Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Bongs?

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Bongs

Bongs can get dirty quickly. Cleaning and making them look brand new and shiny can be hard work. If you love pipes or bong (who doesn't?) and are looking for ways to clean them, we have some really handy tips for you.

Why Do Bongs Get Dirty?

As we smoke the flower, it burns, and tiny dark tar-like substances reach every nook and corner of the bong. These particles make the whole apparatus look old and dirty. Furthermore, if you don't regularly change the water, the bowl smells pretty bad. Besides, the little resins also clog up the pipe making the whole experience unsatisfying.

So basically, using glass to smoke grass will eventually lead to the bong getting dirty. But you don't have to worry much because there's one little solution to all this, and this is to give your bong a basic cleanup every once in a while.

What Are the Different Ways to Clean a Bong?

If you have been using your bong for a while and it needs a bit of cleaning, try the following home remedies to make your bong look brand new. What's good is that you are halfway there if you have basic everyday essentials in the cabinet under your sink. If not, you'll need to buy some stock.

Clean A Bong Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Yep, hydrogen peroxide does the job really well. Also known as bleach, it's a potent chemical used (and is excellent) for laundry and sometimes used in place of dish soap. Smokers use hydrogen peroxide to clean their bowls and pipes.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Bongs
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How to Clean a Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide

Before you begin, here's what you should do - put rubber gloves on as the chemical can damage the skin when made contact with. So before the solution makes contact with your skin, make sure it's protected with gloves. Gloves will also keep the peculiar odor of hydrogen peroxide away.

The Steps to Clean Glass Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide

Let the cleaning process begin by figuring out the loose parts of the bong and removing anything that can/should be removed.

Step One: Fill the bong with hydrogen peroxide. But, of course, the bigger your bong is, the more chemicals you'd have to use.

Step Two: Let the cleaning agent sit for a while.

Step Three: When the bowl is full of hydrogen peroxide, use your hands to cover the openings and give the thing a hard shake. Make sure that you've covered all the openings before you shake hard the cleaning solution inside the bowl.

Step Four: If you still see parts of resin stuck anywhere inside, you can use an old brush to get rid of them. Or you can also add a bit of Epsom salt, coarse salt, or even fresh salt to hydrogen peroxide and allow it to mix before you shake again.

If all stains aren't correctly removed by the steps mentioned above and the bowl still seems a little dirty, allow the cleaning agent to sit inside the bowl for a few hours.

Still dirty? If these steps still don't do the magic and the glass bong is not squeaky clean, it's time for another round. First, pour all of the hydrogen peroxide solution into the sink to empty the glass bong. Then, fill your glass bowl with hydrogen peroxide once again, all the way to the top, and let it rest for about 12 hours (overnight).

Step Five: Rinse your glass bong thoroughly using warm water when all the stains are gone, and you see a clean bong. You can also use hot water but make sure that it isn't boiling water because boiling water can potentially cause a thermal shock and break the glass.

Once you're done rinsing the glass bong using warm or hot water, allow it to dry completely.

After it's completely dry, use a Q tip to reach the hard-to-reach areas of your bong so that it becomes moisture-free.

And that's it; the dirty bong is now clean. I hope this was easy enough and you had fun cleaning a glass piece. Now let's move on the cleaning another glass piece, i.e., your glass pipe.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Bongs
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How to Clean a Glass Pipe with Hydrogen Peroxide

Glass pipes come in all shapes and sizes, but cleaning a glass pipe might well be slightly trickier as they carry more build-up resin. A glass pipe has smaller air channels as compared to a bong. But there's nothing to worry about- let's clean a glass pipe; let's get started.

Before starting, find a sealable bag or maybe a container in which your glass pipe can easily fit. The idea is to submerge the glass pipe in hydrogen peroxide, so find a bag or a container accordingly.

The Steps to Clean a Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide

Step One: Gather your cleaning solutions and your bong. You will need about one teaspoon of salt in hydrogen peroxide. Again, it can be either rock salt, Epsom salt, or even coarse salt and the reason for using salt is that it acts as a scrubber and helps get rid of the build-up resin comparatively quickly.

Step Two: let the pipe sit in the mixture for about 12 hours. Allowing the pipe to rest overnight will help hydrogen peroxide dissolve all the visible dirt.

Step Three: The following morning (or 12ish hours later), your glass pipe looks a lot cleaner. Give the bag a nice shake so that pipe will get rid of the residual resin. However, if you're using a container, do not follow this step as there would be a fat chance of breaking the pipe.

Step Four: When the pipe looks clean and shiny, take it out from the bag or the container and rinse it using warm water. If you still see some stains, repeat the process.

Or you can always use a Q tip to remove the resin or visible stains.

That's it? Yep, that's pretty much it. All you have to do is allow the pipe to completely dry before it's ready for the next smoking session.

A Tip When Cleaning Your Bong:

It's always a good idea to clean your bong and pipe after a while, or else the resin will start building up, and eventually, you'll have to start the cleaning session from the top. Also, making sure that the tools are clean would make your smoking sessions a lot more fresh and satisfying because otherwise, the next smoking session will taste a bit nasty.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Bongs
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What are Other Ways to Clean Bongs and Pipes?

Other simple ways of cleaning the tools are as follows:

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

One of the simplest and the most popular ways to clean the bong is using rubbing isopropyl alcohol and some salt. As mentioned above, rubbing isopropyl alcohol will dissolve the visible resin, while salt will act as a scrubber. Rinse it, and you're done.

Baking Soda

Sure, you can clean a bong using baking soda. All you have to do is wash the bong using boiling water and once the resin starts getting loose, apply baking soda all over the inside area of the bong. Allow it to rest overnight and rinse it the next day, and you can easily remove the stains.

Store-Bought Piece Water

Another way to clean a bong is using Piece Water. All you have to do is to fill the bong using it and allow it to rest for a while. Shake it and rinse using water, and you'll have a resin-free bong, just like you used to. Of course, cleaning glass was never this easy.

Other Home Remedies

Other home remedies for cleaning a bong include lemon juice, and of course, you might have pipe cleaners around you that do the job equally well.

So, Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Bongs?

It might be obvious after reading this article, but yes, hydrogen peroxide does clean a bong. It can clean a pipe quite well. Although it does take a while for the solution to work, it is an effective method for cleaning a bong. If you are in a rush, this method probably isn't the best for you. Overall, hydrogen peroxide will do the job, but it just takes a while.

So, when your bong starts to smell pretty bad, whip out that hydrogen peroxide and let that bad boy soak. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry to ensure it is clean of the solution. Happy smoking!