Do dab pens (Dabbing) stay in your system longer than flower?


Dabbing or inhaling cannabis concentrate has been a popular way to ingest cannabis due to how potent, easy, and discretion the product. Most smokers will use a dab rig to dab due to the rig's ability to withstand the extreme heat needed to melt and vaporize the concentrate.

But what a lot of smokers use nowadays that makes dabbing easier than ever is the use of a dab pen. Dab pens are small, pen-like devices that have all you need to dab your concentrates. Since it is so compact, it is the perfect way to dab on the go.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important things one considers when smoking or dabbing, will the THC metabolites show up in your system? Which method stays in your system longer? Can drug tests detect THC in dabs better than flower? We will be answering all these questions and more, so stay tuned and keep reading!

What are dab pens?


Dab pens are small, battery-powered devices that heats up and vaporize concentrates, the same way dab rigs do. The main difference is that dab pens heat up with the push of a button and don't need a blow torch to heat up the concentrate.

Similar to vape pens, you can take these anywhere you go and take hits as you go through your day. All you need to do is add your favorite concentrate, close the mouthpiece, press the button and inhale. After that, you're done.

What is dab concentrate?

Dab concentrate is extracted THC from the cannabis plant which makes for a more potent and stronger version of the drug. Dabs are up to three times stronger than cannabis flowers and are easier to consume.

Dabs are also less smelly and don't leave a lingering odor so it is preferred for those that don't like the smell. People prefer dabbing over flower for this reason alone.

Does concentrate stay in your system longer than flower?

How long THC metabolites stay in your system varies depending, it all depends on how much THC you smoke, your body mass index, what you use to consume marijuana, and your amount of physical activity.


Frequent users find that they have the most THC content in their system due to how often THC is consumed. It makes sense, the more you do it, the more you're going to have. A heavy user will most likely fail a drug test and have to completely withdraw from the drug for at least a month to fully get rid of the THC in their system.

Body Metabolism

Your body fat also affects how long THC metabolites stay in your system. When THC is released in your body, they cling on to fat cells and stay on. So if you have a lot of body fat, THC will stick to you longer, if you have less for it to stay on, THC won't hang on as long.

Physical Activity

Similar to body fat, the exercise burns fat and calories so you're less likely to detect THC in someone who does a lot of physical activity. It all depends on the user's metabolism and how they process their fat, but the more you work out, the less chance THC has to stay in your system.

All in all, dab concentrates contain a lot more THC than flower so more gets released in your body when you dab. This means that the chances of finding THC in your system from dabbing are greater than with flower, thus answering the question of if dab concentrate from dab pens stays in your system faster than cannabis flower.

Does Dabbing show up on drug tests?

To answer this question, you will need to know what type of test you are taking to determine. If you're doing hair testing, urine tests, blood tests, or saliva tests. Most companies will use either urine or saliva tests as they are the easiest to administer but other methods have also been used.

Hair, urine, and blood test all detect THC metabolites thoroughly and can easily find it in your system. With vaping cannabis, you are 100% likely to fail a drug test without detox kits or stopping use. A Marijuana drug test is highly sensitive and can detect even the smallest hints of THC.

With a saliva test, the use of THC might not be detected if you stop smoking marijuana 24 hours before the test. They are the easiest to pass and even frequent and heavy users can get away with smoking. You will have an easier time passing a drug screen with a saliva test.

Where to find dab pens?

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Do Dab pens stay in your system longer - Final Thoughts

Dab pens and dabbing has made a huge jump in popularity due to how potent it is. Just remember to enjoy responsibly and prepare for any repercussions of the high amount of THC in dab concentrates.

Dab pens have also changed how you smoke, providing a compact, convenient, and efficient way to dab on the go. Dabbing is the way of the future.

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