cartridges
  • hybrid heating system
  • the company sells all types of batteries


  • some items are pricey.

Weed Pen Brands of 2023 - Final Thoughts

Vaping THC is something people never thought would be possible, but with vape pens, it's possible. There's a reason these little pens are so popular; they get you as high as blunts or bongs with a lot less hassle.

With concentrate straight from the hemp plant. For whatever reason you take cannabis, for chronic pain or insomnia, a good weed pen from reputable brands will help you just as much as the traditional way.

Check out some of these great brands and even get discounts on