Can You Heat up Synthetic Urine More Than Once?

Can You Heat up Synthetic Urine More Than Once

Providing synthetic urine for your next drug test evaluation is one guarantee you’ll pass. Whether the cops want you to whip it out and pee in front of them or give a sample, synthetic urine is one yucky way to save yourself from trouble. 

The experience by itself is disgusting; however, the consequences of getting caught are dire, not to mention embarrassing. You can wind up unemployed, lose friends and even family, or worse, end up in jail! Momentary drug testing isn’t everyone’s favorite ordeal, but we can’t deny that it happens frequently. 

If you’re a regular user and don’t have a week to flush out toxins from your system, and you suspect the po-po on your back, stack up on some synthetic urine. It is advisable to keep a few of these bad boys in your storage since emergencies have no habit of calling in advance. 

But, with fake urine come valid questions, does it work, and can those pesky scientists figure out that it’s not yours? Or, if you already have a lucky golden flask tucked away, can you heat it before the examination? Continue below to learn all about using leftover fake pee to pass your next drug test with flying yellow colors!

How Do You Heat Synthetic Urine? 

You know that when you’re taking the drug test, the officers will inspect whether the pee is warm. Every pee that comes out of the human body is at least 94 to 96 degrees F, and if you have an old stash of fake urine lying around, you’ll most definitely need to heat it before. 

If you provide a cold specimen, not only will you fail, but you'll even have to pay fines for lying or even spend some time in prison. If you’re on the road all the time, maybe keeping your fake pee on your car’s dashboard on top of the motor will cook it nicely. It’s not the best advice, but this might work if you’re expecting to get caught. 

If this doesn’t seem sanitary, or you’re heading to an auto mechanic, some of the following ways might help you keep your fake pee nice and toasty! Some ways might be more discreet than others, but when you’re running low on time, there’s no shame! 

Slip it in the Microwave 

Microwaving fake urine is one of the quickest and safest ways to get the pee to the temperature you need it in. To avoid overheating the golden flask, make sure you follow these precautions: 

  • Leave the fake pee for at least 10 seconds
  • Don’t forget to remove the cap 
  • Shake it once it’s out 
  • The desired temperature is between 90 to 99 degrees F 

Employ Mittens 

If you already know they’re taking you for a test, the best way to keep the synthetic urine warm is to put it in another kitchen device, this time your oven mitts or hand warmers. The cops won’t suspect you’re cold and stressed, and you can just slip the bottle within to keep warm. Remember to shake them up and watch the bottle reheat. Although not as quick as microwaving, the warmers will maintain the temperature. 

Use Your Body 

If you’re lacking two of the above mentioned, sometimes it’s best to use your own temperature. The best way to do that is to keep the fake pee sample between your legs or inner thighs. You might need a strap to hold things in place and do some lunges to shake things up. 

Can You Heat up Synthetic Urine More Than Once

Can You Heat up Synthetic Urine More Than Once?

Although tricky, reheating synthetic urine works for some reputable providers. Many companies that dwell on this question guarantee that you can reheat the fake pee as many times as you need; just make sure to use heat pads instead of the micro. Microwaving the fake urine more than once might show unsatisfactory results in your test. 

Will I fail a Drug Test Because of Urine Temperature?

Depends whether the police are already suspicious and you have blood-shut eyes. If the urine is not at the required 32 to 38°C or 90-100° F, you will most definitely fail the test, or be asked to provide a new fresh sample. 

What Happens if Urine is Not Warm Enough for a Drug Test?

The guys in the lab will most definitely tell the difference between synthetic warmed-up fake pee and real freshly produced urine. They will certainly notice the temperature and not accept the sample since it’s not within the required degrees. 

Those scientists will know that it’s either fake urine, or it came from somewhere else. Nothing extremely bad could happen, and you won’t go to jail right away, but you will be asked to return for re-testing. If the person refuses the re-evaluation, they will take that as a clear answer. If you don’t want to retest, they might consider it an offense and take you to the police station for further evaluation. 

Can You Reheat Fake Urine: Final Whiz 

Whether you’re a heavy user or simply an appreciator, drug tests can leave you with a whole bag of worries. Fake pee can sometimes give you peace of mind, but only if you take proper care of it. Like all products, urine has an expiration date. 

The most reputable brands offer wee fine to use for up to two years, like Whizzinator and Quick Fix. Whizzinator provides you with synthetic urine that can be reheated and cooled down within the expiration date, which is usually two years. The date is usually present on the product, either written in codes or on the package. 

Multiple exposures to various temperatures can temper with the ph and creatinine levels only if the product is nearing its expiration date. The lab guys will definitely easier get the picture. If you have had your golden flask for longer than 24 months, it’s best not to use it in the screening. 

By cheating the system, you know that you can always end up caught; however, Whizzinator’s Wizzard is one way to keep your wee away from prying eyes and your privacy within your pants! 

Being bad never looked so good, so trust Whizzinator with your next pee exam!

Can You Heat up Synthetic Urine More Than Once

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