Can You Reuse Whizzinator Synthetic Urine?

Can You Reuse Whizzinator Synthetic Urine

Using synthetic urine for your next drug test evaluation is one yucky yet very clever way to pass it. It’s not like you could sacrifice your freedom for as little as a few joints during the week, so stocking up on some fake pee is one way to have a ticket out of trouble. 

Like all products available online, and when your life depends on it, you should purchase your baggy of fake urine from a reputable manufacturer. This may directly influence the longevity of your golden flask or guarantee the buddies at the lab won’t detect that it’s actually fake urine. 

However, those who know this trick already and have the police closing in on their trail might have a few jugs of fake pee lying around the house. But, can you use it more than once, and does it spoil once you reheat it for examination? Continue below to find out more on fake pee and if it works! 

What is the Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator is synthetic urine, pouch, and fake penis kit created as a sex toy but most often used to pass drug tests. It comes with an attached prosthetic penis that you can whip out of your underwear if the police officers insist on following you to the bathroom.

The Whizzinator stays in place and takes to the belt that goes around your waist and legs. It also has an inflatable pouch secured on the belt, filled with synthetic urine. The device is often used by marijuana smokers who want to escape the deadly claws of drug testing, and the best part about it is that you can wear it all the time. Especially when you know, an evaluation is coming. 

The belt around your waist is also made of elastic cotton, which means you can wear it for a longer period without getting uncomfortable. It also comes with two leg straps and a lifelike penis, available in any and all colors. To keep things toasty, you’ll also require heating pads or hand warmers. 

Most customers pretend that they purchase the Whizzinator as a sex toy, and although it can be used as such, most of them carry fake penis and fake urine to pass a drug test. However, you should also be careful with the product, as trying to cheat a drug test can result in dire legal actions. 

So to put it lightly, each Whizzinator kit comes with: 

  • Straps for each leg
  • Belt 
  • Heating pads 
  • 1 vial of synthetic urine 
  • Syringe 
  • Instructions manual 

Does the Whizzinator Synthetic Urine Work?

There are cases where the Whizzinator has helped many customers pass their drug test; however, there are other cases where they ended up in court. The product is mostly trusted by teenagers who simply want to fool their parents into passing a drug test. 

The Whizzinator will work if the test is a cheaper, regular version as the fake pee that comes out proves real and will work for and provide a negative drug test. However, governmental, expensive tests meant for soldiers will most likely get you caught. If the testee gets caught trying to cheat the test it could lead to even more legal trouble and even prosecution. 

Most of the Whizzinators and other synthetic urine kits have urine powder which proves helpful when diluted with water. It has the same odor and looks as regular urine, and the temperature will depend on the heat pads and the temperature level of the water you used before mixing it up. 

Can You Reuse Whizzinator Synthetic Urine

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

Like all products available online, you should purchase your synthetic urine from reputable brands like the Whizzinator. It states that their fake pee can last up to two whole years, regardless of how many times the fake urine has been reheated or cooled off. 

Most synthetic urine products have an expiration date listed on the packaging, or it can be written in codes. Whichever it is, it should be included within the instruction manual. However, fake urine can last a longer period if you keep it safe from external factors like sunlight, oxygen, and extreme conditions. 

If you plan on reheating it more than once, don’t do it in the microwave. Keep in mind that although the quickest way, the microwave destroys most of the key ingredients the lab dudes need to detect to determine whether the pee is real or not. So, if you plan on reusing the fake urine more than once, make sure to heat it using heat pads. 

Can You Reuse Whizzinator Synthetic Urine?

If you’ve already transformed the fake pee from the syringe, you might need to use the heat pads to maintain its freshness. Thanks to the heat pads that come with the Whizzinator, you can reheat the same syringe of synthetic pee as much as you want. As long as the pee is not taken for detection, you’re free to heat it as many times as you need. 

Just don’t do it in the microwave.  

Can You Reuse Whizzinator Synthetic Urine: Bottom Line 

The Whizzinator is one superb way to pass a drug test without anyone giving a second thought. With its realistic construction, lifelike odor-filled synthetic urine, belt, and leg straps, you can be asked to take a drug test anywhere, and you’ll be prepared to do so right away. 

The best part about it is that the urine can be reheated as many times you want, but once it’s taken for testing, you should consider buying another syringe or fake urine powder. Make sure to wear it only if you have to, and you suspect trouble. 

The new edition, the Whizzard is even better at performing tricks, coming equipped with a deflatable pouch which you can fill with as much fake urine as you please! 

With the Whizzinator, you get one free sex toy and an excellent drug-test-passer kit in one! 

Can You Reuse Whizzinator Synthetic Urine

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