CBD Choice | Bringing Transparency to CBD Online 

CBD Choice
CBD Choice is a company that offers the best CBD products online at affordable prices. With over thirty brands on their website bringing quality CBD products to their consumers is their priority. Their mission statement is to, “Offer effective, accessible, and affordable CBD products to users of all backgrounds and needs.” This innovative brand looks to reinvent the industry by offering only the best CBD online that is priced better than anywhere else. We were fortunate enough to speak with the CBD Choice team about the history of the brand, what they offer customers, and where they are going from here.

About CBD Choice

CBD Choice started four years ago to change the way people saw CBD and to provide transparency into the market. The brands’ team had been avid CBD users and felt there was a lot to improve on within the space. They said, “We decided to get into the business because we wanted to offer transparency into the market. And offer people a place where they can trust the products that they purchase.”
CBD Choice
The CBD Choice team sought to provide products that offer true quality and safety. Many companies have attempted to swindle customers, with false CBD products, and that isn’t their style. They explained, “[We] think it’s really important that all vendors - not just us- in the CBD space try to clean up that reputation and make sure we’re honest and good to our consumer base.” That is why they have every company that is featured on their website go through rigorous third-party testing. This is to make sure that the company’s claims hold up and that they are safe for their customers.
CBD Choice
Fast forward four years and they now offer some amazing CBD brands such as Mary’s Nutritionals, Koi CBD, GoGreen Hemp, and many more. Brands like Mary’s Nutritionals dive into not only CBD wellness but also skincare. With popular products like their Hemp Infused Massage Oil and Muscle Freeze, it is no wonder CBD Choice features them on their site.  If you’re looking to buy CBD online in any form, CBD Choice has got you covered. They don’t just want to sell you a product though, their team wants to make sure you’re informed throughout your shopping experience.

CBD Education 

Becoming educated on CBD is important whether you’re new to this space or if you’ve been a user for years. This industry is always changing and we are always learning more about the amazing properties of the hemp plant. That’s why CBD Choice has created a Learning Center for their customers to get information.
CBD Choice
Anything cannabis or hemp related can be found on this part of their website. They feel this is vital information for anyone to have and can help you decide which products are right for you. They added, “There’s stigma [around] the CBD space in general. It’s difficult to come across reliable information about CBD products. We wanted to be able to educate our customers to know exactly what they want to buy.” CBD Choice believes helping its customers in any way they can is important, which is why once you receive your purchase from CBD Choice an informational pamphlet is also provided with your purchase. But education isn’t the only way they give back to customers.

Giving Back to Customers and More to Come

CBD Choice goes above and beyond to take care of their customers to let them know they are appreciated. For one, they offer some of the best prices in the industry for people to buy CBD online. That is due to the partnerships they create with the brands themselves. But what good are amazing prices if it takes weeks to reach your front door? CBD Choice knows that waiting for shipments can be frustrating so they offer same-day shipping. That means that no matter where you are in the U.S. you’ll receive your package within 5 days. Once you open your package you might be surprised to see some extra goodies inside. CBD Choice throws in customized free samples into every purchase and sometimes even promotional items like t-shirts. They explained, “If the customer buys some kind of topical, we put in a small package of a different topical. That way they don’t have to commit to buying it, they can just try it via their sample. If they like it they can come back and purchase it.”
CBD Choice
This is to say thank you and also to help you discover more amazing products that they believe you will enjoy. CBD Choice knows that the little touches matter and want to provide their customers with the best experience possible. Through there upcoming mobile app, they strive to facilitate their customer’s CBD products search on their site. The team is also adding new brands within the next six months that will introduce cool products that explore more than CBD. The team said, “Were going to start emphasizing a bit more on other cannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant. CBN, CBA, etc. It’s going beyond CBD and will be the full spectrum of health benefits from the hemp plant.” CBD Choice takes into account what their customers say and may even use it to help them decide what brands are featured. “We keep communication open for people to call us just to chat about CBD products. We really take what our customers tell us about what we should be looking out for next to feature on our platform that’s going to satisfy as many people as possible,” they explained. The team at CBD Choice is like no other due to their appreciation for customers and passion for the industry. If you are looking to buy high-quality CBD products online then you need to take a look at CBD Choice. For an even better price, you can use our coupon code “SLYNG20” for 20% off your entire order with no exclusions!