Does CBD Flower Get You High?


There are so many cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and more are being discovered daily. The most popular cannabinoids are Delta 9, Delta 8, and CBD. Many people prefer using the products of these cannabinoids. However, some people are still hesitant to use their products because they don’t know much about cannabinoids. 

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about one of the most common cannabinoids CBD and its product, CBD flower, how it works, if it makes you feel high, and the onset time for its effects. Let’s dive right into it! 

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What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the many active chemical compounds found in hemp plants, and it is also one of the most well-known cannabinoids out of the hundreds of cannabinoids in hemp plants. It’s a non-psychoactive substance that is less potent than THC. This compound affects almost every human organ, from your brain and heart to your skin. It also has many medical uses, including anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties. 

CBD and THC are present in all types of hemp plants but in different quantities; on average, hemp plant contains 12% THC and less than 0.15% of CBD. CBD does not bind with cannabinoid receptors of the brain hence less psychoactive effects. 

However, CBD is not an intoxicating substance but relieves anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. This cannabinoid is sold in the form of various products, such as:

  • Gummies
  • Oils
  • Distillates
  • Tinctures
  • Flower

Can CBD  Flower Make You High?

What Is The Difference Between THC And THCV

The CBD flower comes from the dried buds of the hemp plants. Consuming or using this CBD flower will not create psychoactive and intoxicating effects, nor will it make you feel high, unlike the THC cannabinoid, which is responsible for making you feel high when you smoke marijuana. The only effects you will experience after consuming this flower is pain-relief, anxiety relief, and a sense of calm and peace without any intoxication or a feeling of disorientation. 

Some brands like to add a bit of THC into their CBD products for their customers that want to enjoy the pain-relieving effects of the CBD cannabinoid but also feel that slight buzzing high of THC. 

How To Find The Best Quality CBD Flower?

If you want a good experience with CBD flowers, you must purchase them from a place that sells them in good quality. This is because the quality of a product can affect the experience that you have with that product. Here are some factors you should consider when looking for the right CBD flowers. They include:

  • Brand Reputation

To get your hands on a good quality CBD flower or any CBD product, you must purchase it from a brand with a good reputation. A brand’s reputation says a lot about its products; if a brand has a good reputation, its products must be of good quality. 

There are many ways you find out about a brand’s reputation, such as by visiting their social media pages, website pages and even reading through the customer reviews regarding their products. With the help of customer reviews, you can find out what customers think about a brand’s products, if they like them, and if they’re worth spending money on or not. 

This is why you should always make sure to do some research and find out about a brand’s reputation before deciding to purchase its products. No one would want to buy CBD products from a brand that doesn’t have a good reputation.  

  • COA (Certificate Of Analysis)

A COA is a document containing information about a brand's products, its legality status, and if the products contain THC and how much it contains. It also contains third-party test reports that mention what ingredients have been used during the manufacturing of the products and if there are any unknown chemicals and substances present in the products that could be harmful to consume or use.  

When purchasing CBD products from any store, you must check their COA first for your health and safety. Every business, brand, and store that sells cannabinoid products should own a COA. If a brand doesn’t own a COA, it’s best to avoid purchasing products. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Shelf Life Of CBD Flower?

The shelf life of CBD flowers is 2 years if it remains unused; after 2 years, they will start to degrade and lose their potency and flavor. Once you start using the CBD flower, it will only last for a good few weeks before starting to degrade. 

  1. How many hits of CBD flower should you smoke?

Due to its quick effects, 3 puffs of CBD flower should be sufficient for you, depending on your tolerance levels. However, this won’t make you feel high. 

  1. What Is The Cost Of CBD Flowers?

CBD flower can cost anywhere from $40-$150, depending on where you purchase it. 

  1. How long does CBD stay in your system?

Depending on how often you consume CBD, it can stay in your system for up to 5 days. However. if you’re someone who only consumes CBD once in a while, it can stay in your system for less than 24 hours. 

  1. Does CBD Make You Fail A Drug Test?

CBD can’t make you feel a drug test because it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects, and it doesn’t contain THC. Most drug tests are designed to detect traces of THC in our bodies. 

Where to find the best CBD products?

The best CBD products aren't just available just anywhere. Manufacturers everywhere will claim they have CBD products but be wary of companies cutting corners and making false claims about their products.

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The Final Verdict - Can CBD Flower Make You Feel High?

The CBD cannabinoid, generally, can’t provide psychoactive or intoxicating effects that will make you feel high. However, when you consume or smoke CBD flower, you will feel a sense of peace and calm, and the product will provide you with pain-relieving, stress, and anxiety-relieving effects. If you want to experience the effects of CBD but also feel high, then some brands provide CBD products mixed with THC.