Do Edibles Show Up On Drug Tests?

drug tests

Marijuana edibles are food items containing cannabis or cannabis. They are a great way to get high, especially if you are new to marijuana. It is easy to double-dose on edibles because they take around 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. So, it is advisable to wait for around 2 hours after taking the first dose before taking another.

If you are not sure about taking an edible because you might undergo a drug test, then it is important for you to know how long THC stays in your body system. Drug tests don't have to be your worst enemy if you know your way around it.

How long Does THC stay in your system?

drug tests

THC from weed edibles will show up during a drug test. But the timeframe for detection does not depend on how you consume THC. Whether you smoke marijuana or consume edibles, your system removes THC in the same manner. The major factor that determines the detection timeframe of THC in your body is the dosage that you consume.

THC is stored in the fat cells, so it takes longer for the body to process it. Also, it stays for a longer period of time. The more cannabis you use, the more THC buildup you have in your fat cells.

The body breaks THC down at a steady rate. But if you keep taking more before the body can break down the ones in your system, then the amount in the body will continue to increase. So, when you eventually stop taking it, the body has a large amount to break down, and this causes it to be detectable for a long period of time.

The timeframe within which THC can be detected also depends on what is being tested. Drug tests can vary, generally, urine, blood, hair, or saliva can be tested.

How Long Do Edibles Show Up on Urine Drug Tests?

The most common method for testing for THC is a pee test. Unfortunately, the detection timeframe is quite large. If you are a new user or you take edibles around three times a week, then it can be detected in your urine three days after your last dose. But if you use it around four times a week, the timeframe becomes five to seven days after your most recent dosage.

If you are eating edibles every day, they can show up in urine drug tests 10–15 days after. This is a long period of time, but it is only for people that use it once a day. For those that take edibles multiple times daily, the timeframe can be up to 30 days or even more.

How Long Do Edibles Show Up on Blood Drug Tests?

A more direct way of testing for THC is through blood drug tests. As a result, they have a shorter half life than urine tests. This method is usually used when testing for recent use of marijuana.

The timeframe for detecting THC in the blood is usually around 1–2 days. However, frequent use will also increase the timeframe for detection.

If you take an edible once, then a blood test can only detect it within a day. But consuming edibles multiple times a day at high dosages can increase the timeframe up to 25 days.

How Long Edibles Show Up on Saliva Drug Tests?

Saliva tests are not a very accurate method to test for the use of THC. In fact, it is possible that if you test your saliva a few hours after taking edibles, you will not test positive.

To be safe, take the detection timeframe as being between 1 and 3 days. This is the timeframe for which THC remains in the saliva of occasional cannabis smokers. For more frequent smokers, it can stay in their saliva for up to 29 days.

How Long Edibles Show Up on Hair Drug Tests?

When you take edibles, the THC can be detected in your hair for up to three months after the last dose. However, hair testing is an uncommon method because urine tests are easier and show recent usage.

Hair tests are usually used when checking for drug abstinence during clinical trials and similar conditions. Cannabis is detectable for long periods in your hair, even for occasional users. This is another reason why urine drug tests are preferable.

How Long Does It Take Your Body to Process Edibles?

When you take an edible, it goes to your digestive system. As your body body processes edibles, cannabis goes to the liver, where it converts delta-9 THC into 11-hydroxy THC. Once this happens, it gives you a more intense high than what you would get from smoking cannabis.

This is the main difference between taking edibles and smoking. The process of digesting the edible takes a while, so it can take around two hours after consumption before you start feeling high. While smoking marijuana or vaping allows THC to reach the bloodstream immediately and affects you within five minutes.

Chocolate edibles and candies work more quickly than baked edibles. The reason is that they can melt in your mouth and so allow the THC to reach the bloodstream faster. There are also other factors, such as whether you are taking it on a full or empty stomach.

You should also know that the high from edibles lasts significantly longer than that from smoking. When you smoke cannabis, the effects last around 1–4 hours. With edibles, you can feel the effects for close to 12 hours.

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Do Edibles Show Up On Drug Tests? - Final thoughts

The THC from edibles will show up in tests. But unless you are a frequent user, it should not show up 3-5 days after the last dosage. However, if you take edibles more frequently, there is nothing you can do to remove them from your body.

If you are going to undergo a urine test, you will need around a month before you are completely clear. For blood and saliva drug tests, they will be unable to detect THC after a couple of days. But if you are going to take a hair test, then it is detectable for up to three months.

So, it could be helpful to watch your edible dosage. This would help you clear your system before the test, and it is unlikely that you would have surprise drug tests.