Does Sativa Make You Sleepy?


When you search for hemp products in the market, you’ll find labels such as ‘Sativa’ marked on them. Sativa denotes the type of hemp strain a hemp product belongs to. The hemp strain determines the types of cannabinoids and terpenes a product has. This controls what type of effects you can experience with a hemp-derived product. 

Can Sativa hemp-derived products make you sleepy? This article explores what effects Sativa strains have.

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What Is Sativa?

Benefits Of Sativa

You can identify a Sativa plant by its slender-like shape and finger-like leaves. These plants originate from hot, arid, and sunny regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia, western Asia, and Central America. Sativa plants are over 12 feet in height.

They take a long duration to form buds because of the hot and dry climate. Usually, these plants are rich in THC and have low CBD levels.

Famous Sativa strains include Durban Poison, Panama Red, and Sour Diesel.

Can Sativa Strains Make You Sleepy?

If you face trouble while relaxing during the night, you shouldn’t use a Sativa strain. Using products of this strain may make you feel more awake instead. How can Sativa strains make you feel more awake? A Sativa product works by inducing its effects on the mind rather than the whole body. 

When you use a Sativa product, you may experience a mind high but not a body high. A body high induces intoxicating effects all over the body, making you feel deeply relaxed. On the other hand, a mind high gives an energy boost, which may make you feel relieved from stress and happier.

Sativa strains contain high THC levels. This chemical compound is responsible for the mind high you may get from using a Sativa product. THC interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system by stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors CB1. 

When THC stimulates these receptors, it activates the serotonin system of our body. This activation leads to the increased production of the serotonin neurotransmitter. Serotonin plays a vital role in regulating various body functions such as sleep and mood. THC increases serotonin production in your body, because of which you begin to feel a euphoric high.

What Are The Effects Of A Sativa Strain?

A Sativa product may give you the following therapeutic effects:

  1. Creativity Boost

Are you unable to solve a complex problem and running out of ideas? Sativa may help to open your mind and expand your creativity by allowing you to formulate better ideas.

  1. Broaden The Mind

Sativa strains may help to clear and expand your mind. These effects may enable you to reflect deeply on what you’ve learned from your or others' past experiences.

  1. Energy Boost

When a person feels lazy, it can get in the way of their productivity. Using a Sativa product, you may get a power drive to help you overcome tiredness during the day. 

  1. Improve Mood

Don’t feel motivated to work during the day? A Sativa product may help to make you feel better by inducing a euphoric high.

  1. Enhance Concentration

Stress can harm productivity by distracting you from focusing on your daily tasks. A Sativa strain may help to improve your focus by removing tension from your mind.  

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How Can You Take Sativa Products?

You can find Sativa products in different forms in local and online dispensaries. These include:

  1. Vape Carts, Joints, Blunts

Do you prefer smoking hemp over other consumption methods? You can use vape carts, joints, and blunts to enjoy the intoxicating effects of Sativa. These products have an onset duration of around 5 to 15 minutes. They kick in the fastest because the cannabinoids get directly absorbed into the blood through the lungs as you take a hit. 

  1. Edibles

Like to excite your tastebuds by trying out various hemp edibles? These products take around an hour or 2 to kick in. You would require patience to feel the effects of a Sativa edible because the cannabinoids won’t enter your bloodstream until the product digests. After digestion, your liver will metabolize the cannabinoids, making them kick in.

  1. Tinctures

Your options for consuming Sativa aren’t restricted to just taking vape carts or edibles. There are hemp-derived Sativa tinctures that you can use sublingually or infuse into your favorite dish. If you use tinctures sublingually, you must place a drop of tincture oil under your tongue for a minute or two. This will allow tiny blood vessels that surround your mouth’s inner lining to absorb the cannabinoids. Sublingually consuming tincture oil takes around 15 to 30 minutes to kick in. 

How Can Your Set And Setting Affect Your Experience With Sativa Products?

Your mental health and surroundings directly impact what type of effects you can experience while using Sativa products. If you feel anxious while trying out a Sativa product, you may not get its desired therapeutic effects. Similarly, an unfamiliar environment can hurt how your body reacts to Sativa.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Cost Of Delta 9 Sativa Vape Carts?

Delta 9 Sativa vape carts cost $18.00 to $63.50.

  1. What Is The Shelf Life Of Sativa CBD Gummies?

Sativa CBD gummies can take 1 to 2 years to expire. 

  1. How Long Do The Effects Of Sativa Tinctures Last?

The effects of Sativa tinctures take around 6 hours to wear off after kicking in. 

  1. Can Sativa Products Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Sativa products contain sufficient concentrations of THC. Since most drug tests detect metabolites of THC, you can fail a drug test if you use Sativa products. 

  1. Do Sativa Products Smell Like Weed?

Not all Sativa products smell like weed. Some give off a spicy or a herby scent, while others give off a fruity aroma. 

Where to find the best Cannabis products?

The best cannabis products aren’t just available just anywhere. Manufacturers everywhere will claim they have cannabis products but be wary of companies cutting corners and making false claims about their products.

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Takeaway - Sativa Can Energize Your Body

The collection of terpenes and cannabinoids in a Sativa strain makes them incapable of causing drowsiness or sedation. Instead, a Sativa product acts as an energy boost, providing inner strength so that a person can grow through the challenges of the day. Using a Sativa strain may improve your mood and destress your brain, enhancing your focus on fulfilling your duties.