Does Synthetic Urine Actually Work?


Does Synthetic Urine Actually Work?

If you are in a situation where you have to take mandatory urine drug tests, you're probably wondering what your drug testing options are. If using marijuana is part of your chosen lifestyle, you should not have to discontinue using it just because your workplace frowns on it. Those who are in this situation often look into a number of different options for passing their drug tests such as cleanses, buying clean urine from someone else, and using synthetic urine in place of their own pee. Out of all of these options, using fake urine is usually the best one. Cleanses and herbal drinks usually do not work effectively and can even be dangerous, while asking to purchase someone else’s urine can be embarrassing and there’s no guarantee that their urine is clean. Synthetic urine, on the other hand, can be an excellent option if purchased from a reputable source. If you are scheduled for pre-employment screening or work at a company that performs mandatory drug tests as a part of your employment, you need to understand the benefits of using a clean pee kit to pass your drug tests. There are a number of different types of products available, and this article will help you navigate the choices and show you that a synthetic urine kit such as the Whizz Kit or the Whizzinator is the best option.
Buying fake urine is legal and you can purchase it online in every state except for Indiana and New Hampshire. You do not have to worry that you will get in trouble with the law when you purchase synthetic urine from Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS). [It is important to note, that ALS does not promote or endorse their products for drug testing purposes; follow all state and federal laws when using ALS products. They're intended as novelty items."] Though it is not illegal to buy or use fake pee to pass a drug test, you may be fired or not hired by a company if they discover that you have tried to fake your pee test. That’s why it’s best to purchase high-quality products that have the same chemical makeup as real urine and that come in discreet and user-friendly delivery methods to help you pass both unsupervised and supervised urine tests. Use our Whizzinator coupon code: SLYNG for 10% OFF your entire order at ALS!

Is Quick Fix My Best Option?

Many individuals searching online for fake urine are aware of the Quick Fix brand of synthetic urine as well as fake pee accessories like synthetic urine belts, clean pee kits, and other accessories. Their fake pee ships ready to use and it also comes with a heating pad to keep the synthetic urine at the right temperature to be believable in any drug test. You can buy Quick Fix in the form of the synthetic urine alone or you can buy it in kits that include delivery systems. They do offer synthetic urine belts, and underwear with a hidden pocket so you can hide your synthetic urine. The big difference between fake urine from Quick Fix and that from ALS is that ALS radiates their urine to preserve it while Quick Fix adds a preservative called biocide. Biocide is not naturally found in human urine and, while it does make the urine last longer, it can show up in urine tests. As many labs and companies find out more about using synthetic urine to past drug tests, they are starting to look for this preservative in samples. That means that buying and using fake pee from Quick Fix could get you into a lot of trouble and ultimately make you lose your job. When fake urine is preserved using radiation, it begins to grow bacteria when it is exposed to air. Both ALS’s synthetic urine products and real human urine will grow this bacteria after about 12 hours of being in the open air. That means that a lab will not be able to tell the difference between real pee and the ALS fake pee even when it sits out for a day or two. Of course, this also indicates that you need to take great care to use your fake pee soon after the seal is broken since this is the only way to ensure that your pee sample will be accepted as real urine by your employer or organization.
Synthetic urine and delivery systems from ALS are always your best option. The company has been in business for over 15 years and is dedicated to customer service and providing the most believable and reliable fake pee products on the market. Their products, when used correctly, can beat virtually any drug test. They have spent years testing and refining their products so they are easy to use and will be virtually undetectable when used during a pee test. Their Whizzinator fake penis product is ideal for men who need to pass a supervised drug test. There is no need to stress about using the Whizzinator as the fake pee is dispensed from the prosthetic penis with a simple touch. The Whizzinator has been successfully used to pass supervised drug tests for years and it can help you as well.

What is the Best Synthetic Urine in the Market?

