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Dabbing has become a popular method of consuming marijuana due to how potent and how quickly you feel the effects of THC. It usually takes 1-2 dab hits to get what you would get in 5-6 good bong hits. Dabbing is also popular because dabs are virtually odorless and they are more discreet than flower smoking.

For smoking concentrates, you need a dab rig. A dab rig is like a bong, with a few different features and it is the most important part to dabbing. Are you new to dabbing and want a quality dab rig that won't break the bank? You're in luck! here are some of the best dab rigs you can get for under $100!

What is a dab rig?

dab rig

If you're a cannabis enthusiast, you've probably heard of dab rigs. But what exactly are they? Dab rigs are basically mini oil rigs, they're used to smoke concentrates, or dabs. They are small and compact, ideal for discreet use and they also require some additional accessories like a dab tool, carb cap, and blow torch.

Dab rigs typically consist of three main components: the nail, the dab rig, and the torch. The nail is usually made of titanium or quartz, and is heated with a torch to temperatures of around 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The dab rig is basically just a water pipe - it filters and cools the vapor before it's inhaled. And finally, the torch is used to heat up the nail to the necessary temperature.

How to use a dab rig

Dab rigs are very similar to using a bong, with the main difference being the heat source and the bowlpieces. Dabs are placed on a nail (bowlpiece for a dab rig), which is then heated up by a blow torch. This produces a vapor that is inhaled through the dab rig.

Best dab rigs under $100

Now that we've covered what a dab rig is and how to use one, let's go over what makes the most affordable and best dab rig.

iDab Henny Bottle Oil Rig

The iDab Henny Bottle Oil Rig is a one of kind and unique design, made to look like a Henny bottle. The wide body allows for plenty of room for filtration and the mouthpiece makes it perfectly comfortable for easy pulling. They don't glass dab rigs like this, with thick glass and a beautiful designed logo.

iDab has perfected the dab rig with this piece, a perfect first dab rig or a reliable one you can add to your collection. This isn't found in just any online headshop.


  • Price: $87.99
  • Materials: borosilicate glass
  • Pros: Durable, reliable, and easy to use.
  • Cons: the distance between the mouthpiece and nail might cause the heat to hit your face.

The Kube Silicone Dab Rig by PieceMaker

The Kube by PieceMaker is a silicone dab rig that is designed to for the roughest of conditions. The stainless steel plate in the bottom is perfect for optimal stability and it prevents gunk buildup. The rest of the dab rig is constructed from food grade silicone that is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

It is equipped with a L-shaped silicone downstem that features PieceMakers Hex-TEK high percolator technology. This technology consist of multiple, specifically arranged hexagon shaped diffuser holes that allow the air to swirl at a much more rapid pace and therefor create a lot more bubbles for a much cooler and smoother hit.


  • Price: $62.99
  • Materials: Removable stainless steel base
    Kontainer that conveniently sits on top of the Kube
    Dab tool
    Removable, ergonomic mouthpiece
    Exclusive Kube quartz banger with frosted PieceMaker “DoubleDove” logo
    Brand new L-shaped downstem
    Built-in splash guard
  • Pros: built in container for concentrates, convenient place to place dab tool, built in splashguard.
  • Cons: metal steel base can be hard to remove at times.

Ball Rig

Simply named "Ball Rig" this beautiful dab rig is a work of art that will not only make for a better smoking experience. Smoke goes through the ball through the fused tube straight into a seed of life percolator before getting percolated again by the blue ball.

It is also easy to smoke out of and get smooth hits with its wide base and wide mouthpiece. You'll never want to smoke out of anything else ever again.


  • Price: $90.00
  • Materials: high quality borosilicate glass
  • Pros: cool spectacle when you smoke.
  • Cons: not enough online reviews

GRAV® Milk Carton Dab Rig

This piece is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also a great piece to add to your collection. Arguably one of the most complex portable dab rigs you will ever see, you will take pride in smoking out of one of these.

The open body allows for plenty of diffusions, while the narrow opening at the spout of the carton prevents splashback. Part of this complete breakfast with your milk.


  • Price: $70.00
  • Materials: Schott borosilicate artistic glass.
  • Pros: Beautiful design
  • Cons: sold out.

Eyce Sidecar

The Eyce Sidecar truly breaks the barrier between glass and silicone and sets the stage for the perfect silicone sidecar rig for sale on the market. The rotating neck allows users to adjust their rig to best fit.

The Eyce Sidecar is the perfect starter dab rig, it's durable, portable, and it requires very little maintenance. Eyce Molds is also a very reputable brand and you can fall in love with any of their dab rigs.


  • Price: $72.99
  • Materials: Silicone dab rigs
  • Pros: dab tool holder, small and compact.
  • Cons: hard to clean.


This dab rig is the most unique one on this list. Made by local Orange County glass blowers, this dab rig is crafted beautifully and features a martini glass ceramic body, a wide mouthpiece and a wide nail.

The creature in the middle just adds to the novelty of the dab rig and the price is unmatched. This new dab rig is perfect for dabbing with your friends.


  • Price: $34.98
  • Materials: ceramic glass dab rigs
  • Pros: unique, one of a kind dab rig
  • Cons: Local glass blowers, limited supply.

Eyce Rig II

The Eyce Rig II provides the same durability of the original with new upgrades promising the coolest rips possible. Now with a heat resistant 10mm glass collar protecting the silicone from any possible damage, while the incredible titanium nail creates rich vapor for an ultimate session. The new designed reinforced the stem cap and chamber for added stability.

With five convenient tool slots, including a slot the new upgraded 10mm Carb Cap which is sold separately, the Eyce Rig II is a well executed design which lets you take anything you need with you in one convenient place.


  • Price: $49.99
  • Materials: silicone rig
  • Pros: durable, titanium nail.
  • Cons: hard to clean

Where to get the best dab rigs under $100?

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Cheap dab rigs - Final Thoughts

Dab rigs that don't break the bank but provide the best smoking experience are a smokers best friend. With any dab rig on this list, you'll get a great experience and you'll have everything you need to start dabbing.

Remember to do your research and master the art of dabbing before using a dab rig, as there are risks if you don't properly know how to use a dab rig.