Can You Overdose On Delta 9 Gummies

Can You Overdose On Delta 9 Gummies

How do you get high from Delta 9? Do you prefer using edibles such as gummies? It can become difficult to calculate the quantity of Delta 9 gummies that will help you to achieve your required dose. There is also a higher chance for you to snack on these gummies as they’re flavorful. This increases the risk for you to overdose on Delta 9 gummies. 

How can you avoid overdosing on Delta 9 gummies? This article gives preventive measures for overdosing on Delta 9 gummies. 

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What Are Delta 9 Gummies?

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Delta 9 gummies are edibles that contain Delta 9 THC, a potent psychoactive cannabinoid known for causing intoxicating effects. Naturally, Delta 9 exists in high quantities in marijuana and very low quantities in hemp. 

Like other Delta 9 products, Delta 9 gummies will give you both a mind and body high on its consumption.  This may make you feel calmer and happier.

Can You Take Too Many Delta 9 Gummies?

The possibility of going overboard with Delta 9 gummies can’t be ruled out. There are two reasons behind this.

  1. Increased Cravings

Delta 9 gummies come in various flavors that can excite your taste buds. Since gummies taste great, you may feel like taking an extra gummy to satisfy your new cravings. This may start with you taking just one extra gummy in a day to taking several pieces. 

As you go overboard with your dose, you may feel the intense psychoactive effects of Delta 9 that can be uncomfortable.

  1. Longer Onset Time 

The second reason why a person can take too many Delta 9 gummies is because of the misconception that the gummies don’t affect their body at all. In reality, the gummies do bring an effect on the body. 

Compared to other Delta 9 products, gummies take the longest time to kick in. As the effects take longer to kick in, people may become impatient. Consequently, you may take more gummies to feel the effects of Delta 9. 

How To Take An Appropriate Dose Of Delta 9 Gummies?

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There is no such dosage range of Delta 9 gummies that everyone can use. How much Delta 9 you can take depends on your body’s biological factors, such as metabolism, weight, diet, and tolerance. Delta 9 gummies dosage levels are divided into four categories based on all these factors.

  • Low Dose : 1 mg - 5 mg 

If you’re trying Delta 9 gummies for the first time or have very low tolerance levels, a small dose between 1 to 5 mg will suffice. 

  • Average Dose : 5 mg - 25 mg

Have you tried out Delta 9 gummies before or taken them occasionally? Then you can consume a dose of Delta 9 gummies between 5 to 25 mg. Within this dose, you may be able to feel slightly stronger intoxicating effects.

  • High Dose : 25 mg - 50 mg

If you’re an experienced user of Delta 9 gummies or like experiencing a solid high, a high dose of 25 to 50 mg may be sufficient.  

The best rule of thumb for trying out Delta 9 gummies is to begin with a low dose first. Experiment with this low dose for a week and note your experience in a diary or notepad. If you achieve the desired effects, you may continue with this dosage. Otherwise, gradually increase your dose and repeat the above procedure until you get the desired effects. 

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How Long Do Delta 9 Gummies Take To Kick In?

Delta 9 gummies take around 1 to 2 hours to kick in. This is because the gummies must be digested before Delta 9 can enter your bloodstream. Once Delta 9 enters your bloodstream, you begin to feel the intoxicating effects. 

Are Delta 9 Gummies Legal In The US?

Federal and local state legislation controls the legal status of Delta 9 gummies in the US. On the federal level, Delta 9 is illegal. On the contrary, hemp-derived Delta 9 products containing no more than 0.3% THC are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. 

At the state level, the legal status of Delta 9 gummies varies. If you live in a state where medical or recreational marijuana or hemp-derived products are legal, then you can use Delta 9 gummies. On the contrary, you can’t use Delta 9 gummies if you reside in a state that bans hemp-derived products or marijuana altogether. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Delta 9 Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

Delta 9 is one of the main THC forms that drug tests are designed to detect. So, consuming Delta 9 will make you fail a drug test. 

  1. What Is The Cost Of Delta 9 Gummies?

The cost of Delta 9 gummies ranges between $38.00 to $110.00 depending on the potency of Delta 9 and the number of gummies. 

  1. What Is The Shelf Life Of Delta 9 Gummies?

The shelf life of Delta 9 gummies depends on the kind of ingredients they contain. Usually, the gummies can last for up to 2 years if properly stored. After 2 years, the Delta 9 gummies begin to lose their potency. 

  1. What Is The Best Place To Store Delta 9 Gummies?

A dark, calm, dry corner of your home is the best place to store your pack of Delta 9 gummies. This can be the fridge or a cabinet in your bedroom. 

  1. How Long Does Delta 9 Stay In Your System?

Delta 9 can be detected in your blood for up to 12 hours. In urine, the cannabinoid can be detected for up to a month or even longer. Delta 9 can be detected in your hair for up to 90 days. 

Where to find the best Delta 9 Products?

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Takeaway - Can You Overdose On Delta 9 Gummies

Gummies take longer to act on the body than other Delta 9 products. You’ll likely feel the effects of your dose of Delta 9 gummies after a certain amount of time because they need to be digested first. Therefore, don’t get impatient because of the onset time and overdose on Delta 9 gummies, as it may cause you to experience adverse effects.