If you are planning to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test, you need to focus on quality. Though there are a number of products on the market that you can buy both online and in stores, you can’t get any better quality than Whizzinator products. Here are some other popular brands of fake urine you may encounter when looking online. Monkey Whizz Monkey Whizz is a popular synthetic urine brand on the internet and it’s easy to see how their cute packaging and catchy name stick in customers’ minds. While reviews show that they make a good product, the low cost should raise some red flags. Monkey Whizz fake pee does have the same chemical composition, color, and smell as real urine and they also have a Monkey Dong which is comparable to the Whizzinator Touch. Xstream Synthetic Piss Xstream fake urine has the components of real urine including the right pH, amino acids, and creatinine and it smells and foams like real pee. However, this product was created for fetish use and not for passing drug tests, so it is not a reliable option for those who need to take supervised or unsupervised tests at work. The heating pad that comes with the kit does not get the fake pee to the right temperature, which is one thing those who administer tests look for first when determining if real or fake urine is used. The Whizzinator heating pads heat your fake urine to 98 degrees the accurate temperature of real urine. UPass Fake Pee UPass advertises that their synthetic urine is manufactured to help labs calibrate their urinalysis equipment. This sounds like a given that the product would help you pass your drug test, right? Unfortunately, there are a number of reviews stating that people have tested positive for drugs when using this brand of fake pee. The price on this one is low, which, along with the claims mentioned previously, may make people want to give it a try. However, it’s not worth it when using it may cause you to lose your job. Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine
The Sub-Solution brand of fake pee has over 13 years of success in the market and many people rely on its reputation to pass their drug tests. Reviews are very positive on this brand and those who have used it say it looks, smells, foams, and performs like your own urine. The drawbacks of this brand are that it is quite pricey and it comes in powder form. Though there are directions on how to properly mix it, this can still cause problems and it can be messy. If you can get pre-mixed fake urine at an affordable price that reliably passes tests with ALS products, there’s no reason to deal with the cost and mixing that comes with Sub-Solution.

How Do I Use a Urine Kit?

Once you’ve chosen to get a Whizz Kit or a Whizzinator to pass your drug test, the next step is making sure you use it properly on the day of your test.
Step 1: How to Use the Heating Pad If you are using the Whizz Kit, you will open the box and take out the kit, syringe, and two heating pads that come in the package. You will then peel back the adhesive strip on one of the heating pads and place it in between the bag and the belt with the sticky side to the bag of fake urine. The temperature strip side should be against your skin. This strip is important as it will tell you when the synthetic urine has reached approximately 98 degrees, which is the normal temperature for real pee. Remember that too high or too low of temperature is one of the main things that the administrators of your test will look for. Your Whizz Kit may take up to one hour to get to the desired temperature with the included heating pads, so make sure you allow for enough time (but not too much time) before your test to begin warming it. Step 2: Cut the Drain Tube When it has reached approximately 98 degrees and is ready to go, the temperature strip will turn green. You need to then make sure the clamps are pinched down (closed) before you cut the tube to the desired length. Remember that once the tube is cut, the urine is exposed to air and will begin growing bacteria. That means that while you can cool and reheat the urine with the other heating pad if you need to, you will not be able to use this bag of synthetic urine after about 12 hours. Step 3: Ready to Use When you are ready to use the fake pee to take your test, un-pinch the white clamp and allow the urine to flow. Most people find that the easiest way to use the Whizz Kit is to strap it on underneath their clothing. That way, they will not have to try to carry the fake pee in a purse or duffle bag and it will be situated in a realistic area of the body if anyone happens to see them using it. The Whizz Kit, sometimes known as the Female Whizzinator, is ideal for females taking both supervised and unsupervised drug tests and can also be used by men taking unsupervised drug tests. Once you are in a bathroom stall or private bathroom, you can easily use the kit to fill up a sample cup before hiding it back under your clothes and delivering your sample to the administrator.
For those men who are subject to a supervised drug test—where someone stands nearby and watches you pee—the Whizzinator Touch is a viable option. This product is simply a fake penis, a drug test kit that's worked for hundreds of men who must take pee tests under the watchful eye of an administrator or another member of the company where they are employed or hoping to be employed. The Whizzinator Touch comes in a variety of skin tones to most accurately match that of the customer and is easy to use with just a little practice. Synthetic urine flows out of the lifelike prosthetic with a simple touch, making it a very realistic approximation of actually depositing your own urine into a sample cup. Though you won’t find it in any instruction manual, the most important part about using fake pee, a Whizz Kit or a Whizzinator to pass your drug test is your demeanor. If you come into the building sweating, acting strangely, or repeatedly touching the synthetic urine you have hidden, you’ll likely arouse suspicion. It’s very important that you do your best to relax and act naturally from the time you enter the building until you leave after contributing your urine test sample. Deep breathing, positive affirmations, and the knowledge that the fake urine you are using will pass the test are good ways to keep a relaxed attitude and not cause the administrators to suspect that you may be trying to cheat.

