Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine 2021?

can labs detect synthetic urine 2021

There are increasingly sophisticated methods for workers to dodge a bullet for upcoming drug tests. One of the most prevailing methods as of now is purchasing synthetic urine if the upcoming drug test is a urine one. Need to pass a drug test? Can labs detect synthetic urine 2021?

Most workplaces employ drug testing programs since they hold a popular notion that employees do much better in their job if they’re not impaired by drugs or alcohol. However, some people do not like the idea of drug testing and mostly go for buying fake pee to sidestep the dangers associated with having a positive test.

Not many workers know what exactly is synthetic urine and are a little bit skeptical of this strategy. That’s why The Whizzinator is here to help you learn a thing or two about drug testing and synthetic urine. 

What is Synthetic Urine? 

To imitate the features of your standard pee, synthetic urine, more popularly known as fake pee, is made up of chemical compounds, yellow pigmentation, creatinine, PH balancing, and occasionally uric acid. Typically, fake urine is used to evaluate the influence of pee on items such as baby diapers, beds, cleaning chemicals, and even medical equipment.

Interestingly enough, synthetic urine is widely appropriated in alternative medicine, research data, and sometimes even drug tests employ fake pee to increase effectiveness. However, people purchase fake urine increasingly and regularly to mislead drug tests so they end up with a negative drug result. 

Keep in mind that modern drug testing might get you caught if you’re using synthetic urine to pass a drug test. That’s why you need a superb fake urine kit to bring about the negative drug results that you want and need. 

What do Labs Test When it Comes to Fake Pee?

Generally speaking, if a drug test made in a lab is extensive, most of the time, they will do a rundown of any adulteration of the urine itself. Adulteration checks are examinations of particular methods of producing a misleading drug test result by manipulating urine samples using chemical or non-chemical contaminants. 

Major adulterants exams look out for pH levels, creatinine, some masking agents, bleach, and the urine’s temperature. 

PH Level Checks

Urine specimens are checked regularly for their Ph levels to identify specific efforts to deceive the drug test. There’s a standard pH level of urine, and that’s from 4.6 up to 8.0 pH. Some people try to hide the use of illegal drugs in their samples by mixing chemicals that can either degrade drugs or interfere with the drug test.

If there’s a pH shift beyond the usual boundaries, then the drug test will tell the lab doctor that it may be synthetic urine that they’re testing. 

Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine 2021

Creatinine Checks

Creatinine is a substance that’s naturally present in urine, and lab tests determine whether the urine sample may come out as a diluted one. If an individual has drank lots of water before taking the urine drug test, it’ll signal very low creatinine levels in the pee.

Synthetic urine dodges this risk by adding creatinine in the mix to make the fake pee indistinguishable from real urine. Contributors might try to recolor a urine sample by taking a supplement filled with Vitamin B. 

Masking Agent Checks

There are lots of masking agents on the market that trick the drug test into not locating any illicit drugs in the urine sample. These agents are nitrites, glutaraldehydes, in vivo agents (flushing agents), and Pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC). 

Masking substances are located through adulteration strips, and if these compounds come up on the drug test, that means it’s been tampered with since urine doesn’t carry any of these substances. 

Bleach Checks

It doesn’t matter which detergent individuals try to use, whether it’s bleach or even some other oxidants; just a couple of drops may tamper with the urine results. Typically, people will try to dodge a positive test by adding bleach into their urine sample, which declares the urine sample as worthless. This form of modification is detected through an oxidant adulterant screening.

Urine Temperature Checks 

Whether it sounds a little odd, people do a little switcheroo with another clean urine sample to dodge a positive drug test result. Others use synthetic urine that’s cold and try to heat it up to body temperature using a heating pad. Naturally, labs will see whether the temperature of the urine sample matches the temperature of normal urine. 

What Happens When You Get Caught Using Synthetic Urine

If individuals get busted for using synthetic urine, they may get fired from the job they’re working at. Or rather, if one applies to a job, and before taking the job position, they’re screened through a urine test and end up using fake pee as a sample, they most likely won’t get the job position.

Other consequences of getting caught using fake urine are not being admitted into a university or school, revoking scholarship status, recording of a probation violation, and sometimes even jail time or fines. Federal laws won’t get you a fine or jail time if you’ve used synthetic urine. However, In many states in the U.S., you can get arrested. Such states include North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Arkansas, Illinois, Virginia, etc.

Signs of a Good Synthetic Urine Kit 

If you don’t select a good synthetic urine kit, then there’s no point in getting one in the first place. Many fake pees are not trustworthy, but The Whizzinator stands out among the greatest synthetic urine on the market. 

The Whizzard magic is finely tuned, meaning that it has everything that a good synthetic urine kit should have. That incorporates uric acid, the most important compound in the synthetic urine kit. Our brand is reputable, and you won’t find anything invaluable here, from the refill golden flask kits to the color of the Whizzinator. 

Another thing that makes a good synthetic urine kit is having the right temperature.   With The Whizzinator, you can get the right pee temperature through a heating pad. Lastly, the product has a superb shelf life, meaning that it can be stored for up to 2 or maybe even 3 years. 

can labs detect synthetic urine 2021? the whizzinator touch

Synthetic Urine - A Final Verdict

To sum it all up, if you have a good synthetic urine kit, lab tests won’t recognize that you’ve given them fake pee. The Whizzinator stands by your side, and you won’t get caught using our product. You can make a refill if you wish by just buying our Golden Flask.

However, if you’re opting for other unknown brands, you may stumble into an unwanted predicament, maybe even leading you to prison, depending on the state. Finally, ensure that your fake pee has the right temperature by getting yourself a nice heating pad.

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