Does Resin Get You Higher Than Weed?

Does Resin Get You Higher Than Weed

If smoking weed is something you do often, you have probably already tried smoking weed resin, and so have most people. Whether you were just curious if you can smoke resin, or maybe you needed to smoke, but was out of weed. Either way, your curiosity is normal. Now, is smoking weed resin worth bragging about? Most definitely not. But, does it come in handy from time to time? The answer is yes.

It does come in handy because if you are out of weed supplies, it gets the job done. However, smoking only sticky resin is something we don't recommend. But, people will add resin with weed if they are in desperate need of more. This poses the question: does resin get you higher than weed? In this article, we will talk about resin, smoking it, and more, so make sure to stick around.

What is Resin?

Resin is a sticky, non-soluble organic component generated by weed plants or that tar-like coating that accumulates in pipes, hookahs, bongs, and other glass tools after prolonged use and smoking weed.

In other words, it is the residue of the burning cannabis flower. However, don't expect it to appear immediately as it takes quite a few smoking weed sessions to build up there. So, if you've smoked weed for a while from the same pipe, you do have pipe resin.

This weed resin is rather sticky and honestly speaking, it is quite nasty. Its main components are tar, ash, and carbon - not appetizing at all!

Now, you may have heard of the term live resin. These two shouldn't get confused, as the live resin is a solvent-based concentrate that comes from fresh cannabis plants and is not the byproduct of smoking weed. The live resin may contain high levels of THC, even up to 95%.

Does Resin Have THC?

First things first, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant.

So, yes, smoke resin, pipe resin, weed resin, or whatever you want to call it, does contain THC. However, these are residual THC, meaning that the THC resin levels are minimal.

The residual THC does taste harsh given that it contains more tar than any other components. And there is certainly more THC in weed than there is in resin. Of course, this is true if you're referring to the weed's residual, rather than hash.

On the other hand, the natural resin that's a product of the cannabis plant also contains other cannabinoids such as terpenes. These are substances that bind with the endocannabinoid system to assist control of a variety of functions such as mood, hunger, excitement, and inflammation.

Does Resin Get You Higher Than Weed
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Does Smoking Resin Get You Higher Than Weed?

The direct answer is no. The weed resin contains residual THC, which is minimal THC, therefore, it can not get you higher than smoking weed.

If you combine the sticky resin with some weed stash, you will definitely get high. However, while smoking resin on its own will get you high as well, it is very bad for you and your health.

Upsides to Smoking Resin

If you were hoping that you were gonna find an acceptable and positive answer to the question" is smoking resin bad?", we will have to let you down.

Residual resin smoking is bad, as you're smoking tar. Therefore, the only upside to smoking leftover resin is that it will get you high if you don't have enough stash to smoke weed on its own.

Downsides to Smoking Resin

Speaking of downsides to smoking resin, well, there are quite a few:

  • It is bad for your health.
  • It tastes bad.
  • It may cause a headache.
  • Sore throat is frequent.
  • You may experience difficulty breathing.

Cannabis Resin vs. Cannabis Plant

One of the main differences between smoking cannabis resin and weed is the temperature.

If you're thinking that all smoking is bad, you're right. But the main difference here is, smoking cannabis resin requires more heat than smoking clear weed, hence why it irritates the lungs and throat more. Moreover, it does contain more harmful components than any clear weed piece. While there is some THC in the resin, smoking tar is not a smart idea at all.

How to Get Resin Out of Your Pipe?

Before we answer your question about how to smoke weed resin, you will need to learn how to get resin out of your pipe.

If you have decided to smoke resin, this is what you should do. First things first, no matter what kind of pipe you have been using, if you have smoked weed for a longer time, it will contain cannabis resin.

Even if each pipe varies, the goal is the same - get the pipe resin out and prepare it for a smoke.

The steps will also depend on the kind of pipe you are using. For instance, if you are using a metal pipe, you may use a few tools to clear it out. This is simply because you don't have to be so careful given that damaging hard metal pipes is rather hard.

On the other hand, trying to clear the cannabis resin from your glass pipe requires a little bit more attention.

The best way to scrape pipe resin is to first warm the pipe. Once it's warm, you can easily scrap it out. And once that's done, you may want to start rubbing isopropyl alcohol over your hands, as the smell is incredibly strong.

Additionally, you can use isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol to dissolve the resin in your pipe. Let the alcohol evaporate and simply gather all the leftover resin. It would be easier later on the make a resin ball that you can later smoke.

Nevertheless, if you don't feel like cleaning leftover resin out of your pipe, consider getting a non-stick silicone pipe.

Does Resin Get You Higher Than Weed
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Materials Needed

To scrape pipe resin, you may use various materials, including:

  • Paper clip or a bobby pin
  • Smoker's multi-tool
  • Lighter
  • Parchment paper

Let's take a look at how you can use each of these materials to scrape pipe resin and finally get to smoke it.

Cleaning Guide Before You Smoke Resin

Speaking of pipe resin, you will need to clean your pipe or bong, regardless of whether you plan on smoking resin or not. To clean the THC, tar, ash, and everything else that the resin contains, you can do the following:

Paper Clip or Bobby Pin

No matter which one you choose, they will do their job. Adjust the clips to be able to scrape around the full surface of your pipe without any trouble. Scrape it thoroughly a few times and you are good to go.

Smoker's Multi-Tool

Buying a smoker's multi-tool just to get the resin out of your pipe is a bit excessive, but it surely does the job. When you think about it, some people even use hot knives, so this smoker's multi-tool isn't bad at all.


As we have said, weed resin is super sticky. And when it is warm, it gets even more sticky and stinky. Regardless, sometimes you really cannot get it out of your pipe if you don't warm it out first. However, if you do decide to go with the lighter extraction method, try to avoid getting the resin anywhere outside its intended place. It's really hard to clean it if it falls on clothes, carpet, or even if it touches your hands.

Parchment Paper

The parchment paper is where the weed resin should go once you extract it. Any non-stick disposable surface can do though, such as wax paper or gum paper.

Is Resin Better Than Weed?

The best way to smoke resin is to do it so rarely that you don't remember how smoking resin feels at all. The other alternative is - to never smoke resin! Simple as that!

We don't judge though - we have all been there. The bottom line is, desperate times call for desperate measures. Get your pipe, clear out the pipe resin, pack it up and light it up to get high with your smoking bud!

Just remember, there is a big difference between smoking resin and smoking weed. Therefore, make sure to do it as rarely as possible, so your respiratory system won't have to pay the price.