Can I Buy Synthetic Urine at Walgreens?

Depending on what part of the country you live, you may be able to buy synthetic urine and fake pee products at drug stores such as Walgreens, mega stores like WalMart, or ‘head shops’ and dispensaries that sell marijuana and marijuana accessories. However, nearly 90% of fake pee and synthetic urine kits are sold online. Why? A big reason is that most people who need synthetic urine to pass a drug test want to be discrete when buying. You don’t want to run into your supervisor, or a friend of your parents at the drugstore when you have a clean pee kit in your shopping basket! Some may also feel there is a stigma surrounding marijuana and drug culture and do not want to be judged for their lifestyle. Others may live in a smaller town or community that does not sell fake pee in stores.
When you buy synthetic urine online, you will have access to the best-selling and highest quality brands on the market. You will also get the best prices and be able to make your purchases discreetly. If you are purchasing the Whizzinator or related products from ALS, you will receive your order quickly and be assured that you are getting the best, safest, and most effective synthetic urine available. Your order will arrive in discreet packaging so you don’t have to worry about your mailman, roommates, or others who receive packages knowing that you have purchased fake pee. Another concern with buying fake urine from sources that are not verified as reputable is that you will receive a product that is expired or, much worse, has been damaged by sunlight or dampness. Because it is of a very specific chemical makeup (composition), synthetic urine needs to be created, stored, and shipped with professional care. If stored in direct sunlight, frozen, or stored for too long, the product can degrade and will no longer have the qualities needed to pass for real urine. Those at ALS take special care to create, store, handle, and ship your fake pee in the safest manner possible so you will always receive a product that will pass the test. For fake urine to work when you use it to pass a drug test, it must meet specific laboratory standards. The synthetic urine must have the same chemical makeup as authentic urine and must also have the same pH-balance. In addition, it must have the same color as real urine and it must be at the same temperature as normal urine -- if you want it to beat a drug test. This means that you can’t just go to any store or any online shop to buy a bottle of fake urine. You need to buy from a reputable company such as ALS that has been in the market for years and has the experience and customer service to provide quality products that work. ALS not only offers clean pee kits and bottles of fake urine, but they also offer the Whizzinator, a fake penis to pass drug test and a Whizz Kit that includes everything you need to pass your test including heating pads and a refillable synthetic urine belt to discreetly transport and dispense the urine when you’re ready to take your test.
If you are taking an unsupervised urine test, you can use the Whizz Kit (sometimes called the Female Whizzinator) or just carry the fake urine in a flask concealed in your bag or in the waistband of your pants. That way, you can simply pour it into the collection vial in the privacy of the bathroom stall. However, some workplaces have supervised urine tests where a member of the staff will actually observe you as you take your test. For these instances, the Whizzinator is an ideal option. With just a little practice, you can use this fake penis to dispense the synthetic urine at a simple touch and the observer will never know it’s not your actual pee! The Whizzinator is even available in a variety of colors to best match your skin tone for even more believability.

The Bottom Line

If you are wondering if fake urine actually works to pass a drug test, the answer is yes. However, you need to buy qualify fake pee that comes in a believable delivery system to ensure that you are successful. ALS only sells the highest quality products that have the correct chemical makeup, pH-balance (what's a pH indicator?), smell, and foam of natural pee. It also comes with convenient heating pads and test strips to ensure that your fake urine will be at the right temperature to be believable. Products come in a variety of delivery systems such as the Whizz Kit and Whizzinator Touch so that both men and women can pass supervised and unsupervised drug tests. Finally, the synthetic urine sold by ALS has no preservatives added to it and will begin to grow bacteria at the same rate as real pee. Remember that the biggest tipoff for those administering drug tests is not the actual synthetic urine that is used—it’s the attitude and demeanor of those taking the tests. If you want to make sure you pass a drug test, stay relaxed and calm and don’t do anything to tip off the administrators that you are using fake pee. As both legalized medical and recreational marijuana become more integrated into our culture, there will be more choices on the market for using synthetic urine to pass drug tests. However, it’s important that you do your research to find tested, high-quality, easy-to-use products. If marijuana is a part of your lifestyle, no one has the right to tell you-you cannot use and keep or get a job. By using ALS synthetic urine and accessories, you can enjoy the lifestyle of your choice and stay employed at the job of your choice. This is an opinion of Slyng after researching, testing and using these products
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